The Hidden Truth (Book 1 of The Hidden Truth Series)

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I wake up or so I thought. Nope instead my dream self-wakes up not my real self and I start to wander around. That is until I see something in the distance. I walk over to it and once I get closer I can see that it somewhat resembles Shayne. It wasn’t until I heard his voice when I confirmed it was.

“Alice! Oh god Alice! Please wake up!”

He is sitting there on the ground cradling me looking around for anything that can help. I can’t help but follow his gazes. Nothing, all there is trees and more trees.

“Somebody help! Please someone help her!”

He is just staring at me. Probably wondering why this keeps happening. He ends up giving me a small smile while brushing my cheek with his hands. My hand immediately travels to my cheek. I felt that. This is like one of those near death experiences where I watch everything that goes on around my body and learn something that will help me in time. I really hope it is something good. He picks me up bridal style and walks around to see if there is anything that can help.

I follow to wherever he is going. Its not like he is going to run into whatever he is looking for. There is nothing here that will help us. He just has to let me wake up on my own. After what feels like forever he sees a small lake up ahead. Walking, more like running, we end up at the lake in no time. He places me down on a log grabbing something out of his bag and then heading to the lake.

I take this chance to go over to my body and examine it. Nothing looks physical wrong with me besides being surround by dirt. Why is this happening to me? I try to put myself back inside my body like I see spirits do in movies except it doesn’t work. Frustrated I let out a scream of course no one hears anything or so I thought. I turn back towards Shayne who was dipping a towel in the lake most likely to put that on my head. I walk over to him and accidentally step on a twig cracking it in half. Shayne must have heard that because he looks around, however, since he doesn’t see anything he goes back to what he was doing.

“I’m going crazy.”

He says to himself since he thinks no one is around besides and unconscious me on a log. Once he feels the towel is soaked enough he walks over to me and just like I assumed puts the towel on my forehead. I feel the cold rag on my forehead now and shiver a little because of the cold, which in return makes my body stir. Shayne sighs in contempt as if that little stir helped him to know that I am still alive just unconscious. Every now and then he would go back to the lake to re-wet the towel. I would follow him, but this time I decided to stay back with my body. I just admire it lying there. My pale skin slightly covered in dirt. My long brown hair tied in a messy bun. On the outside I look normal however on the inside I know that is not that case. Something is different about me and I’m going to find out what if it’s the last thing I do. Shayne looks up as if he hears something again and looks around. Obviously believing he heard something this time he calls out.

“Hello is anyone here?”

Nothing. No movement anywhere. I even looked around. Shaking his head he looks back in the water. Except this time something must have startled him in the lake for his head whipped back around making him fall to the lake. Seeing what happened I end up yelling his name and running to him.


He must have heard it because he stopped whatever he was doing and ran over to my body hoping that it was I who called him and that I am now awake. I shake my head at him sad that it was me that he heard but at the same time it wasn’t me.


That time it wasn’t me. He keeps turning around, to see if there is anyone else here besides us, and just like always he finds no one. Who is called his name? It wasn’t me I know that for sure. Lost in thought of whom that could be I didn’t even realize Shayne walking away. I decided to follow him, but stay a little farther behind. I look back towards my body. I’m sure I’ll be fine and continued to follow Shayne. The more we walked the louder the voice got.


Still no one in sight. We keep walking and I can tell that Shayne is getting annoyed. I can’t help but feel bad. He is only in this position because of me and I keep passing out on him like some kind of diseased person. The voice ends up speaking again, but Shayne doesn’t let it leave like last time without saying something in return.

“Bring her to me Shayne. She is mine”

“Who is there?”

“She needs my help Shayne only I can save her”

“What's wrong with her?”

“Only she can tell…however, if you bring her to me I can show you.”

“Who are you?”

“Her only chance of survival. Bring her to me.”

“Are you her mom?”

I froze at what came out of his mouth. Scared of hearing what the voice had to say, but at the same time hoping that it was my mother. Nothing. There is no answer back. Shaking my head at the disappointment I turn back around to walk to my body when I feel a tug. It must be my body trying to wake up. I run back over to my body and try the whole spirit reentering the body thing from movies. This time however it works.

At the same time once I enter my body everything that just happened was a blur and I don’t remember much. Which explained the inner freak out when I didn’t see Shayne upon waking up. Although I do see him running over to me as if sensing I woke up. I immediately open my arms for him to run into them hugging me.

“I thought you left me all alone.”

I whisper to him and reply that he would never leave me. We stayed in this position for a while both afraid to let the other go because we both don’t know what will happen next. Shayne is the first to slightly pull away. His hands rest on my waist and his eyes are looking into my eyes. His eyebrows furrow together, but he just shakes his head at me and asks me how I’m feeling.

Honestly I’m feeling a whole lot better than before, but I still have this empty feeling of not having the answers to my question such as the one Shayne just asked.

“Why did you pass out?”

I look at him slowly shaking my head. Thinking about it I don't know why I passed out.

“Honestly I don't know Shayne, but it has been happening a lot. I mean I feel this sharp pain inside of me and then next thing I know it's dark.”

“Wow, anything else?”

“Well, sometimes I have these visions I think they are like warnings of the future. I don't know. I sound crazy.”

“No you don’t. If anyone is crazy it's me I mean I swear I keep seeing someone here but there is no one there.”

Shayne says while looking around as if he sees someone. I don't think he is crazy honestly. Not only did I basically follow him as a spirit, but I also been having this feeling that someone has been following us, but I didn't want to say anything and have Shayne scared. Looking at him I smile and take his hand in mine.

“You’re not crazy. Not even close.”

I tell him and he smiles and closes the gap between our hands. Looking down at our hands I feel this tingly feeling all throughout my body. Starting from my fingertips all the way through to my toes. Looking up I meet his eyes. They show so much yet hide what he is feeling at the moment. His gaze is so intense I have to look down which makes my hair fall in front of my face. I feel his gaze still on me but then I see his hand leave mine and move the piece of hair out of my face.

“You know Als you are really beautiful.”

“Oh really thank you?”

I say in more of a questioning fashion. He cocks an eyebrow up and gives me a questioning look. I just give him a small smile while looking into his eyes. I can tell he is having an inner battle with himself. It's now my turn to give him a questioning look.

“Shayne are you okay?”

“Yea I was just thinking.”


“Nothing it's not important.”

He says and looks away from me. Weird. I see the lake that is not too far from us I decided to go over there and wash up. When I stand up, however, I feel the sharp pain again. Grabbing both my sides I yell and another sharp pain coursed through me. Shayne immediately gets up and is at my side.

“Alice is it happening again?”

It hurts too much to talk so I just nod. I feel Shayne tense and not knowing what to do. I end up falling to my knees and clutching my head. There are voices in my head and they won't stop I can’t take it anymore. This one is lasting longer than the others.

“Alice just let go. Fall into the unconsciousness. Stop fighting it.”

“Who are you? Why are you in my head?!”

“Come to me Alice I will make this all go away. Bring yourself to me.”

“No! Show yourself!”

“Alice think about what you are asking for.”

“Just get out! Get out of my head!”

I scream and I hear Shayne telling me to stay calm and that he is here. I feel my body shaking in his arms. The heat is coursing through my veins and radiating off my body. I feel this power I have never felt before. It's all too much. I can't handle it.

“Let it go Alice!”


I scream and that’s it. The pain went away and I didn't pass out. I remove my hands from my head and slightly look up. Everything is fine! I feel normal the pain is gone.

“Shayne it’s gone the pain it's gone!”

I turn to where Shayne was and he is no longer there. Instead he is lying against a tree.


Immediately I run to him. Grabbing his head I see he hit it on the tree and it is now bleeding. No Shayne don't do this. Don't, you can't die on me not now, not ever. I need you please wake up. I feel him stir in my arms and slowly open his eyes.


“Oh Shayne you’re okay. What happened?”

I ask while he sits up touching his bleeding head. I get up and grab the wet towel that was on my head when I woke up and used it to help clean his wound. Removing his hands I slowly dabbed the wound to clean it up.

“I don't know. All I know is I was holding you in my arms listening to you have a mental argument with yourself next thing I know this flash of light came from you and I went flying.”

“Really? What caused that light?”

“Perhaps I can answer that.”

We hear a voice say and immediately turn around to the source. There standing not too far away from us in the lake is a lady. Her hair is golden blonde and she has pale skin. Her eyes are this bright red color and her outfit screams danger. I could barely make out her facial features, besides her eyes since they glowed, because she has this deep blood red colored cape around her body. Looking at Shayne and I see his face has become pale and I immediately think it's because of the wound. That is until I see that he is looking straight at this lady. Does he know her? Turning my attention back at the lady I decided to ask her.

“Who are you?”

“Why Estrella you don't remember me?”

I shake my head and she laughs while taking a few steps forward. After she says that I start to get little visions of a lady we passed in the elevator with the same hair color. The one who knew Shayne’s name. I wonder if this is her?

“Why dear I’m Guinevere. I’m your Aunt.”

“My aunt?”

“Why yes on your father’s side. It’s been so long Estrella.”

“It’s Alice.”

I correct her and she just laughs then turns her gaze towards Shayne. Just like the elevator she stares at him as if not believing he is really there. Her look is also of concern, but she quickly shakes that off and turns back towards me. She gives a scary smile. What was that about?

“What's wrong with your boyfriend?”

“Shayne isn't my boyfriend. He hit his head on a tree because of that glowing light.”

“Well that’s unfortunate. It’s nice to see you again Shayne."

See you again? I turn to Shayne and give him a questioning look. He met her? He met my aunt and didn't tell me! How could he? Unless he didn't know? No he had to have known! Shayne slowly stands up, but slightly falls back on the tree. I want to go help him, but I find myself standing here still in anger.

“You met her before?

Shayne shakes his head, but his eyes are closed. He doesn't look to well. She must be the same lady from the elevator if she says that to Shayne, if so then I cant be mad at him for we both met her and didn’t know she was my aunt.

“Well it was nice to see you again, but I must be going until next time.”

“Wait, you said you know why that light happened, why?”

“Later child, that will be a conversation for another time first you must find your mother and let her know that Guinevere says hello.”

“How do I know I will see you again?”

“Oh you will I’ll make sure of it?”

She slowly walks up to me and touches my cheek. I feel a sense of danger, but push it to the side she is my family she won't hurt me. Right? Maybe she can help Shayne before she leaves. I mean she did look concerned about his condition earlier. I look up at her and then over to Shayne.

“Can you help him?”

“I can, but I’ll need a few things.”

“Of course.”

She tells me what she needs and I run to go get them. If it’s to help Shayne no matter what bad vibe she gives me I will go and help her. Behind me I see this dark shining light flash, I knew I shouldn’t have trusted her along with him. If she knew what that light was then she probably is the one who caused it and now she is doing again to Shayne. I run back over to them and see her stand up. She turns towards me and smiles. Immediately I run to him.

“What did you do to him?”

“I helped him. He will wake soon. Until next time Estrella and I can’t wait until then.”

She says with a wicked smile and then disappears. I look at Shayne and see the scar that was once on his head slowly disappear. How is that even possible? Shaking my head I don’t care I’m just glad he is okay. Smiling I kiss where that scar once was.

“I'm so thankful for you. You may not be able to hear me right now or maybe you can, but I want you to know that. I’m so thankful for you coming on this trip with me. I know I’m putting you in danger I know I am, but I couldn't do this without you. Thank you Shayne. I-”

I feel him start to stir in my arms meaning he is waking up. I start to brush the hair back from his forehead while he opens his eyes. He slowly looks up at me and smiles, while trying to get up. I hear him groan and push him back down.

“Don't try and get up okay? I don't know what she did but you did hit pretty hard, so don't try and push yourself. We aren't going anywhere else tonight okay?”

“Okay. Hey Als?”


“While I was out I had a dream that I was kissed by an angel and it gave me my strength back, so don't worry about me okay?”


I tell him while still playing with his hair. He just smiles and closes his eyes again. I couldn't help but smile at what he said. He dreamed an angel kissed him. Did that have anything to do with me kissing his forehead? It doesn't hurt to think so, which reminded me.

“Hey Shayne?”


“What did Guinevere do to you?”


He says and I feel him slowly relaxing. He is falling asleep. He has been going through a lot today and I don't blame him. Moving him off my lap I go over to grab a blanket and what we have been using as a pillow and brought it over to him. Lifting his head I put the pillow under it and lay his head back down. Then I got the blanket and put it over the both of us. There is a small distance between us and I want to close that distance. I’m sure he won't mind, but what if he does? While I was lying there mentally debating I feel Shayne’s arm sneak around me and pull me closer to him. Giving out a small shriek I look at Shayne who has a small smile on his face. Smiling back I lay my head on his chest and listen to his heartbeat.

“Hey Als?”

“Yes Shayne?”

I feel him slightly sit up and kiss the top of my head.

“Thanks for being my angel and giving me strength.”

“You’re welcome.”

I answer and fall asleep with a smile and the sound of Shayne’s heartbeat.

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