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Beyond the Salish Sea

By ambidextrious_witch All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Adventure


For Q and Barney- From a girl you probably don’t remember, but will always love you regardless.

The sea is a grand world surrounding our own, mostly untouched and unseen unless you’re lucky enough to be one of its inhabitance. Most people would describe it in various shades of blue, but there’s so much more to it than that. Colorful corals in warm waters, undersea gardens of kelpy greens, luminous critters that spend their lives drifting with the waves. Deep sea, Red sea, no matter how it’s cut or divided it’s always strikingly beautiful and filled to the brim with life.

The Salish Sea is considered the crown of the Pacific Northwest, a beautiful little jewel in that crown is the Puget Sound. My home. Just beneath the surface, anemones’ lie in bright bundles of pinks and oranges and greens, pulling everything in with their sticky little fingers that dance in the current. My family and I play in magnificent forests of bulb kelp, gleaming in the sunlit. This world, my home, is something special.

Unfortunately, some people can’t just leave well enough alone. They see that beauty, the ocean’s beauty, and they have to take it for themselves. Savages. I’ve heard stories, horrible stories, from those who migrate around the world and have just barely made it home again. The land-dwellers here have always been kind. I thought they had learned, but apparently not.

I’m swimming. I’m very fast and naturally very good at it, but they have experience dealing with my kind before. They do not falter, not even for a second. They’ve already caught my mother, my father, all my brothers and sisters. Swimming away is reckless. I know they’re just going catch me in the end, but I cannot give up without a fight.

I am cut by something sharp. A metal object the savages have shot me with. They use this opportunity and proceed to catch me. It is less dark above the waves, but their boat has bright, blinding lights and it is still impossible to see. There are three dark figures beyond the light, laughing in triumph. Immediately, they begin to skin me, the painful and unnatural way, but I still transform regardless. I look more like them, but that doesn’t stop them from tossing me overboard and leaving me in the water to die.

There is still a small chance of survival, but why would I continue to fight after they’ve won.

I might as well die because they’ve already managed to take everything away from me.
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