A hero in between dream lines

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The king and queen present Dawn as the next queen and she takes her stand rather disturbed... she waves fragile at the guests and in a forced smile, she can feel her heart battling…

Where she needs to be is something she will never have, or so… she feels.

Dawn POV

Every single person cheers and clutch hands together…

I’m new to this; I know nothing about being a queen; I train every single day to be a warrior, a fighter, to protect what I know is rightfully mine, but NOT a queen.

I can’t help but wonder, am I sleeping? Perhaps dreaming? Or maybe this all feels real because I’m so lost inside this fantasy living that I’m completely hallucinating…

I can’t make any sense of this; my mind is completely lost, but my heart still shows me the way even though I can’t think straight.

But understanding myself is easy for me and if I quiet my mind then speaking from my heart clears my tense body.

However, my actions don’t prove much.

Should I be happy? Yes, I should be, but how can I be if I don’t want any of this?

However, on the other side, a soft spot for this kingdom makes me stay and to think… I know only of this home.

I glance at mother gawking at me in an odd stare, I haven’t noticed before, the look on her face says a lot about her thoughts.

I pull my attention away from her and her appealing voice fills the ballroom… “Let us all dance once again in the marriage coming soon, there will be a feast later tonight.”

I focus on the stretching arm before me, shivering in its place, “May I have this dance once again, princess?” I uneasily lift from the chair and wander toward him.

“Forgive me for how I reacted princess, I guess I am just a little frightened you do not want this anymore.” I peek at him as we sway around the dancefloor.

I don’t want this, but do I have a choice? “You are forgiven Sinderio,”

Out of nowhere, time flies past us while we are dancing, everything around Sinderio and I start spinning… almost like a tornado sucking us in.

I pin the nausea away… soft droplets falling fills my ears, I flutter toward the surrounding, “Wha-where are we? What happened?”

Sinderio scans the surrounding area as well, more disturbed than me, “Another realm? How is this even possible?” I peer down at my gown changing into a white tracksuit.

“What is going on here?” He looks frighten… “I am not sure, but I think we travel back in time… perhaps down the memory lane?”

Is he crazy? How can we travel down memory lane? “Memory lane? What does that even mean?” He pushes his tense shoulders, scanning the surrounding area.

“This might sound insane but I think this is your memory Dawn,” My eyes stretch at his words, this looks somewhat familiar to me, but still I can’t be sure…

A little girl laughing frightens me, I creep toward the noise and stand frozen at the sight.

A minor black-haired boy and a brown-haired girl, “You cannot catch me Car…” She runs around the room with the black-haired boy on her tail.

“I always catch you, princess…” Car? I know that name, I know that name, but from where? The image flickers and the sight of him tickling her appears again in another corner of the room.

“You are my best friend forever,” She nods in a giggle, “Mom and dad said I am going away for a few years, I don’t want to go Car, I want to stay with you…”

He pulls her into a side hug, “Dad also said I’m going to fight next to his side for a few years, I don’t know if I’m capable of doing such a thing, Dawn…”

Wha-what is going on? Is this my memory? The image flickers again, and another appears.

“Oh, Cardio, we will not see each other for so long, promise you won’t forget me please,” He bumps her slightly and curl his fingers in hers.

“I promise Dawn and I also promise I will protect you for as long as I can… for as long as life allows me too,” The picture fades, and I stand bewildered…

“What…” Should I scream? Cry? “What in the daisies is going on here?” Another set of voices rings in another room… I rush toward it.

“This has gone too far Aviv; I am ending this right now…” “Mother? Father? Wha…” “Do not dare do that Uriti, she cannot know, I might feel the same way but Dawn must complete this course otherwise…”

“Otherwise what? We lose a bit of coin? We lose this kingdom? We do not even know who we are anymore… this mysterious man has taken over life, for twenty-two years we have done this, I am tired of pretending Aviv, tired of lying to her, she deserves more…”

His brows frown at her, “Wait… are you feeling for this child? A child that is not even ours? Shame on you Uriti, she means nothing toward us, she is nothing more than a business ticket…”

My hands warm my cheekbones, shock, watering pedals focus on another image flicking… “M-monsters…”

“You are to put an end to the girl when this all is over; do we understand each other?” My shocked expression focus on the mysterious French man.

“Wha…” “But is there a need for that? She is just a child…” I focus on the queen pleading on behalf of my life, “Do not argue with me Uriti, do as I say,”

“Mother, no…” “Yes, Uriti, we have to do this,” “Father… how could you?” The picture fades and another one appears in the right corner of the room.

“Her parents will never find her, they already think she is dead… do not let this slip through your hands, do you understand me?” They both nod.

I pin my watering pedals close…

The sound of opera music fills my ears again as soon as I let go of the pin, “Dawn? Are you all right?” I gawk at Sinderio confuse, what the heck just happened? Did we travel back to this reality?

“What happened? Where did you go?” He looks at me confused… “What do you mean Dawn?” “You know very well what I’m talking about Sinderio… the memory we visited?”

He hushes me “You are embarrassing yourself in front of our guest, contain yourself,” Contain myself? Our guest? Did we get married in another reality?

In ignorance I turn toward a burning sensation in my chest, I peek at his exhausted pupils scanning me worriedly.

“Dawn… are you, all right? You should watch where you walk elderly man,” “I’m quite all right Sinderio, this man means no harm toward me,” I help him upward, and he thanks me.

“Forgive me please, I’m looking for my boy, Cardio… perhaps you have seen him?” Cardio? No, this is a nightmare… “No, I haven’t Sir,”

“GUARDS! Escort this elderly man immediately, he’s here to harm the princess.” What? Has he lost his mind? “No, Sinderio, he doesn’t want to harm anyone, leave him be,”

The guards rush toward him, his frighten look grabs my heart, they yank on his shoulders toward the door, “No! Let go of him this instant, you have no right t-to…”

“What in the world is going on here?” Mother’s appealing voice shivers through the room… I peer at them rushing closer to us.

“Let go of that man this instant Sinderio, you have no right to order my guards around, you are a guest,” The guards let go of the elderly man, and I rush over to him, “Are you all right Sir? Please forgive me,”

“Thank you, princess,” I turn toward them, furious beyond words, “How dare you? Shame on you three… I know what you think, all of you, you all lied and cheated your way through to this very top, and dragged me unknowingly along with you… all of you are m-monsters,”

Father points his chubby finger toward me, “You know nothing young girl, this old man is indeed here to take you away from us…”

“I sent word for him Aviv, this ends right now,” His furious head snap at mother, “You did WHAT?” I push my hands toward them frustrated… I knew it, I knew this wasn’t me, this wasn’t my life.

“I know what all of you did, you all lied to me for twenty-two years, you stole my life from me… you stole me from my parents… MY real parents… to raise me as a fake princess for your pleasures in coins, all the questions, all the test I ever passed… all the memories I lived through, you LIED about EVERYTHING!”

Their shock eyes scan me endlessly, “Dawn, p-please…” “No!” I escape her grip and rush toward the front door…

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