A hero in between dream lines

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The conflagration condemns strongly against the straw roof whilst they slept silently in their beds; one harsh wind slams the window-doors open, leaving them to exhale the smoke strongly

Their diminutive voices cry desperately for help whilst they exit the compact hut . . . within a smoke they disappear leaving the two elders in great concern . . . hoping they will find them soon.



The two figures hustle themselves into the forest in terror . . . with the moon lighting their pathway, “Come on, princess,” The black-haired boy hasten his words.

She glimpses back at the red, fiery flame dragging toward each blemish it can find to bring devastation, “Dawn. . .” She cannot withdraw her salty droplets from the view.

“O-our home. . .” He yanks on her hand to keep moving whilst she sobs in her stand, “Follow them men,” Their fierce voices ring throughout the dreadful night sky . . . it pulls Dawn out of her stand behind Cardio.

His grip tightens on her palm whilst they sprint into the forest – the deadly forest. “Cardio, no, it is too dangerous. . .” He does not bother a reply whilst he pushes her to dash faster.

“Dawn . . . we have no choice,” She pulls back on his palm and a burning sensation burst through her back as they fall . . . leaves tangles in her hair as she scrambles around on the ground.

“I see something. . .” Demanding orders peels from the commander’s lips - panic spread through both as they take notice of the silhouette figures, racing their way, “Dawn – hurry,” He takes his stand horridly and tow her upward on his weight.

“Over there.” Anxiety gets the best of her - the view of their figures become visible . . . Dawn spots their swords swaying in the air and the metal of their suits clutch against each other . . . making the sprinting of their heavy boots visible.

“Grab them . . . grab the-“

Their palms reach desperately toward each other, whilst palms pull them apart. His grip tightens on the brown-haired girl’s centre, causing mild throbbing to accompany.

Just when she thought, it was over. . .

The black-haired boy escapes their grip and sprint toward her . . . he jumps on the guard. The second guard takes notice of the action and slams his sword into the boy’s head . . . leaving his corpse to collapse.

“No – you m-monsters,” The guard drops the boy’s unresponsive carcass onto the pile of leaves . . . her heart breaks in two, witnessing the tragedy they have caused.


Her name is . . .


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