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Adventure / Fantasy
Bloody Flames
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Chapter 1(Scarlet)


Blood was everywhere. My leg was swollen and from the way my head was spinning, I was either dying or falling into a coma. My eyes burned as I watched Nick attack the Drakon, with his spear. Reaching over at my bow and arrow, I swallowed my pain. Taking a deep breath, I aimed and called out. “Fire in the hole!” Launching the arrow, Nick jumped out of the way, to have the Drakon be pierced in its right eye.

Slowly, my body grew cold, as my entire right side went numb. In a scream, the Drakon vanished from my sight, to have my vision blur just as Nick appeared.

When I awoke, we were in an underground chamber, and Nick was cuddled up beside me asleep. From the way, his eyes looked, he had spent three days making sure monsters didn’t find us. With me out of commision, I wondered how much things had changed.

Looking down at my stomach, I realized the wound was gone. The entire bottom half had also been wrapped around in bandages to keep from bleeding through. I smiled, Rising up to my feet. With a kiss to his forehead, I ushered forward towards the entrance of the chamber.

“Finally awake.” Nick murmured. I smiled. His bright blue eyes had always made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Even his long jet black hair was enough to get me wild. “You’ve been out for three days.” He murmured.

“Where are we?” I asked. I had never seen a place like this before. Even from the stories, I couldn’t put my mind to it. Nick laughed.He seemed to be completely comfortable here, almost like this was a safezone. Like he could be relaxed here.

“It’s a chamber that was built by someone very special. Do you remember the man that built hologram adapters? He’s more famous than you think.”

“Leo Valdez? And he didn’t build it. He advanced it so that the Iphones would work for unique ones, as he called them. Sgodimed, that’s what he called it.”

“D-E-M-I-G-O-D-S. It was the most obvious code for Demigods.” Nick smiled. “But he also made this place as a hiding space for Demigods, it was rumored to be in California, but in reality, we are in Virginia.”

“I see, so what now? How much time do we have until the monsters attack?” I asked. Nick glanced at me a bit apprehensive. “Could you be any more of a killjoy? Twelve hours. After that, the defenses are weakened until a twenty four hour reboot. By then, most demigods would’ve recovered and moved on or died.”

“I see.” I took a deep breath. “That sucks. But where exactly are we headed from here?” I asked.

Nick smiled. “First, We’re going to stop at Brooklyn to meet up with my mom, and get something of mine. I mean, If we meet it’s cool, but if we don’t it’s even better.”

With a faint smile, I laughed. “Nick, what do you think about me?” At that moment tension filled the air. I didn’t know if I had made it worse, or just awkward. But considering he was blushing, I’d say a little of both. “You’re awesome. Scar, you’re my best friend. I’ve never known a girl who could take on monsters, understood all the crap I had gone through and actually meant the world to me.” He smiled.

“Now, it’s your turn, what do you think of me?” He lowered his voice and held a goofy expression on his face, trying to arch his eyebrows. It was goofy and made him look a little constipated. I laughed though, because he was trying to be funny.

“You’re ok, I guess?” I turned, a bit shyed off. His expression changed to concern but a bit insulted. Not saddened but a bit humored. “Really? I’m ok?”

“Keep your shirt on hotstuff, I never confirmed it. ” I laughed standing up. “Come on, let’s go. I would love to meet your mother.”

“Oh great.” He murmured. “The joy of meeting her again.” Rolling my eyes, I hauled him off into the darkness of the inner chambers. With a sudden gale of wind and the dances of leaves we made our way north.

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