A hero in between dream lines

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Her confuse mind battle between what’s happening right now…

She can’t get her thoughts together…

Who has Cardio become? Is he the boy she once knew? That saved her life? Or is he a man who has changed his heart toward the path they once knew?

She flutters her eyelids at the darkroom playing tricks on her eyes, there’s just enough light to see one part of the room, which shines through a small crop window.

She takes her stand and examines the dark, smelly room.

“C-Cardio…” A hand snaps hers and her lungs burn.

Dawn POV.

“Dawn, calm down, it’s me… Cardio,” I calm my screaming and glance down at the figure resting against the dirty old wall.

I corner into his immense arms for comfort and think about how much longer I can take this smell, “Forgive me, Dawn, I will get us out, don’t fear princess, this has happened a lot before,”

I rest my head against his shoulder shivering in my seat, wait, what? A lot before? As in his life is troubled out and I’m dragged into his mess? Oh, boy, I don’t want to know what I have drag myself into here…

“What did you take from them Cardio?” He focuses in front of me and his emotions seem out of balance; I can see the red substance leaking from his skin.

Cardio memory POV.

The field spread out 100′s of miles as the two rivals face each other furiously, Cardio fought next to his father’s side, he trained for moments like this all his life, the land they protected was full of underground gold mines and of course, their mortal enemy knows very much about it… “Come on men, I am not losing to a few chumps today…”

The two enemies rush towards each other angry and fearless “Charge,” Desmond (the warrior king) screams with a sword pointing towards the clouds… 100′s of men and woman slam against each other, blood colors the dried land as their heads roll and bodies fall to the ground.

“Do not let them win…” Desmond once again scream as he charges towards Strano… they stop in front of each other and scream towards each other “You will never have what is mine Strano,”

His straight face turns into an evil smirk “We will see about that Desmond,” His laughing shocks Strano “I will never give up that easily Strano… this land and its treasure are not going anywhere and you will never win,” Strano points his sword towards Desmond furious, to Strano denial can somewhat be irritable “This here men are what you call a fool…”

Desmond turns his amusing lips into a straight line as he charges towards Strano and within seconds Desmond falls on his knees “Why…?” Cardio rush towards his father with tears streaming down his furious cheekbones “No! No,” He falls on his knees and pulls his father closer to his chest “Father…” He coughs in his blood as he focuses on his son, his shivering stabs a knife into Cardio’s heart “Son… protects this land...”

Cardio stare at his father’s lifeless body “Strano…” His screaming echo through the dead land sending shivers through the few men left standing, he pushes his father off his lap and forces himself to stand, with every step he takes towards them with a folded fist, the few men left takes backward… “Cardio…”

Within seconds the ground starts crumbling, Cardio focuses on the field before him, the few men and woman left to struggle their balance “Cardio,” He slowly turn himself around staring at what looks like an immense ghostly figure of his… father “Father…wha…?”

His immense feet tremble closer to Strano, his index finger sent shivers down Strano’s back “You will never win this war Strano,” His deep voice echo throughout the land, shooting fear into every living soul “How is this possible?” Strano shiver in his question, the corners of Desmond’s mouth lift slightly “I cannot be defeated… I am the living soul of an immortal warrior King,” A sword out of nowhere strikes through Desmond’s heart “No…!” Cardio stands in shock as his ghostly father falls forward…

Watering pedals I focus on him.

“I don’t know to this day who killed my father… I suspect it was Strano but to be frank, I never saw his blade enter my father’s flesh. I hunted him and his clans, I murdered so many of them that I lost myself in the process… I don’t even know who I am anymore, ha. But as for Strano, I never found him,”

“He always manages to slip through my fingers,” He bends the memories away, “I miss him, s-so badly, all this time I waste trying to revenge him, I waste so much time hunting him that I lost sight of what life does have to offer…”

I can’t imagine going through something like that, it’s heartbreaking. “I’m sorry Cardio, I never knew…” He pressures the hold on my hand.

“You know I spend years trying to find the bastard that killed my father,

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