A hero in between dream lines

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Every night I can hear her appealing voice fade as I peek at her mother-love glowing in beauty. Mother softly kisses me on the forehead and closes the door silently behind her.

I train every single day to be a warrior one day as my father; his tale always ends with him fighting off wicked men, whom I have learned will burn off every kingdom known to mankind.

His tales may have been brutally forward toward any youngster – but to me they meant everything.

However, they still left me aside unspoken. I know I have a long journey ahead of me and of course, I too wish for my chance to fight my battle and travel my journey where I can discover the world as it is.

However, I know mother and father are preparing to protect me against such decisions and if my actions do make sense to them, are unknown.

Moreover, I know that someday I will get that chance and once I become queen, nothing can and will stop me from reaching my ultimate goal.


Ten years later

As time, pass on

Dawn grew into a beautiful young girl with a strong heart and a will to defeat

She has respect for every living creature and people

The beauty of life captures her mind each time she opens her eyes

Their footprints fade into the soil of the earth as they count their steps to face the near end of the field. An immense meadow, covered in only dust – perfectly designed for learning battles.

Their fighting stances face each other, desperately seeking an emotion – a desire to push themselves forward – to her surprise, Thunder cripple his smiling . . . nodding toward her brave expression.

No muscle dares to move . . . their pupils dilate toward each other – spinning in their heads when the counting has stopped – signaling each other when it is time to fight.

Nevertheless, they remain silent

Only the whispering of the wind silently blows in between their distant – corking a flower from the soul of the earth . . . allowing the wind to caress it and in seconds she spots the flower . . . admiring the beauty it carries

Within those seconds, the flower takes its landing – and the ground rumbles from their trampling feet toward each other.

From a mile – the first strike echoes throughout the heavens. Initially contacted – sparks of steel ravage the field

Thunder hardens his step back, swings his sword, and with the thrust of his broader sway – the collision shifts Dawn backward – she balances herself – his skill was indeed remarkable

Thunder throws himself forward in an opportunity to continue his thump, however, Dawn take note of the prediction and regain her footing

She turns clockwise with the sword in her palm

Only enough room remains for perfection, the unsuspecting attack roars at him – the swords smash together . . . Dawn forces her full force into her remaining attack

His soles drag backward – allowing the dust to color his black pants until he reaches a standstill that his memory refreshes to the current happening.

“What an inspiring spar, Dawn, how did you comprehend so quickly that my strike will allow an even powerful thump from you?”

“You are a predictable opponent Thunder,” He allows a laugh to leave his stomach, “You say,” Dawn nods variously, “Learning to become undetectable is your most important aim – come on – let us try once more.”

Ten years later


Heart capital Warrior Program

The meaning of life spans out into dissimilar directions – she understood most things and she knew that once she was older – she would have the chance to go into this world and make a difference.


“We have two more years of warrior school and than we are free, Dawn,” I smile sweetly at his low adverb voice whilst I swing my legs over the wall.

“What are you going to do once you are free, Thunder?” He glances at me off guard, “I-I have not thought this through, Dawn,” My expression falls in surprise, “You had plenty of time to think this through. . .”

He nods uncertain of this conversation . . . perhaps I am overstepping – he seems quite uncomfortable

“Well . . . I am going to join the fight. . .” He chuckles, “What brawl are we talking about?” I pump my shoulders, relaxing them gently – a huge grin plaster on my lips whilst I comb a string of my black hair behind my ear.

“Well . . . I have been talking about this since we started training – the one my father always told me about . . . I feel that I might be ready more than ever for this and I will not miss any opportunity to grab this.”

He punches me slightly, “I should be honest, Dawn . . . I remember the stories and I, for one, will join whatever fight you chose to join,”

I knuckle him back whilst keeping my huge grin, “I do hope so, and Thunder . . . it would mean so much knowing we are facing this together.”

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