Bonjour Paris

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Chapter 5

“This is the airport?” I asked incredulously, staring wide eyes at the busy air terminal. Next to me, blue luggage carts were lined up neatly against the window. Ticket lines for Delta and United roared in front of me. In the middle of the airport were separate lines for the kiosk check-in. Those lines weren’t as big.

“Which one are we going to?” Louise asked.

“United,” Hugo murmured, swiping on his phone.

“United?! As is-Boeing 737 United?!” Nina asked, humorous horror in her voice.

“Knock it off Nina,” Antony said teasingly.

“Yeah. We wouldn’t want to scare Adrienne on her first flight,” Jeremy added.

“Enough teasing her guys. You’ll make her scared!“Charlie scolded. I smiled. I was glad Charlie was my friend.

“What’s Boeing 737?” I asked quietly, toying with my key-chain. Hugo frowned.

“Something I’d rather you not know before we take off,” he grumbled, glaring at the others. They all just whistled and gazed at their shoes.

“It’s a plane company which has been having plane crashes,” Jeremy said quickly, jumping away with a laugh when Hugo swatted at him.

“Alright, enough now. Let’s get in line for the kiosk to get our passports,” Mrs. Morano chided. We all nodded, grabbing our bags and following her to a miraculously empty kiosk.

“How is this one empty?” I asked.

“Usually they’re filled, but I guess nobody needed to go here,” Mrs. Morano said. She typed a few things on the computer and our names popped up on the screen.

“Or maybe it wasn’t working,” Antony grumbled.

“Alright. I’ll go first then you can” she said, clicking her name.

“What does she mean?” I whispered to Nina.

“She has to scan her passport then check if all the personal info is correct,” Nina explained

“Oh,” I murmured. After a few moments, there was a sharp buzz of rejection.

“Huh?” Mrs. Morano questioned, looking intently at the name screen.

“What is it?” Hugo asked, walking over.

“Yeah. What happened?” Antony asked, dropping his bag to go stand on Mrs. Morano’s left side.

“It’s not working. I pressed continue and it brought me back to the home screen, saying something was wrong,” she said.

“Try again,” Louise offered. Mrs. Morano nodded and pressed her name and scanned the passport. Again after clicking continue, it brought her back to the main page with our names.

“What?” Lucas asked.

“What is wrong with this?” Jeremy asked, tapping the top of the kiosk.

“Hm,” I hummed. “Who’s name is first on the list?”

“Uh...Yours-why?” Antony asked.

“Maybe it’s in alphabetical order,” I suggested, moving closer. Mrs. Morano stepped aside and let me face the annoying kiosk.

“Okay...let’s see,” I mumbled, vaguely feeling Hugo’s warmth behind me. My face flamed.

“Tap your name and scan passport,” I murmured, reading the screen. I tapped my name and glanced at my passport, wondering what to do.

“Open to the page with your picture and scan it,” Hugo directed from behind me, his breath fanning my neck. I nodded numbly, opening to my picture page and scanning it face down.

“Yo! PDA!” Jeremy yelled. I blushed.

“Look who’s talking!” Hugo called back, making no attempt to move away from me. I bit my lip and glanced up at the screen. It buzzed green, and my information came up on the page.

“Now what?” I asked.

“Now you make sure that the information is correct. If it isn’t, you just tap on it and fix it,” Hugo explained. I nodded, studying the page.

“Age: Eighteen. Gender: Female. Height: 5′2. Name: Adrienne Emma Agosto. Relatives: Mom-Madeline Agosto, Father-Gavin Agosto, Sibling(s)- Adrien Louis Agosto”. I felt my eyes water as I read my family’s name list, but I brushed my eyes forcefully. ” Birthday: 4/15/01. Flight: Newark to Paris. Ten o’clock flight”.

“That’s correct,” Hugo mumbled.

“Okay. Continue,” I said, clicking the green button. I returned to the main page, this time with only eight names.

“What happened?” Mrs. Morano asked.

“I think we had to go in alphabetical order,” Lucas explained.

“Then...Hugo’s next,” Louise figured out.

“Okay,” Hugo said, shrugging. I moved back to let him have his turn.

“You can look if you want Adrienne. I don’t mind,” Hugo said, turning to me.

“You sure? I mean, it’s your stuff and...”

“I saw yours, so it doesn’t matter if you see mine,” he said. Slowly, I walked forward to stand next to him. I heard a couple of ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’, but I ignored it.

“We’d better do this quickly. We have to reach gate 67 by 9:30,” Mrs. Morano puttered.

“Okay, let’s see” Hugo said, tapping his name and scanning his passport.

“Age: Eighteen. Gender: Male. Height: 5′8. Name: Hugo Dimitri Hamilton. Relatives: Mom-Adora Hamilton. Dad-William Hamilton. Sibling(s)-Emily Hamilton, Luke Hamilton. Birthday: 1/1/01. Flight: Newark to Paris”. Hugo nodded and clicked to continue button, which led him back to the main screen, excluding both our names.

“You guys can go. It was in alphabetical order.” Hugo said.

“Well then, who’s next?” Jeremy asked haughtily. I raised my eyebrow.

“ are,” Jeremy went red and faltered as we all laughed at his stupidity.

“Right,” he muttered. Soon, we had all taken our turns and stood in line for the United check-in and had gotten our tickets from the kiosk, which Mrs. Morano immediately took so that we didn’t lose them. I stood behind Hugo, who was only inches from Mrs. Morano’s back.

“Are you nervous?” Louise asked from behind me. I nodded.

“A little. I mean, I don’t even know who I’m sitting next to. It could be any random stranger!” I chattered nervously.

“But didn’t Mrs. Morano say we’d have to sit with our bus buddy?” Jeremy asked.

“Yeah, but our boarding tickets tell a different story,” Antony explained.

“So we sit next to the person on our boarding slip?” Lucas asked. Hugo shrugged.

“Kinda. When we get to the waiting area we’ll discuss that,” he glanced at his watch. “If we get there in time,” he mumbled under his breath. I put my hand placatingly on his shoulder and he smiled at me. That only increased the butterflies in my stomach, knowing how tightly fit Hugo’s shirt’s were on him.

“Next!” a lady’s voice called, snapping me out of my short trance. We all moved forward.

“Hm. Big family we’ve got here,” she said happily, taking our tickets and passports.

“Oh, we’re not a family. We’re going on a class trip,” Mrs. Morano corrected hastily.

“Wonderful! Wish I could go to France,” the lady chirped, examining our passports.

“Alright. I’m gonna call your names. All you have to do is stand in front so I can see your face. All carry on bags, right? No large luggage’s?” she asked. We shook our heads.

“Wonderful. Adrienne Agosto”? I walked forward and she smiled at me, handing me my passport and boarding ticket.

“Here you go Adrienne. Such a lovely young lady,” she said, smiling. I blushed and mumbled a small thank you, though I could’ve sworn I saw Hugo’s jaw twitch.

“Next, Hugo Hamil...ton?” She said, pausing as she glanced at Hugo. She must’ve recognized him from Broadway. Hugo was one of the actors there, thus proving that my love was hopeless.

“Um...right. Here you go,” she said quickly, handing him his passport and ticket. He nodded, not giving her a second chance before turning to smile at me. I was pretty sure I saw the lady glare at me. So much for a ‘lovely young lady’.

“Hugo, you and Adrienne go wait by the trolley cart for the rest of us so we don’t hold the line,” Mrs. Morano said. I nodded, grabbing my bags and following Hugo to the trolleys.

“What isle are you sitting in?” Hugo asked, his voice hard. I raised an eyebrow.

“You okay Hugo?” I asked. Hadn’t he just been smiling and laughing with us a couple of minutes ago?

“Yes,” He replied gruffly.

“Seriously? Hugo, you’re just as bad as a liar as I am,” I scoffed. Hugo sighed.

“I just didn’t like the way the woman glared at you,” he admitted.

“I bet she just had a crush on you,” I said.

“You do realize she’s way older than me? Right?” He asked. I nodded, laughing.

“Yeah”, I said softly.

“Anyway, I’m in isle twenty-eight, seat A. You”? Hugo asked, quickly changing the topic. I glanced at my ticket.

“Isle twenty-eight. Seat B” I mentioned,.

“Oh. You’re right next to me” Hugo said. I frowned. I must be boring him a lot.

“Sorry. I’ll just switch with Nina or Jeremy,” I mumbled.

“No”! Hugo said quickly, grabbing my hand. My head shot up to meet his, our eyes sparkling.

“I’m not annoyed Adrienne! In fact, I’m really excited. I’ll be able to talk to you more,” he exclaimed. I nodded and smiled, glad my crush didn’t hate me. Soon, Jeremy and Louise jogged over to us.

“Man that lady was glaring at us the rest of the time,” Jeremy said. I snorted.

“Why?” I asked.

“I don’t know. Crush on the famous Hugo Hamilton, is my guess,” Louise teased. Charlie and Lucas joined us next.

“That’s gross! Hugo’s eighteen, and this lady’s like...thirty!” Charlie exclaimed.

“That’s not that old,” Lucas murmured. Hugo made a strangled sound in the back of his throat.

“I’m good, thanks,” he decided as we all burst out laughing. I felt a tap on my shoulder, and saw Nina standing there.

“What did I miss?” She asked.

“Nothing. Just shipping Hugo wit someone twelve years older than him,” I managed to say between lisps of laughter. Nina giggled.

“Ha ha so funny,” Hugo deadpanned. Antony, who joined us, began laughing as well, his gaze setting on Louise as he stopped. I frowned. Why did Louise suddenly blush? I glanced at Hugo and noticed that he saw it as well, as he nodded at me.

“Did you see that?” Charlie asked, her voice deep and suspicious. Apparently, she had noticed too.

“Yeah. Did I miss something?” I asked rhetorically. She shrugged.

“I think we all did,” she muttered.

“What seat did you get?” Lucas asked.

“Isle twenty-eight. Seat B,” I repeated.

“She’s right next to me. I’m seat A” Hugo said, coming to join us into the groups that we split into.

“I’m same isle, seat C.” Charlie said.

“Seat D” Lucas added.

“Looks like it’ll be perfect to talk what we just saw,” Hugo murmured, motioning to Louise and Antony. They stood right next to each other, hands brushing occasionally.

“Alright, let’s begin going to the security check-point” Mrs. Morano announced. Then, she mumbled to herself, “If I could figure out where it is.”

“Oh! It’s past the bathrooms! To the right!” Lucas said quickly.

“Excellent! We’ll be able to take a small bathroom break before going,” Mrs. Morano said. She glanced at her watch. “We have about thirty minutes.”

“Great! Let’s go”! I said, enthusiastically, even as the pit of dread grew deeper in my stomach.

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