A hero in between dream lines

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Her mother leaves her room to unsettle, hoping Dawn will soon see life through her eyes, even if she knows Dawn has a unique sight toward life and is a born warrior.

She still hopes that Dawn will soon accept the fact that she is soon to be queen, and a queen can’t join fights.

“Aviv, she is becoming restless every day and I cannot keep this up anymore, we need to tell her the truth and let her back to her family, where she belongs, this will never work… she keeps asking me to join the warrior program and I keep denying her.”

Aviv press slightly on her biceps in a firm look, “No, we go forward with the plan, I am not doing all of this for nothing,”

Uriti focuses on him sadly. She doesn’t want Dawn to get hurt, but she also knows that Dawn is the only reason the mysterious man wants them to follow through with their plan.

“Do not let her see your sour look, prep yourself up,” “Queen Uriti and King Aviv, it is an honor to be here today, thank you for inviting me today, I should add this kingdom looks even more charming in the building.”

Queen Uriti push her guilt aside and focus on the young prince in a calm, distasteful smile, his orotund voice sounds charming enough, she just hopes deeply that Dawn would approve of him.

“Thank you Sinderio, yes, we honor to our kingdom to feel at… home,” He nods scanning the surrounding area.

“Please Sinderio, follow me toward my study, I have a few things to go over with you,” He nods along, leaving queen Uriti in her guilt alone.

Dawn POV

My thoughts return in peace and I take my stand and make my way over to my long mirror wall, my mental picture through my eyes how I’m standing in front of my people or as everyone else calls it my subjects.

I march in my room, “Is being a leader knowing everything? Royalty, I don’t understand the whole point. What makes us so different from everyone else?”

My thoughts return to my mystery path, I throw myself on my bed and picture myself being who I am… but who is that?

I lift myself and walk back to my long mirror wall and scan myself; I know I’m different; I know I have a unique sight toward life; my heart agrees with my mind for once.

I can’t bear this one moment longer, they’re forcing me into this fairytale life, not one of them understands my mind or my heart, but I learned to understand their needs.

I understand how they feel and finding a prince would fit my kingdom even if arranged marriage is their only option.

If only there were a protection glare in my eyes… I would protect what is rightfully mine, if only this was all mine.

All this thinking makes my head dizzy and my heart pound inappropriately, I shake the sweat in my palms away.

As Dawn leaves her room, with each step she wants to tell her parents how she feels with so much willpower leading her, but many things keep her from speaking her mind, in words they will understand.

Dawn walks gently down the stairs toward them, “Princess Dawn, lovely as ever,” She forced a smile on her puffy lips.

“Thank you, Prince Sinderio,” They curtsy toward each other and Dawn spots the tension between her parents, “Is everything all right? I’m not intruding… am I?”

Her mother shakes in a stressful smile, “No, no, not at all darling,” She can feel something is going on between them, but Dawn never preys on something that’s not her own, “All right mother…”

Sinderio follow king Aviv into his study gently but also careful of not intruding where he does not belong, “Sinderio, I want you to understand the rules before this marriage can happen…”

Aviv closes the door behind them and Sinderio pokes his gentle finger in the air, “Forgive me Sir, but I thought…” Aviv waves him quiet.

“Yes, yes, I know you are also in on this little game of the mysterious man but we need to make this look real, we cannot afford to let Dawn know what is going on here.”

Sinderio nods along, “Understood Sir,” Aviv takes his seat and sighs at the sight of his study, “Perhaps this has gone too far… twenty-two years of pretending to be the father of a daughter I never wanted… this mysterious man sure has a few tricks up his sleeve.”

“Sir, if I may… Dawn is a clever gal, but…” Aviv sigh once again at him pondering on about Dawn. “Yes, yes, I know but I do not know if I can keep this up, Uriti and I are getting older and to do this for the next few years… I cannot put her through this strain, I need to end this before this turn into a disaster I cannot fix.”

Sinderio nods toward Aviv in agreement, Aviv’s fruity voice strikes fear in his heart, but even if he’s not agreeing, who is he to tell a king what to do?

Dawn POV

I glare at mother every few seconds through the sparkling mirror, her brushing seems more tired than other days, “Mother, I don’t want to pride, but is everything all right between you and father?”

She peers at me, taken back, “Darling, why would it not be?” “I-I know that this gets to the both of you and I know I can be difficult sometimes, but know this mother… I completely understand that I have duties here and to be…”

Mother turns me around and pulls me off the chair into a hug, I can hear the droplets forming in her blue eyes, “Dawn… t-there is something…”

She pulls away from me, and patches my cheekbones quickly, “Mother…” She shakes and withdraws from me; she flattens her blue, elegant gown.

“Dear… the ball is starting soon,” I gawk at mother heavy-hearted; I don’t know what is going on with her today, but they can’t hide anything from me.

I’m bound to find out what’s going on here.

“Thank you for joining this glorious day, let us dance in celebration of your soon to be king and queen, according to tradition, the next king and queen must fill the dance floor.”

I sit uncomfortably in the chair, glaring at each person clutching their hands together, and grinning as mother takes her seat.

I flow along the dance floor with prince Sinderio, “Sinderio, mind me asking, but do you spot the tension between mother and father?”

He peeks at me uncomfortably and continues the traditional dancing, “Not that I have seen Dawn, concentrate rather on us than on your parents Dawn,”

Taken back, I ignore the gut feeling, “I’m just asking, I can sense something is wrong… well, I have been sensing this or a long time now,”

Sinderio twirls me around and our skins touch each other again, “Who do you mean princess?” “Do you think mother and father felt the same? Do you think they had a moment of love at first sight when they laid eyes on each other?”

His peeking seems tenser by the moment, “I am unsure of your questioning Dawn, but I can see they love each other very much… w-why are you asking these questions?”

“Why don’t I feel happy about becoming queen Sinderio? Why do I feel different from mother does?” “Ouch…” He untangles his foot and gawk at me shock.

“I did not know you felt this way Dawn, push those feelings aside and be grateful for what you have… not everything can always be about what you desire, princess…”

Disturbed, I excuse myself, and wander back to my seat, I thought he would understand me, I thought he was different, but I should have known better.

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