Bonjour Paris

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Chapter 8

Only a few minutes left...

“Are you sure you’re alright Adrienne?” Hugo asked for the fifth time that day, taking his earbuds out again. I took a shaky breath and nodded.

“Yeah, just a bit nervous I guess,” I mumbled. Hugo squeezed my hand.

“You’ll be fine, I promise. Look, I’m right here if anything happens. Charlie and Lucas are too. Nothing will happen, okay?” He assured. I gulped and nodded, blushing under the warmth of his fingertips. He smiled and put his earbuds on, continuing his movie. Charlie nudged me.

“Don’t think I didn’t hear that,” She said, smirking. I blushed.

“Relax Adrienne. This shows that you actually have a chance with freaking Broadway star Hugo Hamilton!” Charlie hissed. I flushed deeper and nodded.

“I guess,” I said, though I didn’t totally believe her.

“After dinner, Lucas and I agreed to talk about Louise and Antony,” Charlie said, her face growing solemn. I frowned and nodded.

“I just don’t get it. How could we be in this mix up?! I mean, has this all been a joke to Antony?” I exclaimed. Charlie raised her eyebrow.

“What do you mean?” She asked.

“These past few days, I actually thought that Antony was genuinely interested in Nina.” My heart panged. “He’ll break her heart.”

“We’ll figure this out Adrienne,” Charlie assured. I nodded and turned to my screen, pressing the Lion King. As the intro song began to play, my screen went black and I pulled my earbuds out.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, we will now be preparing for takeoff. Please make sure that all electronic devices are turned off and put away until we are at a reasonable altitude. Seat belts are to be buckled tightly and seats upright during takeoff. Thank you.” The pilot announced, his voice laced with static. He repeated his sentence in French, and while he did so, Lucas fixed his seat and Hugo shut his phone off as the stewardess walked down our isle.

“Look! We’re moving!” I exclaimed softly, leaning on Hugo’s arm to look out the window. I felt him move his arm and wrap it around my shoulders, giving me a more comfortable position. The plane jolted, and suddenly, we were no longer standing in place. We were moving.

“It’s like a car,” I squealed, sounding like an excited child. Hugo laughed.

“Yes! It is,” He said. I watched as we lined up with the runway slowly.

“Ready Adrienne>” Hugo asked, helping me sit back in my seat. I nodded, gripping his hand. Charlie took my right hand, holding it and looking at me.

“Ready? Say ‘By America’,” she said.

“By America” I whispered as the plane picked up speed. I felt gravity push me back in my seat and Charlie and Hugo hold my hands tightly. I looked out the window, feeling lightheaded by the sudden change of atmosphere. It felt like the plane was pushing to get up, and slowly, it finally went from upright to straight. I breathed a sigh of relief.

“See, you did it!” Hugo cheered, releasing his tight grip from my hand to a loose one. I sighed happily.

“Congrats Adrienne” Lucas said absentmindedly, watching what I think was Jumanji.

“Now what”? I asked.

“Now you can watch what you want on the screen until dinner. Or take a nap,” Hugo listed. I put the earbuds in my ears as the cabin lights dimmed. I felt my heart jump as the plane moved suddenly. I glanced at Hugo, who was watching Wreck it Ralph 2. I tapped him.

“Hm?” He asked, taking his earbuds out. I flushed, feeling bad for always disturbing him.

“Um-do, uh, why did they turn the lights off?” I asked.

“It’ll be night soon, so some people like to get some shut eye,” Hugo said patiently. I frowned.

“Night? But it was just morning.”

“Not in France. It should be dark in an hour or two,” Hugo explained, closing his window.

“Oh, thanks. And,um, sorry for asking you questions repeatedly,” I apologized, flushing. Hugo smiled and squeezed my hand again.

“I’m not bothered by it Adrienne. I’ll answer as many questions as you need until you feel safe,” He said. I opened my mouth to reply, but my heart was lodged in my windpipe. Hugo chuckled and returned to his movie, leaving me paralyzed as I leaned back in my seat, trying to focus on Simba and Mufasa. It didn’t work.

About an hour and two Lion King’s later, I tapped Hugo and asked him to open the window a crack. I glanced underneath, surprised to find it dark.

“Told ya,” Hugo said smugly, putting his earbuds away in the seat in front of him.

“They should be passing out dinner soon,” Charlie mumbled, stuffing her earbuds in her pillow.

“Already?” I asked, but my stomach growled.

“Well, we did eat breakfast at like, five,” Lucas said, letting his earbuds fall on his lap.

“Hey look. They’re passing out drinks,” Charlie called. I half-stood from my seat to look ahead at the grey carts rolling up and down the isles.

“They always start with first class,” Hugo explained. Charlie hummed.

“They always do.” She grumbled. She glanced at her screen, where the main characters were sharing a kiss. She grinned, turning towards me.

“Adrienne, out of curiosity, have you ever kissed anyone?” Charlie asked.

“No?” I drawled, a bit confused at her question. “Why?”

“No reason,” She said, but her eyes were darting behind me. I glanced, only to see Hugo tapping furiously at his screen, his face quite red. I giggled.

“What’s so funny?” He asked.

“Nothing really. Just the fact that you’re face is so red,” I said, chortling. He tapped my back to keep me from choking, before laughing himself. Lucas looked above the seat in front of him, smiling.

“Drinks! Get ready!” He warned.

“Good evening. Would you like any drinks?” The lady asked, her eyes darting from Lucas, to Hugo, to our intertwined hands. Her eye twitched, yet she forced a smile. I glanced at Hugo, who smirked and held my hand tighter. I resisted the urge to laugh. He knew what he was doing, and was doing in purposefully, just to irritate the lady’s last nerve.

“Yes. I’d like Coca Cola. Charlie?” Lucas asked.

“I’d like some Sprite,” Charlie ordered.

“Can I have some water?” Hugo asked. The lady smiled brightly at him and handed him the cup, her fingers lingering on the plastic for only a second before Hugo snatched the cup.

“That all?” She asked, purposefully ignoring me.

“What about you Adrienne?” Charlie asked, catching on to Hugo’s game.

“Water-please?” I squeaked. She nodded, thrusting the cup quickly at me, so some spilled on my shirt and jeans.

“Oh! I’m so sorry!” She said, slowly handing me some napkins.


“It’s okay!” Hugo assured, a bit roughly. The lady nodded and turned to our teacher and other friends in the next row.

“The nerve some people have,” Lucas exclaimed. Charlie grabbed a few napkins and helped me wipe my jeans while Hugo wiped my top. I felt his fingers brush against my collarbone, lingering there before moving down my neck.

“Somebody’s being touchy,” Charlie muttered softly, snickering. I shoved her.

“Ouch! Geez girl,” She said, though she winked at me, as Hugo took longer to wipe that Charlie and I combined.

“Done?” Lucas asked, gesturing to us. I felt my face burn and the cold, damp napkin was quickly snatched from my neck.

“Yep,” Hugo said quickly. He turned his head towards the window. Charlie and Lucas put their earbuds back in.

“Tap me when they begin bringing food,” Charlie said. I nodded, turning back to my incredibly upset crush.

“Hugo?” I put my hand on his stiff shoulder, something that always happened whenever he was upset. “You okay”?

“No, not really,” he said, turning around to face me. His warm hand touched my cold one, and I was surprised he didn’t flinch. I was known for having cold hands.

“Then what is it?” I asked softly, for there was a baby sleeping behind us.

“That woman had some nerve to spill that water purposely on you. Right in front of me! What did she think I was going to do, compliment her for wrecking my lo-friend’s shirt and jeans?” He nearly shouted. I shrugged.

“It’s okay Hugo-!”

“No Adrienne. It isn’t! That wasn’t right, nor fair,” Hugo said, raking his hand through his hair.

“It’s just some clothes. I can buy new ones,” I assured, trying to placate him.

“Still...” He sighed. I realized that negotiating with him wouldn’t work. I glanced at my discarded earbuds.

“How about we watch Lion King together?” I suggested. He smiled and I felt my heart rate increase.

“Sure” he said softly. I smiled and used an extra napkin to wipe one part of the earpiece so he could use it. As I clicked the movie again, I wondered if I’d have my own “Can you feel the Love tonight” with Hugo.

“That was amazing!” Hugo exclaimed, about an hour later. I smiled, taking the earbuds and stuffing them into my seat pocket.

“Right? How long has it been since you watched it?” I asked. Hugo shrugged sheepishly.

“Actually, that was my first time,” he mumbled. My eyes bugged out of my head.

“Really?” I asked, astonished. He nodded.

“What did you think of it?” I questioned just as a beep sounded through the cabin.

“Ladies and Gentlemen,” The pilot spoke “The seat belt sign has now been turned off. You are free to move about the cabin.”

“I gotta use the restroom. If the dinner comes, say pasta for me,” Lucas said. Charlie gave him a thumbs up while putting her tray table down.

“Do you have to go?” Hugo asked. I shook my head.

“Neither do I,” He paused. “You know, one day I hope to have a romantic life like Simba and Nala.”

“Really? Me too,” I agreed. His eyes lit up.

“Maybe it can happen one day,” I said, watching his hand inch closer to mine.

“Maybe” he murmured.

“Look! The food is coming!” Charlie practically drooled. I glanced up again, only to see the same lady from the water accident with our food cart.

“Just our luck,” Hugo grumbled, cursing under his breath. I felt the warmth from his fingers leave, and I internally whined at the loss of warmth.

I turned to get ready for another glaring war with the lady, who’s name tag I think read: AMELIA. It was a nice name.

The cart began to reach our isle, and Hugo quickly wrapped his arms around me. I felt my face burn as it was pushed in his chest. His arms radiated warmth on my thin white blouse. I gripped his blue shirt to help myself up. Our tangled limbs pretty much looked like a scene in a movie where the actor and actress are in a loving/terrified moment. I pushed those thoughts away as I stared into his blue eyes.

“Uh-!” I couldn’t find the words to ask why he did that. Why not grab Charlie? Or pretend to be sleeping? Why me?

“I don’t want that lady acting all snooty again,” Hugo explained, his ears tipped pink. I nodded dumbly, lowering my head back onto his chest. Amelia sneered as she reached out isle. Charlie nudged me.

“I hate this woman,” she growled, her eyes running over my current state. She snickered, slowly taking a picture. Lucas jumped back into his seat as the camera flashed.

“Charlotte!” I hissed. Charlie smirked, turning her head to the sound of squeaky cart wheels.

“Would you like anything to eat?” Amelia asked, her voice clipped as she ran her eyes over Hugo and I. I flinched at her hostile look.

“What do you have?” Lucas asked, barely able to control his smile. Charlie gripped her seat to keep from laughing while Hugo kept from laughing by turning his head towards the window.

“Pasta or chicken” she listed.

“I’ll have pasta,” Lucas said.

“I’ll have the chicken. Hugo? Adrienne?” Charlie asked, taking her food tray.

“Same!” Hugo and I said simultaneously. We blushed.

“Of course,” Amelia said, handing us our trays. She tried to tip mine as I took it, but Charlie grabbed it quickly, preventing the covered food from spilling onto my clothes.

“Sorry,” Amelia said forcibly. I smiled.

“It’s okay,” I said, opening my table and setting the large tray on it. I heard a low growl from my left.

“We should try to catch some sleep too,” Lucas said, opening his tin foil box to eat his pasta. It looked like there was ricotta cheese and spinach underneath the strips of pasta. Charlie ripped her tin foil away, quickly scooping up some rice and chicken to eat.

“Are they eating?” Hugo asked. Lucas twisted his head to catch a glimpse of the opposing isle.

“Currently, Jeremy and Antony are. Louise I guess isn’t hungry and Nina and Mrs. Morano are sleeping,” he counted. Hugo nodded, opening his food.

“Now, about the whole ‘Antony Louise’ gig,” Charlie began. I opened the small salad cup, glancing at her from the corner of my eye.

“What do those two think they’re doing? Cheating?” She asked.

“I dunno. I mean, Antony isn’t dating anyone,” Hugo spoke quietly.

“But Louise is. Jeremy. And Louise isn’t the type to cheat,” Charlie said.

“Maybe they’re just planning a surprise or something,” I suggested.

“Yeah right. Who plans surprises for their significant other while holding hands and sending secret messages through their eyes, hm?” Charlie asked, roughly shoving some food into her mouth.

“That’s...true,” I admitted, gulping some water.

“Are you really positive that they’re cheating?” Hugo asked cautiously. Charlie glared at him.

“Of course! Why not?”

“I dunno. It just isn’t that type of scenario which I would picture them two cheating,” Hugo said.

“Well I think they are, don’t you Adrienne?” Charlie asked.

“I...guess. I’m kinda starting to believe you” I said, opening my food pack.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right,” Hugo admitted.

“So, what do we do about it?” Charlie asked. I swallowed some food and turned to her.

“Nothing, for now. Until we have proof,” I said. My throat abruptly began to itch with the second spoonful and I gulped some water down. My stomach churned.

“I’m gonna use the bathroom” I said forcefully, standing up and wobbling to the bathroom. I wiggled my jeans down and sat for a few moments, before getting up and washing my face. Suddenly, I felt bile rise up in my throat. I bent quickly in the cramped bathroom sink and let my burning spit flow slowly into the sink, along with some pieces of my food. I rinsed my mouth and face before going back to my seat. Charlie and Lucas were watching Jumanji together and Hugo was looking through a magazine. He glanced up at me as I sat.

“You okay?” He asked. I nodded. I didn’t want to tell him about the vomit incident.

“Are you sure Adrienne? You look pale,” He asked, concern laced in his voice.

“I’m fine!” I snapped, instantly regretting it. “I’m sorry Hugo. I’m just so-ugh- tired!”

“It’s alright Adrienne” Hugo said, pulling me closer to him. I suddenly smelled ice cream. Vanilla. My stomach churned and I felt heat and sweat pressing against my body. I quickly put a hand to my mouth as my eyes widened.

“Adrienne?!” Hugo asked, panic in his voice. He roughly shoved Charlie as I jolted, nausea coming over me.

“What?” Charlie snapped. She glared at Hugo, before looking at me.

“Oh my God! Adrienne!” She exclaimed. Lucas quickly took a bag out of his pouch and handed it to Charlie. She held it in front of my mouth while Hugo held my hair back. I pushed my face into the bag and, well-threw up.

My body got heat flash after heat flash with each wave of vomit. Charlie grabbed another bag while Lucas went in the back to get some more. Hugo held my hair and rubbed my back.

“I-ca-n-’t brea-th!” I choked, vomiting again. After some time, I was able to swallow my extra nausea, leaning back on my chair tiredly. I sniffled, trying to get all the food pieces out of my nose.

“Feeling better?” Hugo asked, stroking my hair. I nodded.

“A bit. But I usually vomit like, eight times before finally stopping,” I said.

“Let’s hope that doesn’t happen,” Lucas joked, looking away wearily.

It did.

Right after throwing up I drank some water...and threw up five seconds later.

I tried eating some rice-still threw up.

Ice cream? Forget it. Still threw up.

By the eighth time I was so drained from energy I couldn’t move. Hugo and Charlie had somehow managed to stay awake. Lucas slept after my third wave.

“Alright. That was the last wave...hopefully,” Charlie sighed, leaning back in her seat.

“Sorry. I know you wanted to sleep,” I said, glancing at the arrival hours. We had two left.

“It’s no problem Adrienne. You nearly gave me a heart attack though,” Hugo said. I leaned-without blushing-onto his shoulder. I felt his arm wrap around my shoulders, making our position more comfortable.

“You should sleep now,” he whispered, throwing the brown blanket over us. It was very cuddly, what with Hugo’s body warmth already radiating off of him.

“I can’t, I said, though a yawn escaped my lips. He chuckled.

“Right,” he drawled. Charlie coughed.

“I’ll just take a picture and sleep too,” she said, snapping a picture and rolling over to cuddle with Lucas.

“Sleep,” Hugo instructed again, resting his head on top of mine. My eyelids began to droop.

And finally, after an agitating two hours of vomiting and vomit in my nose, I fell asleep.

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