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Behind His Eyes

“Xfite. . .”

He mumbled after having done a thorough analysis upon the corpse and the cooked innards of the soldiers. He was smarter than they thought he was, those women. Especially that Emily girl, oh wait, Doctor Emily. That stuck up female had more testosterone than twenty men cramped up in a room together. He doubted that she had discovered that the main chemical source of the new gas was a distinguished form of the radioactive element Xfite. XF to be exact.

He cleared his throat and stuck a finger under his collar to loosen up the tie that was seemingly choking him under the stress of his discovery. He wasn’t hardly considered a doctor like the other women, more like a scientist. Men were hardly accepted into the medical field anymore so the others considered him an odd duck. But he would show them, he would show them all that he was braver and smarter. He was an idealist and had the equipment and intelligence to do so.

He packed up the rest of his equipment into the larger case he carried along with him, after pushing aside the corpse of the soldier he had decapitated and dissected. Most would say the actions that the doctors committed were cruel and harsh, however the soldiers were already deceased so they were used solely for the benefit of science. It wasn’t long before he had reached the station and set out to find the train .. the train that was no longer there? He looked both ways before gritting his teeth at the mirror that lay across the train tracks upon the wall.

“What are you looking at?”

He blankly responded to his reflection, who mirrored the blank look in his eyes and was unable to answer. The only thing that answered his question was the narrow whisper of the wind as it swept up dust and sent it hurdling past him at breakneck speeds.

It was then that he reopened his case and searched around for the locational device that he had left within his case. . only to find that the battery had died from their rampant missions since this morning.

“Drat.” He mumbled, only the brisk wind answered his curse. Emily.

Emily and he had used to be good friends before they had entered the competitive medical field together and everything had gone haywire with the recent wars between both of the colonies. And because he was male. Perhaps she was more sad than anything. Or spooked by the rumors of him that lurked upon the battlefield when he returned. He remembered it like it was yesterday, before the world fell to pieces. He glanced upwards once more to observe his physical features and run his fingertips through his dusty brown locks that correlated alongside of his darker skin tone. His green eyes resembled that of leaves upon the ancient old trees that used to thrive within the forests here.

The forests that used to thrive here. . now that was food for thought. He took this time to glance around at his surroundings and realize that he was left on the outside where there was nothing left alive. Certain trains came and left the station, but that was only for specimen collection and to retrieve the dead bodies for the wars between the colonies that never seemed to end over the rule of this land. It was foolish, and hundreds of soldiers were lost every year from new technology. The people now lived to create new weapons to destroy the other survivors left over from the never ending wars. Life it seemed now, was pointless. Women dominated because of their intelligence, while men who lacked in comprehension were sent out to battle. Unless you were him of course, then you were lucky. Only a select few of the smartest men were allowed to participate in weapon creation and analysis.

His fingertips fumbled for his watch and name-badge as he dug around in his suitcase. The letters upon his badge revealing the thin sharp black letters that spelt out- “Alexander.” He gazed at his name badge before glancing toward the watch in his right hand. The time was nearly eight o’clock, and it was time for him to depart before the next battle began. The soldiers would be exiting soon from the lockdown chambers and he would be caught in the crossfire.

Examination time was over.

Battle time was beginning.

And so he decided the easiest way to return to his lab was to follow the train tracks, as there would not be another train for hours. Alexander took his leave and jumped from the dock a good five feet to the tracks with a scuffle and landed upon his side in the dirt just as another breeze whipped by. And with that, he raced down the tracks to escape the fire and bullets that would rickashay through the air in just a matter of minutes. The alarm bell went off; warning anyone close to the set that they should leave at once and return to the safety of the underground bases. He was supposed to be on the last train and he wondered why on earth they hadn’t waited for him? Perhaps it was because he was a man? No. There were three other doctors that worked for their section that were men, not just him. The only thing that could come to mind was that Emily had purposely left him there for dead and not bother to call him for the last train. She held some type of grudge against him and he never knew why, but it was honestly starting to get upon his nerves.

The passageway was gloomy and narrow and only built for the thin train lines to escape down the path at breakneck speeds. A shallow flickering light was all that lit his way as he continued on the three mile track, just as the ear shattering noises of the gates being opened a mile or so away were heard, followed abruptly by the noises of guns and screaming. But for now, he could only concentrate upon his well being and not the sick demise the human race was slowly leading themselves to. He stumbled upon the railroads only twice and continued his way along the path until he at last reached the platform to the hospitals that was guarded by mirrored doors that could only be unlocked at this time with his name badge.

So he swiped his badge upon the name scanner and was let in shortly after, only to be met with a few odd looks and a single glance here and there from the other doctors. No one cared to say “Hello” Or “Where were you?” Their heads were too far in the gutters of scientific discovery and desperation for achievement to do so.

Well most of them anyways.

“You weren't on the train.” A sharp voice cut through the silence and a single chair screeching was heard from another doctor.

“The train had left before I finished collecting my data.” Alexander stated briefly, turning to look back toward the shrill but peaceful voice that could only belong to his darling Emily.

Indeed she was beautiful with her casual clothes and attitude, but those eyes of hers were empty and cold.

“I had Bon go tell you.” Emily lied smoothly through her teeth. Her assistant nearby nearly dropping the cup of coffee she had been pouring and look up innocently.

“Actually Doc-” She stumbled to say, until she saw the look upon Emily’s face and immediately grew silent.

“No one came to me to tell me of the trains departure. Were you trying to have me killed on the ground?” He questioned once more, growing nearer to her so he could simply look down upon her smaller being. He was much taller than her and completely overpowered any type of advantage she thought she had over him.

She glanced up toward him and shook her head in a simple motion.

“Even I am not that cruel, it was simply a miscommunication.” The rest of the room grumbled in response as there was no room for error and that was a foolish thing for her to say.

“Oh really?” He replied, seeming hardly convinced with her statement.

Emily glanced around and finally seemed to notice the amount of people earring in on their conversation and sighed.

“My office.” She stated meekly and turned upon her heel as though assuming that he would follow her. Which of course, Alexander did, for he was going to get a word in with Emily whether she liked it or not.

And as soon as she closed the door behind her. . .he immediately slammed her with questions.

“Emily I-”

“Doctor Emily.” She cut off, tapping her fingertips upon the rim of her desk as she made her way around to sit within her chair nearby her chemical equipment.

“Doctor Emily.” He repeated and left his hands upon the edge of her desk, nearly face to face with her and only inches apart.

“What is so wrong with me?” He inquired as straight to the point as possible. “Have I done wrong to you?” He seemed utterly concerned and it twanged at Emily’s heart strings for just a moment.

“You really don’t know. . .do you?” She mumbled, twisting a piece of her blonde hair around her fingertip and glanced at him. He stared blankly at her in return as though waiting for an answer.

“Why would I bother to get along with a fool?”

“A fool. .. really?” Alexander repeated and seemed completely exasperated over Emily’s constant excuses.

“Enough of this bullshit, tell me the truth.” He hissed between his teeth and leaned forwards even more. Enough to push Emily back into her chair to avoid the close proximity of his face.

“I’m being truthful.” She stated blankly and turned her head to avoid looking at him in the eyes.

“Why bother to be friendly with you?”

“Is it because I am a man?” He questioned cleanly and made Emily slightly jump in how correct his answer was. She glanced up at him before looking back down toward her hands as though all the fight had fallen out of her body. She had grown quiet.

“Perhaps.” She mumbled and shrugged out her shoulders to try to avoid the awkward silence that had set in.

“Why?” Alexander pestered and had practically leaned far over the desk just to get in her face and pressure her to answer.

“Look what you’re doing right now!” She squeaked, pushing her chair back away from him and stood up as quickly as she could.

“This is why I hate men, all they ever want is the fame and glory and steal away all the success from us!” She shouted out before she had even realized it. Then she redeemed her posture and reseated herself within her chair and glanced back up at him. Alexander had fallen silent and leaned backwards to straighten himself out and look the opposite way.

“If you think about it though.” He started to say and met her eyes for just the slightest moments.

“What have you ever achieved compared to me?”

And with that he turned around and opened the door to exit the office. Without looking back he called out to her over his shoulder.

“Have a good day Doctor Emily.”

And the door softly shut behind him. Leaving her alone in her office in a shocked position. What had she achieved compared to Alexander. . .nothing. He was always the first to note everything to the head doctor. He had won countless medals and awards for his success and developed the first microscopica weapon. In comparison to him, she was nothing.

She shakily stood up and picked a few loose papers off of the ground that had fallen off when Alexander had thrown his little fit.

Then suddenly the door was thrown open again forcefully to the point where it hit the wall with a bang; startling Emily into tossing the papers upon the ground again in surprise. A man she had never seen before entered into the room with such emphasis Emily thought he reminded her of a model upon a runway hundreds of years ago. And he simply just stood there as though he was waiting for her to go on one knee and praise him. But she stood there equally, just staring.

“What are you looking at?” He snapped, before brushing his long brown bangs from his eyes.

“I um . ..was just wondering why you are in my office without an appointment .. .sir?” She tilted her head to the side as she spoke and noticed how his eyes narrowed in disappointment.“You don’t remember me?” His voice crept through the silence like honey and milk.

“No?” She answered quickly and bent down to pick up the papers once more and carefully set them upon her desk for the third time today.

“Oh really?” He mumbled and removed his glasses from his face to direct his piercing stare down toward her.

Those eyes.

“What is your name?” She questioned slowly and finally managed to look away from him.

“Eric.” He stated and raised a brow to look toward her.

“No last name?” She commented, standing to her feet and brushing off her jeans.


She stared and laughed just underneath her breath at that name. “That’s a coincidence!” Emily shook her head lightly.

“The Main Doctor’s name is just that.”

“Perhaps because the main doctor is my father?” He corrected.

“Honestly, how stupid are you?”

“Excuse me?” Emily snorted and marched right up to him to poke him in the chest with her forefinger.

“You take that back.”

“Why should I?” He teased and caught her wrist within his fingertips to tug her closer.

“Can’t I tease my Fiancee?”

She stared blankly toward him as though all the life had been drained from her for the third time today.


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