The Hidden Truth (Book 1 of The Hidden Truth Series)

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I wake up to someone calling my name. Slightly moving so I didn’t wake up I feel myself stretch and rub my eyes to actually wake myself up. Getting up I walk over to the lake and wash my face when I hear my name being called again. Looking around me I see that there is no one around me. Of course this is how it always goes. Someone calls my name I look around no one there then all of a sudden a sharp pain courses through my body and I’m out like a light. Not this time. I ignore whoever is calling my name and decided to go back to Shayne and lay down until he wakes up.

As I take one step towards Shayne I feel someone grab me and pull me back. I’m about to start screaming when I feel my body start to relax in the person’s arms. I don’t know what is going on but the last thing I remember was the person’s voice.

“Phasmatos Somnus”

I woke up again staring at two piercing red eyes staring at me. Looking at them I raise my eyebrows. The person just looks at me and gives me a creepy smile. Although I’m starting to believe that that is just her smile and it happens to be creepy. I was about to say something when I felt like I couldn’t speak. I kept trying over and over again, but nothing was coming out. No matter how hard I tried. She seemed to notice this and wave her wrist.

“I’m sorry darling, but I couldn’t have you screaming and awakening your over protective boyfriend.”

“He isn’t my boyfriend and what did you do to me?”

“Just a small knock-out spell nothing major done to you except some of the side effects include loss of voice.”

A knockout spell? What is she talking about? Like actual spell? That normally follows through with witches and wizards and fantasy stuff like that. I was about to question it when she got up and started to pace saying random stuff. I couldn’t understand what she was saying not only because she was mumbling but also because she was talking a mile a minute.

“What do you want?”

“To talk to you about your boyfriend.”

“He is not my boyfriend.”

I tell her once again, but she just waves me off and says something about not yet. She then continues to ask me questions about Shayne. Mostly of his life and his family, which makes me wonder why she wants to know any of this? I was going to ask except she doesn’t give me a chance to speak anything. So here we are just sitting here with her asking me questions about Shayne getting no answers in return. Finally she stops and looks at me as if silently asking me if I was ever going to answer any of her questions.

I answer the ones I could remember her asking and she nods sitting down across from me. She then asks me if Shayne had any siblings. I told her that Shayne was an only child, which obviously did not sit well with her. She started yelling at me calling me a liar when I know Shayne doesn’t have a brother or if he does he didn’t know or didn’t tell me. I try and calm her down before she does anything to me. She looks mad enough to hurt me, but I don’t think she will.

She is family right?

“Guinevere I honestly don’t know if Shayne has any siblings he hasn’t mentioned anything besides why are you so in to knowing about Shayne’s life? What is your deal with Shayne you keep looking at him with compassion and guilt but that changes to whatever sick and creepy looks you tend to give off.”

“Why? You feel intimidated? Think I’m going to steal your boyfriend? Don’t worry child I do not want your boyfriend in that way anyway.”

“Then why are you so in to his life? Why don’t you ask him yourself? Why kidnap me and ask me all these questions when you could have kidnapped him? And for the last time he is not my boyfriend!”

“Shut up child! You talk to much.”

She said while slapping me. I tried to move my hand when I noticed that they are tied together. Why am I all tied up and since when am I all tied up? I look at her who is casually just observing me. She comes an inch from my face as she is inspecting my face and I can’t help but lean back as she is officially too close.

She starts to mumble things such as ‘she doesn’t look powerful’, ‘but the prophecy says’, ‘he is already with her but is he the right one?’ I wanted to ask her what in the world was she talking about but just as I was about to open my mouth I hear Shayne’s voice start to call out my name. Both Guinevere and I turn towards that sound and then back towards each other. I was about to scream his name when Guinevere was in front of me that second covering my mouth.

“Say one word child and I will have you bleeding until you cant feel anymore.”

She threatens and I nod to let her know I understand. She then nods her head at me and starts to walk away. Hearing Shayne call my name once again. I can tell he is getting worried and nervous. Probably thinking that I just got up and left him when that isn’t the case. Guinevere is just standing across from me with her back towards me as if thinking what she can do to get rid of Shayne. I don’t understand why though. She wanted to know all about him now she has the chance to ask him herself. However, as he continues to call my name we continue to sit in silence.

“You know he wont stop until he finds me.”

“I know, but I’m not finished with you yet.”

“Why you wanted to know about Shayne’s life you can just ask him yourself.”

“No, I’m done wondering about him, however, I don wonder about you and what you know.”

“What I know about what?”

“Yourself, your past.”

“I know nothing of my past.”


She says and is in front of me at the blink of an eye. Her eyes are once again roaming my face as if searching for answers. Her hand comes up and grabs my face turning it side to side. She raises her eyebrows as her eyes travel my face, though once the land on my necklace her eyes widen. She ends up pointing to it and asking me where I got that. I tell her that it was a birthday gift from a friend. Not telling her that Shayne gave it to me because I didn’t want her asking more questions about him. She just nods and starts to chuckle.

“Your mother sure did a real number on you.”

“What are you talking about?

“You don’t remember anything at all about you or your past.”

“No, but you do don’t you? Tell me! Tell me everything you know about me!”

“And ruin your mommy and daughter reunion I couldn’t. Besides she should be the one to tell you everything she took away from you.”

Took away from me? I asked her what, but she just shook her head and walked away. I hear Shayne’s voice getting closer so I decided to use that as my threat. Telling her that I will yell for Shayne if she doesn’t answer me she shakes her head challenging me saying that I wouldn’t do it. I smirk at her and tell her she doesn’t know me like she thinks she does. She reminds me of her threat once again of how she would make me bleed until I couldn’t feel anymore, but Shayne would get here faster than she could do such a thing.

“Tell me what you know about me or I’ll scream.”

“No, you wouldn’t dare. Trust me child it is for your own good that you wait to hear it from your mother besides if I tell you everything what would you and mommy dear have to talk about? Besides the fact that she abandoned you to protect you.”

“To protect me from what?”

I ask hesitantly and she just turns and gives me her once again creepy smile. Shaking her head at me and making a ‘tsk’ noise at me she answers.

“Why to protect you from me dearie.”

She tells me and then it all makes sense. Why she wants me to give in to whatever this pain thing is and why she wanted Shayne to bring me to her. She has a plan and it obviously involves me. It also makes sense of all those bad vibes I got around her even when we ran into her in the elevator. I’m sure that it is her for she has the same creepy smile and I get the same vibe around her that I got around the lady in the elevator. With shock evident on my face she laughs at my newfound discovery. Not waiting for her to do anything to me I scream.


“You idiotic child I warned you. Phesmatos superous em animi.”

She says and I could feel a sharp pain inside of me. It wasn’t like the usual sharp pain I feel when I am about to have one of my episodes no this one was much different. I could only feel it near my heart and in my head. While trying to grip my head, which was hard considering my hands were tied, I could see the blood trickling from my nose down to the forest floor. She wasn’t kidding when she said I was going to bleed until I could feel anymore. The blood pouring out of my nose was like a never-ending waterfall and I could slowly feel my body go numb.

I hear someone call my name when I lift my head slightly to look up I see Shayne looking at me with worry written all over his face. Looking around him I don’t see Guinevere anywhere. She must have fled the scene once Shayne got here. Shayne keeps telling me to hang on and stay awake while he figures out what to do. I try my best to nod but the pain was too overbearing so instead I just sit there letting the blood pour out of my nose with my life following after.

So this is how it ends huh. Bleeding to death in the woods. I haven’t even experienced what other normal girls got to experience. I have never had a boyfriend, had a date, had my first kiss, and most importantly I never got to meet my mother. Feeling the numbness take over I lay down as the pain starts to go away. Shayne sees me go to the ground and immediately runs back to me. He cradles me in his lap trying to stop my nosebleed, but I just reach my hand, which is now free and covered in blood, thanks to Shayne and my nose, to his face.

“Thank you Shayne for coming with me.”

“Stop. Don’t talk like that. You are not dying on me. Not right now. Help!”

He yells while looking anywhere but me. I can see the tears start to form in his eyes and I know that he is trying hard not to cry. I slightly call out his name, but he just says what and doesn’t bother to look at me. I use my hand to have him look at me and give him a small smile. I call his name once more and now he lets the tears flow free as he looks at me.


“Thanks for joining me on my adventure, but go find your own. Find out who you are. Find your past.”

“Stop you are not dying.”

“But I am Shayne cant you see.”

“But….but…I cant lose you. What am I going to tell Mrs. Taylor and everyone else back at the orphanage?”

He says and my eyes go wide. What is he going to say? We were supposed to be college hopping how in the world is he going to explain that I died. He got me there and I didn’t know what else to say. Also I felt too weak to say anything, so instead I used the last of my strength to pull Shayne into what is the last hug I will ever have, not only with him, but also ever. I feel his arms tighten around me and he whispers something however I don’t hear it because in that moment I slip into unconsciousness.

“Consider this a warning child. Don’t underestimate me again.”

With that being the first thing I hear I let out a gasp for air. Not only scaring the crap out of Shayne but out of myself as well. I thought I was going to die. No I did die, but I didn’t expect to wake up. Looking up I see Shayne smiling down at me, I try to match his smile but instead I go into a coughing fit. He immediately turns me on my side and rubs my back soothingly. Coughing up whatever was stuck in my throat I slowly feel my strength start to regain.

Once I knew I was done I sit up facing Shayne and wipe my mouth. Giving him a small smile he just shakes his head and pulls me into a hug. I hug him back as I feel his arms go tighter around me. Once again I feel safe like nothing can harm me. Not even her.

“I thought you died on me Als.”

“I thought I died too. It felt like I did anyway.”

“What happened to you?”

Just as I was about to answer Guinevere appeared behind Shayne. My eyes went wide and my mouth immediately shut itself. I found myself not able to talk and just shook my head instead as if trying to tell Shayne that I didn’t know what happened. Guinevere smiles at me as if satisfied with my answer. Shayne seeing my reaction turns around to see Guinevere standing there.

He stands up bringing me with him, but at the same time keeping me behind as if sensing my fear towards her. He looks Guinevere up and down while she just stood there and smiled. He asks her what she is doing here. He actually sounded quite scary if you asked me. I never have seen this side of Shayne. If this is what he is like when he is angry remind me to never piss him off. He asks her again when she doesn’t answer and I could see her slightly jump at his tone.

“I was going to offer to show you the rest of the way to your mothers house. It isn’t too far from here actually. Did I miss something?”

She asks playing all-innocent when we, well I, know that isn’t the case. I feel Shayne physically relax and turn towards me. He tells me that he is going to get our stuff and that I stay right here with Guinevere. His exact words were stay here at least I know you are safe. Oh how wrong you are about that one Shayne. He ends up leaving us two alone and that is when I decided to get answers.


“Why what my dear?”

“Why save me? I can tell you obviously want me dead so why not let me die then.”

I ask her and she smiles. She slowly walks over to me I try and move back, but it is like my feet are glued to the ground. When she reaches me she lifts up my face with her hand and forces me to look at her.

“I have my reasons besides that is not the way you are supposed to die. At least not in the prophecy and that is some magic that even I don’t mess with.”

“What do you mean the prophecy?”

She was about to answer when Shayne comes back telling me he has the stuff and that is when he notices our position. Guinevere standing in front of me while her hand is gripping my face. I look over to Shayne and into his eyes. It was like something in Shayne shifted and the next thing I know Guinevere was pushed back and I was behind Shayne once again.

“What were you doing to her?!”

“I was just checking her face, so I repeat my question from before. Did I miss something?”

She says looking all innocent I don’t buy it, however, Shayne does with the belief that she is my aunt and would never hurt me on purpose. Huh yea right. He then turns to me asking me if I’m okay to walk. I nod at him telling him that I never felt better, but I was going to go at my pace just in case one of my episodes happen. He nods telling me that he wasn’t going to leave my side. Grabbing my hand he looks back at Guinevere telling her to lead the way. She nods and turns to start walking the way we came from.

She starts telling us how we made a wrong turn, which is what made her come out to us. She also tells us how she was the one who has been following us courteous to Clarissa asking to make sure we were safe. Shayne believed her however I knew the truth. She was following us to make sure I got to my mother, but for her own reasons not because Clarissa asked her too.

We continue to walk, but this time it was in silence. Shayne would ask me from time to time how I felt and I would reply to him with the same answer. I’m fine. While walking I decided to look around me. For a forest there sure wasn’t that many animals around here. You would at least think we would have ran into some wolves by now or some kind of beast, but no we hadn’t. Maybe when my mom picked this place she ordered all the animals be put somewhere like a zoo just in case she had visitors they wouldn’t get eaten alive. I quietly thank her for that, but at the same time I wish that she had put Guinevere with them.

We were starting to lose daylight and soon there was no sun surrounding us anymore. Guinevere told us that my mother’s house was just up this trail and that we would be there in no time. Shayne replies to her while I continued to admire the forest. There wasn’t much around us besides the occasional lakes we would stop at to get some water and freshen up, but there were mostly trees. Nothing more and nothing less. If you were quiet enough you could hear the slight chirp of crickets in the woods and the slight swishing of the wind in the trees. There high above us you could see the moon shining so bright and beautiful. It was full which made me think back towards the animals and how you would hear the howl of a wolf from time to time because of it.

Shayne must have noticed me going in and out of thought for he asked me what was occupying my mind. I told him how I thought it was strange there were no animals in these woods and how it was strange that I didn’t hear one wolf howl to the moon. Shayne smiles and leans in towards me to whisper in my ear.

Maybe the wolf is so in love with the moon and each month it cries for a love it will never touch. Maybe just maybe the wolf isn’t crying because it has finally touch that love.”

“Look at you so poetic.”

He just shrugs at me while replying with an ‘I try’. Shaking my head at him I shove him a little while looking up at the moon. Maybe the wolf has found its love and has left its comfortable home to go and have an adventure with its one true love. Maybe just maybe it stepped out of its comfort zone and found exactly what it was looking for. I smile at the thought and lean into Shayne. He looks down at me with a raised eyebrow and I just let him know that I’m starting to get tired. He asks me if I want him to carry me. I politely decline his offer especially when Guinevere announces that we are here.

Looking ahead I see we are now out of the forest and on this dirt road that leads to a house. Actually no scratch that it was a freaking castle. This house is huge and I can’t believe that my mother lives here. This is unbelievable. Looking over to Shayne I can see that I’m not the only person in awe. We both continue to walk until we catch up with Guinevere at this gate.

“This is as far as I can go. Just ring this gate and say who you are looking to seek the gate should open. Then just follow the dirt path until you have reached the door. There you shall find your mother.”

“Thank you.”

Shayne tells her and she nods at him. He looks at me telling me that he will go over to ring the gate while I say goodbye to my ‘aunt’. I just nod at him and turn my attention to Guinevere. Crossing my arms over my chest I look at her with a raised eyebrow.

“Why can’t you go any further?”

“Lets just say dearie your mother and I are not on good terms.”

“Ahh I see I wonder why. Is it because she knows you are trying to kill her only child?”

“Only child? Is that what you think? Well my dear you are sure in for a surprise once you get inside. Oh and dearie be sure to tell your mother I say hello will you.”

I just nod at her not really bothering to listen because her other words are still floating in my head. ‘Only child is that what you think?’ Am I not an only child? Is one of the other kids in the orphanage my sister or brother and I just left them behind when they could too have met their mother. But that makes no sense for the letter said no such thing about me having a brother or a sister. Honestly it barely even mentions my father so how would it mention a sibling. If that is the case maybe she was put in another orphanage so we wouldn’t find each other to protect us both from the danger that seeks us.

Maybe she just didn’t want you.

I chose to ignore that thought in my head because there is no way my mother would give up one child and keep the other. No way. Look at me talking about my mother as if I know her when in reality I don’t. I know nothing about her besides the fact that she gave me up when I was born with nothing, but a blanket and a letter. Shaking the thoughts from my head I look up to see the gate opening and Shayne walking towards me with his hand out for me.

I grab his hand and we continue to walk down the dirt path to the door. The walk is short, but it feels like forever. All the nerves I had put behind me are now traveling back through my veins as the realization keeps hitting me. I am about to meet my mother and I don’t know what to expect. We finally reach the door when Shayne looks at me as if he is signaling me to knock on the door. I shake my head at him mentally telling him that I can’t do it I’m way to nervous. He nods in understanding and squeezes my hand for comfort.

Reaching his hand up he knocks three times and then stops. Turning his attention back at me he gives me a warm smile and tells me not to be nervous. That everything will be okay. I asked him how he knew that everything would be okay? What made him believe that nothing would go wrong? He just shrugs his shoulders and tells me how he cant be sure that everything will live up to what I want it to be, but he knows for a fact I will be okay because for once in my life I will have my mother. Don’t get me wrong Mrs. Taylor was always like a mother to me, but she wasn’t the real thing. Nope I’m about to meet the real thing for the first time in 18 years.

The doors in front of us start to open and there appears a beautiful girl. Just like the one in my vision. Her long black hair is thrown to the side. Her lips paired with a bright red lipstick and a Smokey eye shadow. Her dress is a long black ball gown with a sheer like cape behind her. She is absolutely beautiful and when she smiled it was amazing. She looks at Shayne and bows her head.

“You must have been the gentlemen at the gate. I hear you were looking for me. My name is Morgana but you can just call me M. You are?”

She says to Shayne. Morgana that’s the name from the letter I read. That must mean she is my mother. I can’t believe this. My mother is standing right in front of me and I couldn’t believe it. She is so beautiful; I must have gotten my looks from my father. I hear Shayne start to answer her telling her that his name is Shayne and then points to me as if he was going to introduce me, but he didn’t have to because one look at me her eyes widen and her jaw drops. She looks me up and down as if not believing her eyes. Honestly she had the same reaction I had when I heard her name. Like she just couldn’t believe it. Unlike with my aunt in the store it didn’t surprise me when the first thing from her mouth is.


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