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Drake is known as one of the 3 Kings at his school ( One of the 3 strongest men) he has all black hair, a toned body, but his eyes are what stand out, no one knows because of the emerald green eye contacts he wears but he has two different colored eyes one red with a black eye ball and the other gold, this is his story of going to another world and the ups and downs in the process..

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Chapter 1 Drakes New World

“Look over there its Drake!” One of his classmates said “Hush down what if he hears you?!” Drake looked at him right as he spoke the kid started shaking trying not to run away his “fight or flight” instinct was coming in and his body was choosing flight, he fell to the ground as he looked at Drake and pissed himself almost as if a dark and over powering miasma was towering over him in Drakes presence.

Drake went and sat down, this kind of thing was usual for him what had just happened was not even the worse thing some have even fainted.

After school he went home but as he was going up stairs he fell backward tumbling down the stairs and passed out when his head hit the stairs.

“Ugh what happened to me?” As he stood up his eyes widened in shock, all around him were trees as far as he could see. “Where am I?” He started walking around trying to find any source of a living being until he found a little girl curled into a ball with bruises all over her “Hey are you alright?” The little girl started shaking “Please don’t hurt me.” she said as she started whimpering, “Don’t worry i’m not going to hurt you can you tell me what happened to you?” She lifted her head and two cat ears popped out she has golden hair and blue eyes she looks maybe 10-11, Drake just stared at her head with wide eyes as he reached his hand out toward her she flinched be instead of hitting her he moved her hands and started to pet her ears, She started getting red in the face like a tomato, “You-You can see my ears?” The little girl just stared at him in disbelief while trying to make it look like she wasn’t embarrassed of course Drake could tell she was though and held back a laugh. “Of course I can why would I not be able to, are they some sort of strap on?” The little girl just looked at him. “Of course not these are my ears do you think their fake?” “Those are real?” “O-Of course have you never seen Beast Folk?” ” Of course I have!” Drake was lying but he had seen Beast Folk in Manga. “Whats your name little girl?“, “It’s Olivia, whats yours” “My name is Drake, nice to meet you.“, “Can you tell me what happened to you?“, “...Master said he didn’t want me anymore.“, “Is he the one who hit you?“, Olivia was trying not to cry as tears welled up inside her eyes “Yes.“, Do you have anywhere to go?“, “N-No.“, “Would you like to come with me?” her eyes opened wide, “Really even though i’m a Beast Folk?“,”Whats wrong with you being a Beast Folk?” Olivia’s eyes widened “You don’t think my ears are disgusting?“, “No of course not.” Olivia’s eyes widened as she began to cry “Y-Yes ill come with you!“, She wiped her eyes an walked over to Drake just now realizing how tall he was. “OK now that that’s settled can you tell me where we are and the continent? Olivia stared at Drake for a second in disbelief who didn’t know where they were especially the continent! “How do you not know were you are even the continent you are on?!“, “Well lets just say i’m not from around here.“,Olivia was not satisfied with that answer but she knew he had his reasons for not telling her.“We are on the continent of Sylvia and currently we are in the Demonic Forest. “Hmm so it is another world.” Drake thought to himself, right after that thought a Massive animal that looked like a tiger came out of the bushes, “D-Drake we need to run that’s not something you can go up against!” Right after she said that she felt a cold shiver down her spine and she started shaking but it wasn’t the monster it was Drake, her eyes widened when she looked at him, radiating from his body was a towering oppressive black miasma that made her fall to her knees, "Don't worry I can handle this by the way how old are you?", She was confused by the question but she still answered, "I-I'm 9.", "Then I suggest you close your eyes and cover your ears it's about to get a bit messy here." She didn't know what he meant by that but she did as he said anyway and closed her eyes and covered her ears with her hands.

Even with her hands covering her ears she could still hear the bone cracking and blood curdling sound coming from the beast as Drake killed it, when he was done he went to Olivia and told her it was okay to look he had hidden it in a bush so she couldn't see it, when she uncovered her eyes the body was gone but there was a large puddle of blood left in its place with an eyeball floating inside it, "Aaaah!" Olivia started crying at the scene she did not like blood but she was also worried about Drake, he had just gone up against a monster that no human should be able to kill without a weapon let alone kill it with their bare fist's, "Are you okay did you get hurt anywhere?", Drake took a momemt to think about it, "No my body's fine but my mental health I donk know so much about that." Olivia was confused he hadn't been hurt but his mental heath was? "What do you mean your mental health?", "Hmm, well ever since I was a kid I was an out cast because of my two different colored eyes and also becuase I cant express or feel any sort of emotions." Olivia looked at his eyes they were both an Emerald Green, "What do you mean your eyes are the same color?" Drake was confused for a second but then he remembered that he still had his contacts on. "Oh sorry wait a minute." Olivia looked at him and got scared as he pulld something off his eye, "What are you doing to your eyes!?" Drake thought for a second then remembered he was in another world and they didn't have contacts so to Olivia he was pulling his eyes out, "Sorry i'm wearing something that covers my eyes and im taking them off now you can look away if you need to.", And turn around she did which he couldn't blame her for"Okay you can turn around now, when she turned around she was startled at what she saw, his right eye ball was black with a red pupil and the other eyeball normal but with a golden pupil.

~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~ To Be Continued ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-

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