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Based on true events --- Dairy is an ordinary girl walking the path of danger... Her best friend Clyde walks the path of Christianity..... When Daisy's life unravels into something, she never wants. Clyde takes this as an opportunity to help her get closer to God... From the stories I have heard all over, I took it upon myself to write a book out of their hopes and failures...and it amazes me what people really went through to reach God !! I am so bedazzled in what treasures hold in this book and I hope it can inspire everyone who God is and that he can do ANYTHING!! (this is a short story)

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The world spins around me whilst I lose myself to the music, this sensation of the world can’t be better than this, I gulp a few sips from the beer I’m holding and sway my hands around.

“Come on, it’s time to go, Daisy,” I peek at my best friend, Clyde Jarvis, “More… please?” He shakes variously at me, “We’ve been at it for hours,”

I bright my lips and puppy my eyes, “One last dance please… pretty please?” He sighs as I climb onto the counter, “Daisy, no,” I sway my hands in the air, my hips swing left and right.

“Daisy, get down from there,” “Leave the girl be, she’s enjoying herself,” I snap at the attractive boy scanning me uncomfortably and then at Clyde pointing his finger toward him, “Don’t make me hurt you,”

“What? What’s your problem?” Clyde stands his size against the boy, “Get lost, before I hurt you,” I stand still watching them raging against each other, the boy swings first, Clyde dodges the punch, and punch his nose and the boy fly backward.

“I warned you…” He stands up and scurry away, Clyde pulls me down without warning and catches me. He snaps my beer and starts walking with me battling on his shoulder.

“Hey…” “That’s it, we’re going home,” He throws my beer in the sink, “Clyde no,” “Why I keep doing this, I don’t know…”

My blurry vision peers at him, “What…” He yanks the front door open and harsh wind slams straight into my face and without warning… I color the floor like an erupted volcano.

Clyde soothes my back, “There, there,” I peek at his red knuckle, “I can’t… anymore,” I swipe my mouth and he helps me back to his beat-up truck.

“Daisy, this is too much,” I can’t think straight or listen to his complaining, “This has got to stop, you are throwing away your life and dragging me along, you need God in your life,”

I can’t listen with the beating in my head…

His beat-up truck blast a loud firecracker as soon as he parts in his driveway, “Come on, Daisy…” I force my hand toward the handle but my weak fingers shiver against the handle… why am I doing this to myself?

He pulls the door open with force and icy wind tickles my skin, he picks me carefully and slams his door close, “You need a shower,” “And food…” He chuckles as he walks with me in his arms toward his front door.

“Why do you keep doing this to yourself, Daisy? You’re better than this… y-you…”

The sensation of cold covers dance across my skin as I snuggle more inside, “Goodnight, Daisy,” His warm pecks on my forehead, and then the door closes with a crack.

“Clyde…” The door opens again, “Yes, butterfly?” “I don’t want to be alone… please,” He sighs in a chuckle whilst he makes his way over to me, “You need sleep, butterfly,”

I peek at him above the cover as he makes his way around the bed, “You will not sleep if I sit here all night through,” “Clyde, please, be quiet,” He nods variously and throw himself on the bed exhausted.

“This is much better than the couch, though,” I chuckle at him, cuddling him, “T-thank you,” “For what?” “For defending me…”

“Of course, Daisy, anything for you,”

The beating in my head pushes up nausea in my throat and a swirling in my stomach… “Ugh, I need another beer or something…”

I can hear his snoring turning into a growl as he lifts himself up “No, I am done with your drinking Daisy…” I stare blankly at him “Why…? I am not harming anyone, I am not…”

“Drinking anymore Daisy, you are a beautiful young girl with lots of potential… I will not sit around and watch you throw it all away, you are coming with me to church today,”

I shake my head as the nausea pushes up more “I don’t feel like going anywhere Clyde,” He makes his way over towards me in a rush “Get up and get into that shower… please Daisy,” I sigh in frustration and do as I am told “And take this with you…” I take the bag from his hand and drag myself towards the bathroom slowly…

The hot shower above me feels like heaven as I dance around in the shower and sing my heart out… I close the taps and tiptoe out of the shower and dry myself and including my long red hair bouncing around on my bottom…

“Hurry, Daisy…” I sigh in frustration. Since when has Clyde become like this? He has changed from this fun person into this adult… plain adult with no fun points what so ever inside him, I pull out the beautiful white dress from the bag and slide it over my body…

I grip onto the brush as I brush out the nods and leave them loose… I don’t even look like myself and I rarely dress like this… since my parents passed; I guess I have become a little reckless, but it’s not hurting anyone and I am not losing myself in the process… am I?

I exit the bathroom and took notice of Clyde resting against the doorframe “Wow, you look beautiful Daisy…” I chuckle at him and slab him softly on the arm…

The building comes into view as Clyde drives closer towards it… a beautiful old castle building “Wow…” He drives through the gate and his firecracker beat-up truck alerts everyone that we have entered “I seriously need a new car…”

I kept my silence as we exit the car… I should admit this honestly, since my parents passing, I haven’t seen the inside of the church for many… many years and I am a little scared, to be frank, Clyde slides his arm around my middle and an unknown tingling feeling floats through me and I flinch… what? “Come on, you will love this.”

I don’t know, I am still a little scared… we enter through the warm welcoming doors and every living soul in this immense building smiles at us “Welcome Clyde… I see you brought someone with you today, it is good to see our word is spreading around,” Clyde smiles at them genuinely, I like this smile…

“Yes, this is Daisy,” His large hand pushes forward towards me and I slowly shake his hand and his firm grip holds tightly unto mine “You need this place Daisy, your heart needs God,” I focus on him anxiously “I…”

His friendly face frightens me slightly but I push the feelings away “T-thank you, Sir,” He nods and his grip loosens, I have never felt such feelings in my life before…

I know of course there is a God but I guess I got driven away from Him when things take a turn to the worse but of course, everyone in this building believes so strongly in Him and they don’t look like much but they still don’t care… they all come here and that is to pray and praise God…

“We all are here today and that is to praise our wonderful Lord… He has given us hope and has made us believed that we are all one United Kingdom… and it is the truth…”

I focus on him deeply. The priest prays deeply about our world and how messed up things are, how people don’t see God as they truly should and how only He can save us all from this disastrous world we all live in…

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