Bon Wai

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Her Smile

“Who does she think she is?” Bon snapped to herself and poured herself another cup of coffee since the previous encounter with Alexander and Emily. She had left the room because she was tired of all the blame that was being pushed between the doctors. Honestly, enough was enough. How many times was Emily going to blame her for things she did not even do? Bon had to admit though, Emily had surprised her. It was unlike the Doctor to even apologize for wrongdoings. She kicked an empty can across the ground as she walked amongst the other doctors who had finally decided to take a break. She was perhaps the only assistant in the building that had not been able to achieve a scientific discovery to promote her to a doctor status. And Bon had been an assistant for a very very long time. A good three years now? Bon used to live upon the Southern side with her previous Doctor well. . .until one of his little experiments went backwards. Bon had wandered off into the middle of a battle and been saved by a strange soldier and brought to the Eastern side. She shook her head lightly and listened to the soft noise of the can as it crawled across the ground with a clanking sound before it hit the wall. Bon eyed the glass door that led outside to the train tracks. She couldn’t go outside for air now until the set was over and the shots had all been fired. She leaned her cheek up against the glass and stared blankly off into the darkness. The faint sounds of shots and whispers of screams could be heard from the other side if you listened closely and so that was what Bon did. Is that what Emily wanted to happen to Alexander? To have him thrown weaponless into a fight that he stood no chance of winning? Well, maybe he did. Bon often heard rumors of the silent brilliant doctor Alexander .

Rumors that spoke of him having countless ideas to betray the Eastern and earn thousands in Ectodomain in exchange for their technology. She had heard that Alexander had served in the wars previously and only through an accidental discovery had he managed to erupt into the Doctoring staff. A sudden snapping noise that came from the door alerted her and Bon turned around quickly. Then suddenly sighed in relief. It was just the safety upon the doors to protect the staff. Sometimes soldiers wandered off down the tracks if they escaped the battle set, but it rarely ever happened. It was just a precaution that the main doctor had installed for their safety. Bon really enjoyed the company of the Main Doctor, Mr. Traine. All the other medical doctors that Emily worked with seemed only to wish for his approval, but Bon loved to make him smile. Doctor Traine had lost his wife many years ago upon the battle set and since then forbid women to entering the battle fields. She imagined that he was incredibly lonely. He had only one son and that was a few years older than Bon, but she rarely spoke with him because he often stayed in his room alone away from his father. Bon glanced upwards toward the main office that stood quietly above all the other offices below. She wondered what Mr. Traine was doing right now and the thought of challenging him to a game of checkers crossed her mind along with a meek little smile. The middle light behind her switched off to conserve power but Bon didn’t seem to mind, she was content right now. Ectodomain powered everything down here. The electricity, cooling, a chemical created from natural gases found within the desert floors. This was how Mr.Traine rose up to be the head doctor, for his invention saved thousands from the harsh environment above. The cool glass pressed against her nose as she turned her face slightly and her breath smoothly fogged up the glass. Spite her young appearance Bon was indeed very clever but just a little childish sometimes when given the opportunity. Her fingertip slid against the window to form a smiling face within the fog of the glass. It caused her to giggle just as another light shut off behind her, leaving just the one dim light in the far left hand corner. The other doctors had retired for the evening but left their lamps at their workstations on. With a final sigh Bon turned her head and decided that she would retire as well and request that game of checkers with Mr. Traine. She pushed her body up from the glass and turned around to begin her walk through the chairs when a sudden noise pulled at her attention. She froze stiffly as though she was waiting for the noise to sound again before she continued upon her way, just in case. She pushed aside a rolling chair that had not been pushed in when the noise rang out again.

“. . What was that. . .?”

She whispered and turned around in a circle and the faint light was not enough to project enough for her to see clearly. Another pounding sound crept through the silence from the glass door and Bon’s eyes widened. A choke of a scream snuck into the back of her throat and her heart flipped in her chest as she scrambled for the Lamp nearby and drug it out from it’s safe position upon the desk. She ripped off the cover upon it and tilted the light orb toward the glass door only to see a pair of yellowed eyes and a sickly complexion of a person outside the doors. But it looked to her in the darkness like he was directly five feet in front of her. She dropped the lamp and covered her face as he pounded against the door as though trying to break through. She stumbled to pick up the lamp before a fire spread from the light being upon open ground for too long and kept her eyes upon the stranger.

“It’s got us. .. it’s GOT us!” A scream chimed faintly from the outside as the body brushed against the glass.

“Help. ..” A weak chirp of his voice snuck through the protective doors as he stared toward Bon. His body appeared to be slightly smoking as though he had been set on fire and briefly stamped out. Her feet refused to move as she nodded her head shortly toward him. “.. .Wha-What’s wrong with you?” She whispered and finally her feet trudged forwards stiffly until she reached the door. His head suddenly jerked violently as he squealed out in pain and thrashed his body against the door. “Exaine Gas, Exaine Gas, Exaine Gas!” He repeated over and over and hit against the door. “Let me in!” Bon’s eyes widened and she shook her head furiously though tears were clouding up her vision. “I cant. . . “ She whispered and pressed her fingertips to the door as his body shook as an erosion of gas swept down the train tracks just as he slid down the glass.


He whispered faintly and that caught her attention. Her head tilted and she pressed further against the glass to catch his appearance. “What? Who are you? How do you know my name?” She questioned and she pounded against the glass as though trying t o get his attention, although it was apparent he was still and dead. His eyes wide open. “Hey! You.. ..” Bon growled and reached her hand up to grapple at the door handle and yanked it back and forth to try to open it up. “Don’t die on me!”

“Bon!” A stern voice sounded in the darkness followed by a sudden array of lights that caused her to squint.

“What are you doing out here!” A tall figure crept down the stairs slowly. His voice appeared to be very disappointed and just faintly worried.

“There's a soldier out there!” She shouted still yanking at the door handle.

“What the bloody hell are you talking about?” He crossed his arms and looked down at her.

It was then that Bon turned around and looked downwards to see nothing but a faint whisper of smoke.

“But… he was there!” She cried in argument and she shook her head feverishly. “I swear he was there!”

“Bon you’re tired.. let’s get you upstairs for some rest.” He shook his head and held out a hand for her to take. “Makes me wonder what Doctor Emily is making you do all day.”

She snorted under her breath and accepted his hand and stingily walked next to him up the stairs. “He was there, I swear.” She mumbled and kicked her foot against the ground. A faint smile crossed his lips. “I’m sure he was.”

“He was Mr. Traine! I swear he was! I’ll prove it!” She squeaked and pushed open the door for him politely just as the last light flicked off and signaled the end of the night.

“I’m sure he was.”

Eric knocked lightly upon the door to the greenery where he knew Emily often snuck off to analyze a few plants here and there or simply just read a book and fall asleep upon one of the chairs. He often followed her, watched her, it was what he was to do. Since she had become one of the most successful female doctors, it had been determined for them to get married for a while now- in his mind at least. When no one responded to his knocking he put it upon himself to push the door open and enter the greenery. Where ,sure enough, Emily had fallen asleep upon one of the large chairs all curled up with a book in hand. He sighed lightly and crept beside her to rest upon a chair nearby. He tried not to disturb her silent slumber and so he simply observed. Eric rested his elbow against the chair arm and slightly leaned over with his other hand to caress her long blonde locks with his fingertips. She seemed to slightly stir at his movements but the only thing she actually did was grip onto her book tighter. A look of slight disruption crept across her face and her eyelashes fluttered. Eric took that as his cue to draw his hand back and just watch her as her eyes opened. Emily seemed within a daze for a moment’s time before she realized that Eric was beside her. “Eric!” Emily cried out and sat up almost immediately.

“How long have you been here!”

“Just a few minutes.” He responded shallowly. “I wanted to see what you were up to.”

Emily glanced downwards toward her hands and noticed that they were faintly stained and her left was holding onto a book. “I was just researching the effect of Xfite on other living beings.” She motioned with her hand toward the plant sitting beside her that was practically flourishing with green. “I suppose I don’t really understand the chemical all that well..” She sighed and placed her closed book on the nightstand near the lamp beside her. “What exactly do you know about the new Xfite weapon?” Eric spoke up and Emily’s heart flipped at the sight of how deeply he was looking toward her, as though he was ready to eat out her soul. “It releases some type of gas but I’ve only seen a few cases so I can’t really come up with a conclusion yet.” “It’s not a weapon.” Eric cut in and smirked toward her. “Allow me to tell you what I know of this creature.” “Creature?” Emily questioned and leaned forwards abruptly with widening eyes. “How else would such a chemical like Xfite even exist?” Eric questioned and leaned forwards in his chair till his breath brushed across her face. “It’s an ancient being that has been brought to our Set by an outsider.” His accented voice paused for a moment. “I want you to find this creature.” “Me?” Emily questioned and her brow furrowed at the thought. “If it has killed so many soldiers already. . .won’t it just eat me for breakfast?” Eric seemed to ponder that for a moment. “Alexander knows a lot more than he lets on, perhaps you can bring him along?”

Alexander? Emily sighed heavily and glanced to Eric. “were not really on the best of terms.”

“I Don’t see why not.” Eric snorted. “You’re both stubborn.”

Emily raised a brow. “How am I stubborn?”

Eric grinned. “perhaps at the fact that you refuse to believe you are my fiancee.” Emily shook her head. “I never agreed to it.”

“Oh but you will.” Eric smirked and leaned forwards to gently brush his lips across her cheek. Her cheeks flared in embarrassment and she turned her head away.

“Doesn’t the name of Traine intrigue you? To one day inherit the Main Doctor’s name?” He whispered as he stood from the chair and brushed his knees off. She gazed after him, her fingers clutching tighter to her book.

“Goodnight Doctor Emily.” And with that Eric left the room and once more endowed her with silence. Emily sighed and figured it would be best to leave the room and head to her own to go to sleep.

She picked up her book and moved the cushions around to make it look neat once more and left the room to stroll toward her own. The plant beside the lamp slightly shivered before a few leaves crumbled into dust and landed upon the floor.

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