The Hidden Truth (Book 1 of The Hidden Truth Series)

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She repeats one more time as if she couldn’t believe it was me standing there on her front porch. Honestly I can’t believe I’m standing here on her front porch. We all just stand there saying nothing because neither of us know what to say. In the corner of my eye I can see Shayne looking back and forth between my mother and I, with this look of confusion but at the same time admiration. As much as I would like to turn to him and smile because I have finally found my mother, but I can’t no matter how hard I try. I can’t bring myself to feel joy or to feel anything honestly. Well there is one feeling I can feel right now and that’s hurt and pain at the fact I’m standing in front of my mother who gave me up when I was a baby and the only thing she can say is my name.

“Estrella? How did you? No, how are you?”

Morgana asks and I just shake my head. I feel Shayne’s hand grab mine as if giving me confidence to answer her, but I just can’t. Letting go of Shayne’s hand I turn away to walk away, but not before saying the first thing to my mom in 18 years.

“Its Alice.”

I continue to walk away even though I hear her yell for me to wait. Knowing that she is probably going to run after me or maybe not she gave a poor innocent baby, who happened to be her child, away she can let an 18 year old walk away no problem. While walking I feel someone gently grab my arm and by the warm feeling it gives me I know who it is.

“Alice, is everything okay?”

I turn to look at Shayne and shake my head. He looks at me with confusion and goes on about how we finally found my mother and now I’m trying to leave. After everything we went through I’m trying to leave as if it was nothing. I continue to look at him as he tells me why me walking away is a bad idea and I can’t help but feel as if I’m letting him down. I know this is my journey and that I’m the one who dragged him into this with him barely knowing me and now I’m just giving it all up. Looking away from him I feel the tears starting to form at the brink of my eye and threatening to spill.

“I’m sorry”

I choke out not really trusting my voice at the moment and immediately feel Shayne’s hand come towards my face. As he wipes my tears away he tells me that there is nothing for me to feel sorry about and that if I want to leave and go home pretending like none of this happened it is okay with him. He continues to tell me how he rather have me happy than crying like I am and if going home will do that he will gladly take me home.

Looking up at him I see the concern in his eyes and know that this boy will do anything he can to make me happy. I give him a small smile ready to tell him that I want to go home and how all this was a mistake, that is until I feel it coming on again. The whole reason we came here was not only for me to reunite with my mother, but also to find out what is happening to me. I was reminded of that when I feel the sharp pain at my side and my vision starts to get blurry.


Was the last thing to come out of my mouth as I feel the darkness once again take over me and as I fall into the arms of Shayne. Before I completely slip into unconsciousness I feel my body being picked up and ran with and I hear my mother’s voice.

“Oh no it’s happening.”

What is happening? I feel nothing everything is numb and I see nothing. No Shayne, no mother, no Clarissa, and no Guinevere. Just myself and darkness. This gives me time to think about everything that is going on. I just met Shayne and dragged him on this journey about finding my mother and my past all while having these random episodes and scaring him to death. Then to run into my aunt who is this crazy psycho who wants to kill me, but wont because of some prophecy and on top of all that I met my mother who now I want to run towards the hills away from her. I’m so confused on what to do and I know when I wake up from this episode. I decide to go on all my options.

First option is to go home. Going home means ignoring any of this ever happening. This journey with Shayne never happened meeting both my aunts and my mother never happened. Me almost dying more than once and Shayne almost dying, it never happened. I never put Shayne in any danger and we would continue life as if nothing happened and Shayne and I just viewed colleges like we told them. However, with this option the only thing that will happen is that we will try and forget only to be reminded about it every time I would have one of my episodes. Something we could have learned about through my mother and maybe fix but I decided to go home just because my mother wasn’t what I expected.


Second option is to stay here. Learn about my past, why my mother gave me up and why these episodes are happening to me all of a sudden. However, staying here also means putting Shayne in more danger since I don’t know what will happen and putting myself in danger for I know nothing about what Guinevere is doing. Also there is a chance that everything I’m going to hear and learn is not something I want to know and in turn will make me regret ever coming here and putting everyone in danger.

There are so many things that can go wrong with each option, but I need to make a choice and I need to make one quick. I continue to think about it while I hear my mothers voice and feel all this energy come into me and slowly feel my life come back. Sucking in a deep breath I feel myself wake up. When I do I see I’m in a huge room while lying on this soft bed. Nothing around me is familiar and I start to freak out which in return makes me have a coughing fit. I feel a hand start to rub my back and I look up to see my mother. Immediately I see the relief come into her eyes and she gives me a small smile.

“Estrella I’m glad you’re okay.”

Ignoring her I look around the room to see Shayne is nowhere in sight and I internally have a freak out. What has she done to him? Where is he? She looks at me and I can tell she sees I’m freaking out and starts to ask me questions, such as is another one happening, and tells me to just breathe. I shake my head and start to sit up. Looking straight at her with the biggest glare I could muster.

“Where is Shayne?”

As soon as I say his name the door opens and in walks Shayne with a tray of what looks like food. He looks at me and smiles he cute crooked smile and places the tray on the nightstand next to me. I look at him noticing that he is in a fresh pair of clothes and when he comes to sit next to me on the bed I can see his hair has tiny water droplets indicating he just got out of the shower. In return that makes me think of how long I was actually out for.

“Good you are awake. How are you feeling?”

Shayne asks me and I reply telling him how I feel better but still pretty weak. He just nods at me and hands me a glass of water. Bringing the tray over to his lap I see two sandwiches and two glasses of water. He sees me eyeing the food and asks if I am hungry. Nodding, he hands me a half of a sandwich and I take a bite. Not noticing how hungry I really was until I took that bite I ended up eating the whole half in a minute. He just smiles at my reaction, hands me the other half, and takes a bite of his sandwich. Giving him an embarrassed smile I continue to eat in the silence that surrounds us, well until she breaks it.

“You guys are cute. How long have you been dating?”

She asks and Shayne almost chokes on his sandwich. Shaking my head at his reaction I look back at her.

“We aren’t dating, not like that’s any of your business.”

I say to her and visibly you can see it hurt her, but honestly until I know the reason why she gave me up and if its worth it I have no care to treat her as if she is my mother, because as of now she is not. She nods her head and tells me how she deserves that and gets up as if to leave. Turning towards Shayne with a look of confusion I call out her name. She turns to me with a smile on her face, most likely thinking that I’m going to ask her to stay or something.

“Aren’t you going to tell me what’s going on with me and why you gave me up?”

“I will just not now. You need to rest. That last transformation took a lot out of you but don’t worry they are almost over.”

“Transformation? What do you mean? You can’t just leave me with little hints like that and not expect me to want to know answers!”

“You will know answers soon I promise just get some rest. Sweet dreams.”

She says and is out the door. I am about to yell for her to get back here and explain everything now. Tell her how I am fine and don’t need to rest, but Shayne pulls me back and tells me how I do need to rest.

“I’m fine I don’t feel tired.”

“I know you don’t but at the same time you didn’t see what you looked like after you passed out.”

I look at him with my eyebrows raised at not only the concern in his voice but at what he just said.

“What do you mean? What did I look like?”

“Gosh Als, you were deathly pale. You looked like as if you had just died in my arms and there was nothing I could do to save you. Your body felt as if every inch of blood ran out of your system and you have been in a freezer for all eternity. Your heart stopped. When we went to check for a pulse there was nothing and for a second I thought you were really dead.”

“How did you know I wasn’t?”

“You kept saying my name. You kept apologizing and saying my name. Even though you had no color, no warmth and no pulse you still were talking and called out my name. That’s how we knew you were still there.”

He tells me and I nod at him. Wow I can’t believe that happened. I felt like I died for a while and then was brought back to life but I didn’t know that’s what I looked like as well. If it looked liked I died what brought me back? Also where was Shayne since he wasn’t there when I woke up? Instead of asking myself that I decided to ask him.

“Where were you?”

“ What do you mean? I was next to you the whole time.”

“You weren’t there when I woke up.”

“Once we knew you were alive Morgana told me to go get freshened up and that she will take care of you, but to make sure I was back before you woke up because she knew I would be the first person you would want to see, but I got a little side tracked and you woke up before I made it here. Trust me I didn’t want to leave your side, but she told me and for some reason I just listened.”

“Oh well I would like to get freshened up too. It’s not fair you got to shower in something other than a lake and I’m here with twigs still in my hair.”

“She thought you might want to so she has clothes in the bathroom for you and everything else you may need. Once you are done though you are to come straight to bed and take a nice nap. Morgana told me she would be back for us around 8 to show us around, meet a couple of people, and finally answer all the questions you have for her.”

I nod at him and get up to take a shower. While walking over to the bathroom I admire the room that I have been placed in. It looks like a room meant for a princess and we all know that I am no princess, so it feels weird that I am staying here. The room is a beautiful nude like color with a gorgeous king sized bed in the middle. The bedding is a nice light bluish-gray color and ties well with the small table like bench in the middle of the room. The vanity mirror is something every girl can ever wish for.

The bathroom is no better. It’s freaking huge. When you look up it’s as if you are looking at the ceiling of some fancy museum that has a painting all throughout the ceiling, and there in the middle is a giant diamond chandelier. The shower is huge and looks as if it could fit about 100 people in there. Next to is one of those hot tub baths with the nice jets that give great massages. After seeing that I knew exactly where I was going to get cleaned up and relax.

After taking a good 15 to 20 minutes in the bath I get out. Wrapping my hair in the towel and wrapping the robe provided around my body. Then slowly walking over to the neatly hanged dress with a note on it. Taking the note I read it.

My dear Estrella,

This was the dress I had sewn for you when you would turn 18 years old. Not knowing that I would have to give you up for reasons that will be clear soon, but now that you are here it is yours to wear. Enjoy.


Shaking my head at the note I chuck it on the ground and inspect the dress. It looks as if it was made for the renaissance era and I was royalty. It was a gorgeous red and black color. The top was as if it was supposed to be a sweetheart neckline but later had sleeves attached to it. The middle had a red belt pointing in a down arrow leading out to the rest of the dress, which flowed, out into a ball gown. On the side there is a small red cape that can be worn with the dress.

Knowing this is not my style I go over to the walk-in-closet in the bathroom. Hoping there would be something more to my liking in here, except when I get there it is as if this castle was fit for a princess because every outfit in here is a dress that just waits out for me in the bathroom. Running my hand through all of the dresses I know now that there is no way I’m going to get out of putting on that dress. Letting out a big sigh I walk back to the bathroom and grab the dress.

With the smooth silky feeling on my fingertips I know that it is made of the finest silk the world has got and I know that this dress would cost a fortune and I had it made just for me. Sliding the robe of my body I slowly slide the dress on. The feeling on my fingertips is nothing compared to how I felt in the gown. It felt like lavender silk against my soft fare skin and for some reason I never wanted to take this gown off. This dress was and felt made for me and I couldn’t feel more at home.

Taking the towel off of my hair I walk over to place it on the counter when I feel how loose the dress actually is. Raising my eyebrow I turn my back towards the long body length mirror and see what appears to be many shoestrings on the back of this dress untied. Walking over to the bedroom I call Shayne and tell him to get Morgana for me. A couple minutes later I hear a small knock on the door and Morganas voice following after. Letting her know she can come in she does and I hear a small gasp. Making eye contact with her through the mirror I see her mouth slightly parted and her hand covering it.

“What is wrong? Do I have it on wrong?”

“No its just you look so beautiful and makes me miss what I have missed for so many years. The feeling of wanting to have my daughter put on her first dress. Of course I pictured you much more smaller but better late than never right?”

She says while walking over to me and starting to tie the shoelaces on my back. I start to ask her questions about the dress and each part of it and she goes on to tell me how I am wearing a corset and each corset has to be laced up in order for the dress to fit right. Nodding at her she continues to tighten the laces on my back until the dress feels like I cant breathe in it, but I surprisingly can. I can then see how it actually looks on me. The dress hugs me perfectly and I have never felt more beautiful than I do right now.

I make eye contact with Morgana through the mirror again and she smiles going towards the closet grabbing a brush and something in a fancy looking box. She motions for me to come over to her and I do. Once getting to her she grabs the brush and begins to do my hair in some kind of fancy bun. It doesn’t take long before she is finished and is heading back towards the box. It doesn’t take long before my curiosity gets the best of me.

“What is in there?”

“The main accessory every princ-girl needs.”

She tells me while opening the box. She then turns around with a crystal tiara in her hand and a smile on her face. Walking towards me she motions for me to lean down and I do. She places the crown firmly on my head and backs away.

“There now take a look.”

I do as she says and I cant help but let a small gasp come out of my mouth. I look like a princess in those movies I used to watch all the time and I smile at the thought of me being a princess. My smile slowly falters as I start to come back to my senses. No one dresses like this maybe except for her. I turn towards her and ask her.

“Don’t you think this is a bit much?”

“You don’t like it?”

“No I do, but it’s too much. Nobody wears anything like this anymore besides the pictures in my history pages during the renaissance era.”

“Everybody dresses like this where I am from.”

“Aren’t you from here?”

I ask her with confusion evident in my voice and she lets out an audible sigh. Shaking her head she walks over to the bathroom door, but before she leaves she turns back towards me.

“I think its time you meet everyone and find out exactly where you are from.”

Without another word she walks out the door and disappears. Shaking my head at her once again mysteriousness and lack of answers I grab the heels that were by the dress snaking them on my feet. After a couple minutes of getting used to them and walking around in them I make my way back to the bedroom where I see Shayne standing in the middle of the room in front of the floor length mirror.

He also looks as if he is in the renaissance era with his prince like outfit. He is wearing a tight red shirt with puffy white sleeves and some tight black pants. Over his black pants are what look to be black riding boots and on top of it all his hair is slicked back with what looks to be a black hat in his hand. While he puts the hat on completing his outfit I cant help but let out a small giggle.

“What are you laughing at?”

He says while turning to me. However, once his eyes reach mine they widen and his lips part slightly as if to let out a small gasp. I look down feeling the heat once again come to my cheeks creating this pinkish shade and making me look away from him. I then let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding and looked at him.

“I’m laughing at your outfit.”

It looks as if it takes him a while to recover, but he does and gives me a small smirk. He then slowly starts to walk over to me until he is right in front of me. Looking straight into my eyes he speaks.

“Well I think you look quite ravishing milady.”

He says while faking bowing, but never taking his eyes off of me. Deciding to play a long with him I give him a curtsey bow thing I see queens and princesses give during balls in those movies I used to watch and look at him.

“And you kind sir look quite handsome.”

I reply and both of us just burst into a laughing fit. Shaking our heads at how ridiculous that was and how ridiculous we actually look he just stands next to me offering me his arm.

“Shall we go milady?”

He asks me and I give him a nod. Sliding my arm through his I reply.

“We shall.”

We then make our way out of the bedroom and into the long hallways of this house. Of course I still believe this used to be a castle and based on the bathroom and clothes we are wearing I honestly wouldn’t be surprised at the moment. We continue to make our way to the living room where we hear three peoples voice. One I could make out to be Morgana’s, the other I know to be Clarissa’s, but the third one sounds very new to me. While we make our way through the door everyone’s eyes turn towards us.

First I notice everyone’s outfits. No longer is everyone in regular clothes. Nope everyone is wearing a dress similar to mine. Clarissa dress is purple and black, while the other girls is blue and black. Looking at the unfamiliar girl her features start to come clear to me and I have met this girl before. Of course I never heard her talk or met her face to face, but she was the girl cleaning the windows in Clarissa’s shop. I wonder if that is her daughter.

Shayne and I continue to walk forward until we reach Morgana. Morgana greets us both and then goes to introduce us to the other two. She starts with Clarissa but makes it short because we both know we already met before. Then she goes on to the new girl. The more I look at her the more I see my features. We both look fairly similar. How her hair is the same shade of brown as mine but maybe a little darker from her lack of being in the sun. Both our skin tones are this fair white color and our facial structure is pretty similar. I look over to Shayne who also looks as if he is doing a double take between us.

She must be my aunts daughter if she looks so fairly similar to me, but at the same time with some different features. However, the more I look at her the more a nagging sensation comes with it. I hear Guinevere’s voice in the back of my head as if it’s a cd on repeat.

“Only child? Is that what you think? Well my dear you are sure in for a surprise once you get inside. Oh and dearie be sure to tell your mother I say hello will you.”

I couldn’t help but continue to think back to that statement, but at the same time I refuse to believe it. Morgana maybe mean to give me up but there is no way she would give one and keep the other, would she? That would be too cruel. The girl in front of me does look like she could be maybe two years younger than me, but if she is my sister than wouldn’t she be in danger too? Wouldn’t Morgana have to give her up too? Or is all of this me being in danger a completely and total lie and she just decided to give me up and only me.

She couldn’t?

She wouldn’t?

Would she?

However, all the questions in my head are answered when she calls my name. I look up at her and she points to the girl before me.

“Estrella meet your sister, Luna Ariel Montgomery”

I look over to her and see the concern in her eyes about how I’m going to react to this. Looking back and forth between her and my sister I just don’t understand. I can feel my breaths start to shorten and I can feel the anger start to build up inside of me and I know I will let loose. However, I feel Shayne’s hand grab mine and feel some type of relief but not much.

I can’t believe it. She gave up one and kept one. Now my question is why?

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