A hero in between dream lines

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A few nights have passed since I ran away from the kingdom, I have traveled from the city to find a place to rest my head but each one requires coins which I don’t have.

I lost the sent men a few days ago…

I jog the door open and peer inside, I slowly make my way inside, I scan the surrounding area as I close the door behind me…

The sound of two accent voices frightens me, I silently jog around the corner and a scream almost escapes my lips as an arm pulls me backward against a rock-hard chest.

A handcuff over my lips softly, “Don’t move…”

“Who are they?” My whispering sounds more like whimpering. His grip tightens around my middle but no word exits his mouth.

The only thing I feel is his warm breath tickling my neck and without notice, the figure pulls me back into a dark closet… who are these men searching for?

It must be for this mysterious man who holds me tightly, I turn in panic… toward an immense muscular man, he presses his hand in front of my mouth again.

I can feel the sweat drops pickling down my back as we anxiously wait for the two strangers to disappear…

I glance every few seconds at the man before me to know I’m not dreaming, and his green eyes gawks at me familiar, “That was close…” His husky voice sounds so familiar to me…

I swear I know this voice, wait… this must be…

“C-Cardio…” His shock shadowy expression gawks at me “Princess… it that you?” His immense arms drag me into a hug, I snuggle my head into his chest for comfort.

“I can’t believe I found you Dawn; it took me a few years, but I finally found you,” He pulls away from me, pressing tightly on my biceps.

I can’t believe how grown he is, “How are you doing? How have things been? Wait… where have you been all these years princess?”

I bend my head, “Oh, Cardio, we have not seen each other for so many years, I found the truth Cardio, I found what happened to me, the day we got separated.”

“I never understood why that happened to us Dawn, all these years have passed us, twenty-two years of living apart from each other… who did this? Who hurt you, Dawn?”

I peer at him in watering pedals, my words can’t slip my mouth faster, his brows hug each other, “Why? Why would anyone want to hurt an innocent girl like you Dawn? W-wait, you said the mysterious man has a French accent, right?”

I nod slightly toward him, “You know of this man Cardio?” He rests his back uncomfortably against the closet wall, “Strano… that son of a bitch, I will kill him,”

“Who are those men Cardio? Are they here to kill us? Do they belong to Strano?” He scratches the back of his neck, “Not you princess, they are after me,”

I peer at him in shock, “Cardio, what have you done?”

The sound of rushing footsteps frightens me once more, he tucks me closer to him, “He’s not here Mane,” “Keep searching, Tiru,” “But what if the boss doesn’t know? We can pretend to find him and then us…”

The tension in the airlifts, “Tiru, damn it, what’s wrong with you? Again… if the boss finds out you want to bail again, he will kill you this time Tiru,”

The two voices faint as their footsteps disappear from the room…

Cardio keeps holding onto me, to assure me the promise I still remember as clear as daylight, the promise that he will protect me for as long as life allows him too.

Our eyes blink toward each other, I shy my tomato cheeks away, his thumb caresses my heat cheekbone, “Dawn…” I remain my eye contact.

“Y-yes?” He keeps caressing my cheek as if I’m a doll, “Do you remember… my promise?” I can’t do anything other than stare at him, yes, I share a secret love for him but I’m afraid of risking what we share deep down.

I can see Cardio feels something for me but if it could be true, I don’t know… I might be his greatest weakness yet to come.

“Y-yes…” My shivering sounds more like I’m crying out for help, “Forgive me, Dawn, for not keeping my promise, I searched for you for so many years and…”

I lift on my toes and cuff his cheekbones, “Cardio, it’s okay, you didn’t know what happened to me and you possibly couldn’t have known…”

He nods toward me… and without hesitation, his kissing takes my breath away, I can’t withdraw from him, I wanted this for so long that I-I’m scared of the outcomes…

I pressure my grip onto his cheekbones and his hands pressure my hips, and then… the sensation disappears from my skin.

“Forgive me, Dawn,” My lips parch slightly, pin eyes, “Princess…” I flutter toward him, “I-I…” His thumb stroke on my skin again.

“Dawn… I-I…” “It’s okay Cardio,” He chuckles, “Come on, I think they’re gone,” He pushes the door slightly open and slides his hand in mine.

We jog toward the back door, “No!” An arm curls around my neck, Cardio falls backward in a groan, “Let go of her,”

A bold-head man walks closer toward us, a gun resting neatly in his hand, “Well, well, well, look who we have here, Cardio is it? And don’t forget, the princess…”

He curtsies before me and the other men laugh, “I’d say we have ourselves some pricey meat boys,” “What do you want from us?”

His glancing jump between me and the men closing in on us, Oh, no, this can’t be happening… “What you stole from us Cardio… give it back and we pretend this never happened, or, or would you rather choose the hard way… boys, I bet he’s going to choose the hard way.”

I glance at Cardio rolling his eyes, “Let her go, she has nothing to do with this, it’s me you want Dot.” He chuckles at his mate, “Oh, no, Cardio, the boss wants both of you…”

Cardio glance between me and the men, his plan to attack seems out of order every second passing, I battle against the arm pressing tighter…

“Not a chance, let her go,” Cardio takes his stand bravely, within seconds, he wields his swords, I slam my head backward, and light-headedness attacks me instantly,

“Cardio…” I scramble from his arms, toward Cardio, “Dawn, let her go!” The air flows past my ears, and my skin slides against the dirt, causing bruises.

I peer at Cardio twitching the man necks within seconds, “James! You killed James; I will have your HEAD on a spike Cardio!”

They run toward Cardio and he kills them off one for one, snapping necks left and right, I cuff my ears as Cardio gives his warrior roar…

“I’m going to kill you and then your little princess,” “Cardio, no!”

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