Skylanders guardians adventures

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A human for a last hope in skylander guardians.

Adventure / Humor
James Neugebauer
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Prologue - Beginning the past of Skyland hope

In beginning time in 60,000 years on planet earth. When knows where all creatures come from interested nature called humans. Humans is a peaceful how to be survived for plant the seed for fruits and vegetables. Then the humans will be become the hunter’s to kill any kind animals by meats.

But humans will searching from a new lands, mountains, the sea, island, and dessert. When the great where could find a new place for other country. And we builded from straws house at a new age for a give a new other names for a country.

But there other humans don’t like other types for near the village in other country’s it began the first war. People will fight for face to face to taken by food supplies, and weapons. It will fight for another day will against the human for protect by villagers.

Then one day the humans look up the sky and see the falling the sky a big bright light by the night and crash the land a very big explosive spreading the forest almost wipe out to near the village.

One human did see the big bright and there the strange ten colors but it small there split up going far away by our country’s. And that is what happened? The human see something shining or is there but he decide to checking out and run out the village by there own.

After few mile ahead there is a green light right in the forest where with the crash on earth. It’s need to get closer and slowly what where are they come from in the sky.

So the human will carefully to pick up and see the round shape and the picture like forest we called the element.

And then they appeared the element was flashing in human eye some strange power could see the past to other dimension and show the beautiful floating lands, mountains, the ocean, and other creatures types.

The First see the past the dimension the human was no one has ever seen. This is called from my home the Skylands. The Skylands was created for a lands for 100,000 years for magical place caring we are protectors for these creatures. The fish people , elf’s, wizards, lava rocks, birds people, machine people lizards, rock people, undead people, frog people, dragons, and more.

We are the great spirits to guide ahead. For this day forward we’re working together to fight the most evil at all costed. And we need a hero of elements for eight guardians called the Skylanders.

Few 40,000 years later

The other Skylanders will to protect the king of the huge castle. And there are ten dragons will appeared to created the secret what there made of magic for what created. The dragon scale armor.

The legend said who is the kindest, and bravest of all to put on the the armor belong to light element in secret treasure chest. Once the only a true king orders to guard the secret no one could hand from the evil.

But it will never happen somethings is completely wrong the evil spread by the darkness for entire Skylands. All the people and there home it’s in danger.

Then one dragon sacrifice to save the kingdom for a great evil. But now the first dragon was gone and locked up by the evil trapped inside the dark crystal.

This is the sad day for king, dragons and other Skylanders. Now we have nine dragons left and return to the other temple’s back where the dragons will be save for other skylands homes and peace. Except one the white dragon will decide to defend for king.

Then one day the darkness spreads once again.

The great evil break the dark crystal and blasted up to the sky he was planning to take all the temples along. Then it was too late the eight element dragons light has taken it and turned into the evil dragons by control from the power.

So the civil war has begun and the Skylander Guardians will stop being madness. The people will evacuation and the skylanders for against the bad skylanders.

Then something’s is definitely wrong the skylander Guardians was lost and will had on choice to sacrifice to use the light energy turn the spirit’s and trapped in the temple’s.

It’s seems the skylander guardians hope was failed. And the worst fear the king? There is one light dragon could help to cast the spell surrounded for huge castle and lifting up sending for safe place could never be found.

Then guards had been shock the dark lightning and dropped the big chest inside the dragon scale. But the see the guards if he fear the evil steal the light energy and trun into the stone. It’s was to late it can’t go back down the darkness spread.

The king was no choice to send the dimension for ten elements to planet called earth. And instead he did.

There is to save other skylanders to put the sleep. The king used the light sacrifice and the other people and flash around to all skylander had been trun into all light crystal’s to sleep. And the huge was vanquished?

One light dragon will lash stand to stop by evil spread the darkness to fight against then. And now the ultra meant sacrifice will save entire people for skylands and the evil spread was stopped. But it was a sad day to save all lives now the light dragon is now gone forever.

However the elements in there dimension were arrived the planet earth. And That is was happen in the past.

The human saw everything what happens next unless there is something coming another light in forest is was the light spirit.

Light spirit came to near for human and backward up for little, and try to say anything for become secrets. But the light spirit it’s says. Don’t be afraid human I don’t need no harm, you are only hope, said spirit. “Who are you.”said the man. I’m the spirit and you saw the past in other dimension for far far away. This element your holding to keep it safe, said spirit.

Keep it safe from who, and why are you here, human said. To protect the universe and the other elements split up to hit the new land from the earth, said spirit . But only the special one for a light element to human kind one to protect the land. There is the other human have all elements to keep it safe from the darkness by evil, you must not let by the evil hand otherwise a whole world will be in danger, said spirit.

The light spirit not to tell anyone about the dimension, and the human will keep the promise for elements secrets then light spirit flash the light and disappear.

Then the human went back to the village at home to not tell other humans of elements, in the time comes with only the chosen one for light element it will take several years for humans hope, what could ever happen to save in the universe.

In the legend tales the chosen one for human kind and brave enough to save the skylands, until time comes the human will send the dimension and free entrie kingdom and will become peace in skylands.

It’s take very long long journey will return.

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