HollowVile: Rise of Crossburn

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Prologue 2018 “Run child… don’t look back.” my mom said as the Phantom hands draged her into to Abyss. I was scared for my life. She looked at me and said, “I need you to go north to get to HollowVile, find the one they call the Mage and say your mother sent you there… it might be a long jorney but I know you can make it…” soon enough she was sucked into the void.

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Chapter1: HollowVile.. finally here

6 years later

Tweet! Tweet! Chirp! I awoke from in a small Motel by the lovely birds. I walked to the cashier and ave him 20 pieces of silver and a gold nugget (I had a lot of money passed down from my mother) and journeyed off again. “dang its soo hot today.. and the sun is not even out yet” I said. This was true.. I literally left at 4:30 in the morning expecting cool air. By midday I was on the top of a giant hill with a town up ahead and decided to head there for food. Once at the village entrance gasped “woah this is BIG for a town” I Mouthed. There were markets left right and center. The town square had a whole sword fighting session there. there were even houses as big as one story mansion. A young lady about my age with yellow hair and a star shape around her left eye came by and screamed, “welcome you must be new hear right?”. I smiled and said, “yeah. By the way… what is this town called?”. She joyfully said “It’s HollowVile. The home of many warriors.”. I was shocked... I whispered moderately, “so I’m finally here”. “huh, what do you mean?” she asked. I looked up at her “Six years ago my mom was dragged into the abyss" I explained. The girl was surprised “And told me to go north to HollowVile and find someone called The Mage-” before I continued she said “oh you mean Glin. He is the town defender.. the strongest warrior and only magic user for 10,000 miles of here. Just that…” “what” I said. “he does not like company.. luckily I’m one of his only friend c’mon I’ll take you too him” She continued. She got me to his cottage and knock on the Door. Opening it was a very young man about two years older than me opened it “Hi Glin!” she screamed “ughh. I was in the middle of a dragon slaying dream… what do you want Liz” he groaned. The Liz girl spotted my look and surprised me by saying, “you think he is young… he is really 216 years old” “uhhh what” I asked “never mind that… the reason I’m here is because my mother sent me” I continued “who might that be?” he asked “Mary-Ann Crossburn sir” I said. He gasped in Astonishment

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