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World War II. Everyone knows how it goes. It began with the invasion of Poland, September 1st 1939. Britain and France's declaration of war on Nazi Germany two days later began the rolling motion for duty, honour, and valour. "Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori."

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31st March 1939

I walked into the ballroom in the Palace of Versailles, as I am on the last leg of my Royal Engagement here in France. There were only a couple more days of my Royal Engagement until I have to leave on the 4th of April.

I was exploring the Palace of Versailles, and I just managed to stumble in an area that looks like it hasn’t been used in the last… five to ten years? No matter. I was just being a nerd here.

I looked around in the ballroom, to find a piano with the cover on it. The piano seat was there too, alongside its cover. I walked over and got the cover off. Dust was flying everywhere as I coughed. After a moment or two, I set the cover in the corner of the ballroom, somewhere out of the way. I also took the cover of the seat off and set where the piano cover was: in the corner of the room.

I head back to the piano and set it up.

It was a black grand piano, made with the finest wood that France has to offer. I keep thinking about how magnificent it was, as I continue to observe it. I then sat down, before lifting up the cover to the piano keys. I looked at the keys for a moment. I started to warm up on the piano, playing scales and whatnot. Truth be told, it has been a while since I have played the piano itself.

It was then I started to play a song that I have been holding off for a while: You Are The Reason. I then started singing at the right moment. Little did I realise that me playing the piano and singing would be echoed across the Palace, and the fact that I was, of course, deaf to all other things happening around me.

Once I finished the song, I heard clapping and I looked behind me. I smiled. Isabelle made her way to the piano.

“That was beautiful,” Isabelle told me.

“Thank you,” I said.

“I wonder who that song was directed to,” Isabelle said, with a teasing smile on her lips.

“I think you know who,” I replied, smirking.

“I have something to tell you,” She announced, as she made her way to sit next to me on the bench. I scoot over to make some room for her on the bench.

“What is it?” I asked, looking intrigued.

“I broke off the courtship with Philippe last month. It was a quiet ordeal, hence you never knew,” Isabelle told me. I stared at her, in shock.

“Really?” I asked as I fought off the need to smile. But, I failed and the smile broke through.

“Mhm. Would you want to pick up where we left off last month?” Isabelle continued. I just smiled, as Isabelle just gently grabbed my collar, and pulled me in. The moment our lips touched, my heart beats faster, as I wrap my arms around her.

We were both there, kissing until we were disturbed…Again.

We were really having an extremely good moment,’ I thought frustratingly, ’And it was a very much needed distraction from what’s going on in the world right now.

He cleared his throat and immediately, Isabelle and I broke away and turned to the newcomer to find it was Douglas, with a tugging smirk on his lips, and an amused expression. I glared at him, fist clenched.

“I apologise for interrupting, Your Highnesses, but I would like to inform Prince Alexander that Britain issued a statement guaranteeing Poland’s independence, meaning that if Germany invaded Poland then Britain would come to the aid of the Poles,” Douglas told me, as I looked extremely annoyed.

“Thank you, Douglas. Is that all?” I asked, looking ready to kill someone. Isabelle places her hand on my chest to calm me down, sensing my need to kill someone.

“Yes, sir, it is,” Douglas replied.

“You may leave,” I said, looking annoyed. He bowed and left, closing the door behind him. I then turned back to Isabelle, who was looking quite worried.

“It’s nothing for you to worry about, Isabelle,” I said, smiling, “Now, where were we?”

Isabelle laughed as I gently caress her face with my thumb.

“I think that is enough for now, Alex. I’m sure that you’ll be having something special ready for my birthday in just over two weeks,” Isabelle teased me. I chuckled.

“Of course I do. Any special date that relates to you, you can count on me to do something special for you,” I replied. Isabelle stood, straightened her skirt before looking at me.

“I’ll see you later, alright?”

I nodded and she gave me a peck on the lips, a peck that last long enough to tease me before leaving. I just watched her go, absolutely charmed. I sighed in content, smiling like a fool.

The rest of the day consists of me doing my work, and me thinking about the kiss that happened between Isabelle and I. I keep smiling whenever I think about it. Douglas noted my cheeriness, and I snapped at him about it.

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