Bon Wai

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A soft tinging noise circulated the small dorm by his fingertips softly clinking against the stained glass jar of rotating orbs upon his desk. Glasses hung limply from his nose and his hair was ruffled from lack of sleep. A pencil hung from his mouth and his eyes were glazed over as though he had been staring for hours. The floor was littered with papers and the wastebasket was full to the brim of crumpled clippings. The screen in front of him finally blimped off from not being used in a long while. The soft change of light startled him from his daze and he slowly stretched his hands above his head.

“God. .. What the hell is it?”

He shrugged out his shoulders, pushed his chair back, and grumbled under his breath. He’d figure out the solution before that Emily girl even if it killed him. She was always trying to show him up in some way or form. Usually something so petty wouldn’t bother him, but it did now because of the fact he had been drinking and his train of thought had slightly fuzzed over. A half-empty wine bottle rested upon the edge of his desk and the contents gently vibrated as he reached over to turn off his lamp. The metallic outline of the clock stated midnight. The glint rested upon his name tag that firmly stated the familiar letters that spelt Alexander. Considering that alcohol was now banned in the Eastern side, Alexander had gone through a lot of trouble just to sneak one bottle from the Southern side of the set. Alexander slipped out of his shoes and kicked them downwards to rest just beneath under his bed and he turned to sit upon the soft fabrics. The tracking communication lines of the Eastern side shut off exactly at midnight so if one was to make a call, it would not be tapped into or even counted. It was simply a power saving idea of the Great Doctor. Alexander closed his eyes and rested his hands above his head to cover his vision from the faint blue moonlight that crept into his room.

“Alexander.” A faint whisper of a voice reached his ears after a few minutes.

“Pardon me, I was just resting my eyes.” He mumbled in response and slowly shifted his body to sit upon his side and open his eyes. A pale hologram of a woman mirrored in the center of his room and seemed to be somewhat nervous to make an appearance as the connection faintly shook here and there..

“Are you sure this is safe?” She questioned and slightly moved toward him and shuffled the papers within her fingertips.

“would you ever doubt me?” He stated and raised a brow toward her.

“....Anyways what have you found?” She questioned with a curious tilt of her head and a smooth avoidance of the subject of trust. “Is this a design of the Eastern side?”

“They’re all struggling to just understand what chemicals were used, considering it is your creation?”

The figure shimmered with a confused look.

“What are you talking about?”

“Come now, you can’t be dishonest with me Lena.” He shook his head back and forth. “We’ve shared every idea together since I transferred to the East.”

“Alexander.” She mumbled with all seriousness and that caused him to look up at her.

“The weapon that has killed over two hundred soldiers. . .. is not our creation.”

A sudden bang sounded from the other side of the hologram and she swore under her breath and adjusted the camera to turn it off and her image vanished from sight without another word. Leaving an exasperated Alexander to sit there shocked before deciding to sit up stiffly and sigh. If the South had not created the weapon. . . .than what the hell was going on? He moved quickly to down another drink from the wine bottle and rub his head furiously. Stifling a drunken laugh and flinging himself to land face down upon his bed. If the main doctor was to break down his door right now and see him underage drinking, committing treason, and having a lab in his dorm; he would lose his head! He knotted his fingertips into his hair and groaned in a muffled sound as a thin wave of relaxation crossed over his heart from the alcohol.

It was then that his head cleared up slightly and became motionless. Still enough to allow his mind to go into overdrive and rethink everything.

The melted bodies

Emily leaving him behind


It was as though the pieces had clicked in his mind and he slowly pushed himself up upon his knees on his bed. His reddened blue eyes widened. Emily. She had left him out there to figure out what exactly was killing the soldiers. Emily, she knew it was not a regular weapon. But how? Maybe he was over thinking things but he needed to see her. Now. He stumbled to his feet and whipped open the door of his room. He marched down the hallway with no need of a flashlight for he knew these hallways like no tomorrow. Alexander turned the corner to the girl’s dorms and his pupils thinly dilated to accommodate the darkness that was not lit up by the soft hallway lights that lined the floor. Finally he approached the door that stated Emily Hazerlen in bold letters and he reached for the door handle and forced the unlocked door open at a rampant speed without bothering to knock.

“Alexander what the hell are you doing!” A scream echoed around the hallway and a pillow hit him dead in the face; almost knocking him over. “Get out of my room!”

A female’s voice entered his ears as his eyes adjusted to the brightness. She was standing in the middle of the room covering herself with a blanket from her bed, her long hair was still in a tangled braid and her eyes were furious.

“What the hell do you think you're doing?!” She shouted in his direction. “I’ll call the head Doc-” Her voice was cut off as he covered her mouth with his large hand and glanced down at her.

“I have something to tell you.”

Her eyes widened and she shook her head. And then her green eyes narrowed angrily and Emily attempted to bite at his hand. “Are you drunk?” She growled in a muffled sound, the scent of alcohol was strong on his breath. Did he realize the penalty for coming into the girl’s dorm and intoxication? He shrugged his shoulders and with a faint push of his hand her legs collapsed behind her and she landed upon her bed with a groan of the box spring. He crossed his arms in front of him and gazed in her direction.

“You left me out there for a reason, didn’t you?” he mumbled faintly once more.

Her green eyes flickered and her blushing cheeks resonated from their previous encounter.


“You did.” A single blue eye searched Emily’s for truth and a clever smile danced upon his lips.

“what do you know?”

“As if I would tell yo-”

“What do you know.” He repeated sternly and slowly lowered himself down in front of her upon one knee. He met her eyes and let a soft smile cross his sharp features reassuringly

“....Please tell me.”

Emily hesitantly glanced around everywhere but at him and she bit down upon her lip.

“It’s not a weapon.” She whispered and finally met his reddened eyes. “I think it’s a creature.” Her voice was so quiet in the dim light of the room.

“I know it’s foolish. . “ She started to say and sighed smoothly in her foolishness, but a sudden touch of his hand to her cheek caught her attention and she peered questioningly at him.


“come with me.”

“Wha-what? Where?” Her firm exterior had been drowned out in surprise by Alexander’s sudden shift of mood toward her.

“To find the creature.”

“How are we going to do that?” She mumbled and shook her head.

“we should be preparing an evacuation.”

“Do you want to achieve something Doctor Emily?” He cut of her words and traced his finger down her jaw. Her eyes narrowed and her cheeks flared in embarrassment once more. Achieve a discovery? One greater than Alexander?

“Then come achieve something along with me.” Her eyes widened as his hand tightened around her jaw and pulled her face down closer to his.

“Will you?”

Emily nodded her head slightly even though she knew this was a bad idea. And Alexander cleverly smirked in response.


“But first. .. we’ll have to pick up some friends of mine before we get started.”

Alexander stood up stiffly and let go of her face. His familiar coldness returned to his face.

“we’ll leave at two sharp.”

“oh, and bring Bon with you.”

Her eyes remained wide open until the door shut slowly, and she was left in silence. Emily faintly shook her head and looked to the mirror across from her bed and could detect the red spots from his fingertips upon her face. Alexander had acted so differently toward her today. . .and he believed her.

She pulled herself up from the bed and let the blanket she had been covering herself with fall to the ground. She rolled her eyes slightly and picked up a thin device that sat upon her desk. She pushed the small button and whispered faintly into it.

“Bon. Get down here.”

It was quiet for a while afterwards and she repeated herself.

“Bon. Get down here now.” A faint groaning noise sounded from the other side along with a soft yawn.

“Yeah?” A gruff female voice muffled through the radio.

“Get down here.”


“Just do it.”

“fine.” The voice groaned from the other line, and was cut off with a hiss of annoyance.

She growled faintly at the sound of Emily’s voice and turned to look toward the clock.

Ten minutes past twelve and she nearly snapped.

She was only fifteen years old and she needed her growing sleep too or she would never be taller than anyone! Bon pulled on her coat and shook her head at the stupidity of Emily. Why so late? What was so important that she needed to be awoken this late. . or early? She was so tired she couldn’t even tell when morning or night was anymore. Humans used to awake with the rising sun. She wondered what it would be like to wake with the gentle light brushing against your skin.. life. She slipped on her shoes and glanced around the small dorm that she had been placed in with a faint smile and exited the room. She would be back soon once she went and saw what Emily wanted. She crossed down the small hallway and soon erupted into the kitchen of Mr. Thrine’s upstairs house. Bon had been invited to stay up here since she was the only assistant and Mr. Thrine’s favorite. He thought of her as a daughter and enjoyed her company. Her stomach growled eagerly in response to the sight of the kitchen and she slowly crept across the tiles to steal a piece of bread before she left.

“What do you think you're doing?” A voice sweet as milk and honey questioned and she nearly jumped out of her skin.

“E-Eric! You scared me!”She squeaked out and covered her chest with her left hand. His figure erupted from the darkness of the room and his eyes quivered with playfulness.

“Sorry Bon.” He said her name with such sarcasm that she merely wanted to punch him.. ‘So this is why Mr. Thrine doesn’t like his son’ She thought to herself and she looked up at him.

“what are you doing out this late?”

“what are you?” She responded and narrowed her eyes.

“None of your business.”

“Well then my business is none of your business.” She shook her head with a smile.

“I have to go though, I’ll be late!”

“where are you going?”

“None of your business.”

“Bon.” He stated sternly and she glanced back at him.

“I’ll tell father.”

“Fine. I’m going to see Emily. . .she’s having .. .difficulties!” She smiled and walked past him and he caught her shoulder.

“Be careful. . .you don’t know what’s going on out there. . .” He warned quietly and Bon stared at him. Her eyes danced over his ruffled appearance and torn clothes.

“What exactly were you doing. . Eric.” She mumbled. And at this he snorted under his breath and let go of her shoulder. He backed up away from her and turned the corner to his room without another word.


She opened the door and her tiny feet clomped down the metal staircase to the dorms below. A soft noise of the metal pipes above her head startled her and her footsteps soon turned into a brisk run as she finally made her way into the Woman Doctor’s dorms and to Emily’s room. She had barely raised her fist to knock and the door was thrown open. There stood Emily with a few bags and she was fully dressed. A planted smile upon her lips and her glasses snug upon her nose.

“Ready to become a Doctor?”

“What are you going on about Emily?” Bon mumbled and turned around to exit into the hallway.

“It’s too early for this.”


“Common. Seriously. This is ridiculous. What exactly are we doing?”

“You’re my assistant, you have to go with me.” She commanded.

“No questions.” Emily hissed under her breath and crossed her arms in victory at Bon’s silence.

“Fine.” Bon growled and shrugged her coat back over her shoulders and stepped into the room and closed the door behind her.

“This better be good.”

A set of quick footsteps brushed through the hallway and a strong hand once again pushed open the closed door to reveal Alexander. The twirling grin upon his face and the twinkle in his eye was enough to alert Bon that something terribly wrong was going on here.

“Um. . .Emily.”


“Alexander’s in your room.”


Bon glanced toward her and slowly motioned her hand in a circular gesture. “Alexander. . .is in your room.” She said softly and glanced back at him as though waiting for Emily to throw an entire dresser at his head. But all she saw on their faces was a mixture of continence and curiosity.

“Oh god what have I gotten myself into.” She sighed and pressed her hand over her face with a soft groan.

“Bon.” Emily said again.


“Alexander and I have decided to work together to uncover what exactly is going on out there on the set.”

“Emily! This is crazy!”


“People die on the set! We might as well just march up to the Southern side and dance in front of their guns!” She hissed and narrowed her eyes.

“Actually . .. “ Alexander had attempted to speak for the first time.

“. I’ll let you explain Emily.” Alexander shakily finished after receiving the death glare from Bon. Since when had Alexander become so familiar with Doctor Emily?

“What exactly are you idiots up to?”

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