A whole Lot of Thoughts: by my father

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my father is one to write as he goes from day to day. creating little things he would like to share so I am here to pass them along so you may enjoy them as well. some are short stories an some are poems or rhythms

Adventure / Fantasy
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In The Wind

I Call This Poem “In The Wind”:

I went outside to stand in the wind.

And to feel the sun on my face again.

Oh how the wind blows the leaves all around.

I try to catch them, before they touch the ground.

The black crows they soar ’up into the sky.

Some soar low and some soar high.

Now and again there comes a big gust.

There are some that are clean.

And some swirl with dust.

Then I’ll just sit and gather leaves instead.

Then later I’ll rake them up, to make me a bed.

To bury my legs and my arms in deep.

While I enjoy the warm sun, as I fall asleep.

I love it when there are days like these.

If only I could have them whenever I please.j

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