Heroes of Dimensions : The Infinite Prophecy

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Deymian and his family try to live a normal life on their ranch in Texas, U.S.A. Well, try at least. Having super powers and doing magick isn't common, or almost real at all. This all changes when a prophecy created before time itself has risen that will change their fates forever, Now he and his family have to save existence of dimensional reality with their new friends from across the globe. Meanwhile he, his siblings, and cousins go to a new school and try not to be torn apart. School has other plans, one may say it's more of a society than a school.

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A long time ago, when time wasn’t even a word and life wasn’t even a thought, nothing existed. There was only an infinite void of darkness. The void seem to be existent and non-existent at the same time. There was no life, not even a single heart beat or a living being in the void. There was no objects either, there was nothing not even noise of light.

Things stayed this way until something occurred that changed the void forever. They came, beings of immense power and divine energy have arrived. No one is really sure how they appeared but one thing for sure is that they will bring greatness in their awake. These beings are called divine beings, spirits, guardians but most importantly gods. Each had different variety of abilities that helped them shape the worlds we have today.

They worked together and used there power and energy in creating the first dimension in existence. They later created other dimensions by connecting them all to the first dimension. The first dimension is called the main dimension and is home to a multitude of different galaxy’s and worlds. It primarily contained one particular galaxy, the Milky Way. This galaxy contains a very special planet called Earth.

During the great creation or how it’s primarily called The Big Bang another being had arrived. It came in a form of a ball of glowing gold light. This being is called The Oracle and can foretell prophecy’s yet to come. It warned the beings about an important prophecy that will change the course of all existence and non-existence itself.

The prophecy for-tolled the arrival of a great evil that will destroy existence itself and kill every single thing alive. It also told that a group of special beings will come together and destroy the great evil and will protect the dimensional worlds. The prophecy was called The Infinite Prophecy for a reasons that is unknown. The gods and magical beings finally created finished creating the worlds and waited for the prophecy to commence.

Later, several eons have passed and the prophecy

has finally begun. The special beings that will save the dimensional plain of reality will rise and become the heroes they were born to be.

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