The Hidden Truth (Book 1 of The Hidden Truth Series)

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“My sister?”

I question looking straight at Morgana. She shifts uncomfortably before taking a step towards me. I slowly back into Shayne and shake my head. She goes on talking about how this will all be explained soon and that she didn’t have a choice when it came to giving me up. She continues to tell me how much she wanted to keep me, but couldn’t. I just continue to shake my head at her and tell her like she always tells me.

“Explain later.”

“Yes I will explain everything later, until then I would like you to meet your people.”

My people? She doesn’t give me a chance to ask her any questions before she walks away and out the living room. We slowly follow behind until we stop at a strange looking door. She turns back towards me and slowly starts explaining what’s behind the door.

“Estrella you know how you told me no one here wears these types of clothes well behind this door is where I am from and where I’m from everyone wears this.”

“Isn’t behind that door just more forest?”

“No this door is concealed with a magic barrier that allows me to go back and forth between this land and ours. You may have thought you were alone all these years, but you weren’t. I built this barrier so I could watch over you yet still tend to our people.”

She tells me and my head starts reeling with more questions. Magic barrier? Traveling through lands? I really need to write all the stuff I want to know down so I can get everything running through my head right now answered. I see my aunt and sister walk through with a shining light flashing. Almost like the one that came from me the time I knocked out Shayne. Morgana motions for us to follow but warns us as soon as we take a step.

“Since you are not fully transformed yet it may hurt a little, but whatever you do keep going. We don’t want you to get lost in between lands.”

She warns and then walks through. I look back towards Shayne who has a look of fear on his face, but once he sees me he gives me a small smile and nods motioning for me to go through. He whispers that he will be right behind me and won’t let anything happen to me. With that small gesture and words of kindness I was able to make my way through.

After stepping first through the door you feel nothing, but then there is a flash of light that blinds you and you don’t know where you are going. At the same time there is this pulling sensation inside your body that feels as if it is trying to split you in many pieces to slowly bring you piece by piece into this new land. Everything inside my body is screaming with pain and I can’t help but scream. Yet nothing comes out. I make no sound because as soon as I open my mouth the light gets brighter and you hear a small ‘pop’ until it is all dark.

The dark becomes light as soon as I open my eyes. Before me stands this beautiful land full of green pastures and small villages. In the great wide somewhere you can see mountains that most likely have farms and crops. To the right you see a small town with many small markets surrounding you while to your left you see many small houses lined in different villages. Behind me the house we were just in is now officially a castle. I knew it was too big to be a mansion.

There are people in dresses like mine but not as fancy and definitely not as clean or expensive. They all seem to be doing their own thing until you hear this horn blow next to us. Making me slightly jump everyone turns to the sound and gasp when they see Morgana. Immediately everyone bows at us all and I see Morgana nodding at them all. She then starts to speak.

“My dear people, I know I have been gone for a small while but I come back with great news. Not only have I heard from the fairy of wisdom that we will have fresh and rich crops throughout the year, we also have someone who has returned home back to us. Dear townsfolk I would like to introduce you to my eldest daughter, the lost princess, Estrella Alice Montgomery. She has returned home and I feel nothing but goodness coming our way.”

She finishes her announcement and the people clap also turning towards me and bowing at my presence. I give them a small nod and wave, but the one thing that is still on my mind is her words. ‘The Lost Princess.” I’m a princess? Our people? Her house? It is all starting to make sense. Our gowns are extravagant not only because that’s how the people in her town dressed but that’s how the royalty would dress in the renaissance era. This small town and gorgeous green land looks as if it is something out of the renaissance era.

So does this small town and land is our kingdom. Does that mean our kingdom was under attack when I was born which would explain why she had to give me away. If that is the case once our kingdom was safe why didn’t she come get me? Or are we still under attack? If we are who is the one attacking us? Something in the back of my mind tells me that I know who it is, but I still refuse to believe it. Especially since she isn’t allowed on the property so there is no way she could get back here.

I feel someone’s hand grab mine and turn to meet the hazel gaze of Shayne. He gives me a full on dimpled smile and whispers the word princess. I let out a small giggle and shrug my shoulders as if to tell him I guess so. He then nods and kisses my hand as they do in the fairytale books. I hear small gasps come from the people surrounding us and a lot of them start to whisper. I turn my gaze to them and catch the same word coming out of most of their conversations.

The Prophecy.

I move my gaze from them to Shayne, to them, and back to Shayne. Is Shayne apart of the prophecy? Was him coming to the orphanage before I left not just a coincidence? Was all this supposed to happen because of some prophecy? Yet, based on everyone’s tone this prophecy isn’t anything good, which makes me think back to my dream. The hazel eyes in my dream that were chasing me obviously were after me. The hazel eyes in my dream matches Shayne’s perfectly so does that mean?

“My queen what about the prophecy?”

Some guy asks interrupting my thoughts. Forgetting everything that was just running through my mind I look at Morgana waiting for her answer.

“There is nothing to worry about. The prophecy is just an old myth and there hasn’t been any sign of her in years. She has been banished and to make sure this prophecy stayed a myth I gave my eldest child away for her safety and the safety of our kingdom. So do not worry your minds about that it is all taken care of for now come up and say hi to your lost princess.”

She tells them and people start to line up one by one with gifts and greetings. I go through this with it seems like everyone in the kingdom. I meet small children and give them hug while I kindly accept the gifts their parents gave me. Turning towards Morgana I give her a look and she gives me a small nod. She then turns to the people telling them how I have had a long journey and I need my rest. They all once again bow at us and we bow after them. Then one by one we go through the door that brought us here.

The pain this time wasn’t as bad as the first time, but was still felt. When we all get through I hear a gasp behind me and turn to see Luna covering her mouth and looking down on the ground. Following her gaze I see Shayne on the ground clutching his stomach. What happened to him?


I call out and run over to his side. Placing his head in my lap I start to brush the hair on his forehead back. I can feel him shake in my lap and he is sweating ferociously. His eyes are glued shut and he is clutching his stomach as if he is in great pain. He looks as if he is having one of my episodes. Tearing my gaze away from him and to Morgana.

“What is wrong with him?”

I demand for her to answer and she just shakes her head coming to kneel next to us. She places her hand on his forehead and he starts to shake more and Morgana pulls back quickly. She then orders for some people to come into the room and carry him to my room. As some people who I have never seen before come and take him away from me and to my room. I follow behind them and Morgana while demanding they tell me what is going on.

“I did warn you there would be pain coming through the door, but I never thought it would be this bad.”

“It looks as if he is having one of my episodes. My first one was that bad too and my eye color changed.”

“You mean when you go through your transformation?”

“Yea I guess?”

I tell her and she looks at me then to the shaking Shayne they are now placing on my bed. Her eyes start to widen and she turns back towards me. She is in front of me demanding for me to tell her everything I know about Shayne. I tell her what he has told me and tell her how that is all I know. She nods at me. We both turn our gaze back to Shayne when we feel the whole house shake. I immediately look to Morgana who just looks around the castle not moving.

“What was that?”

I question and she replies telling me that she doesn’t know. Luna then comes running in telling her how someone is trying to break the barrier that surrounds the castle. Morgana then tells her that it only means one thing.

She is here.

Who is she? I think I have an idea, but why all of a sudden is she trying to break down the barrier around this place? She told me that she would let the prophecy do its thing how that is some magic that she doesn’t even mess with. Looking at Morgana I see her nod at Luna telling her thank you and to go get rest that she will check on it. As she leaves I start to follow her as she shakes her head at me. She tells me to stay by Shayne’s side and let her know what happens to him at every moment. I nod at her and make my way towards Shayne. I watch her as she and everyone else leave the room leaving just Shayne and I in the room.

I turn my attention over to Shayne who has looked to have finally passed out from all the pain. He looks so peaceful now that the worse is over and I cant help, but think is this what I put him through during everyone of my episodes? Watching him suffer in pain knowing there is nothing I can do about it, but sit there and watch. Also when it is finally over and I just pass out not knowing whether or not I’m alive.

Shaking those thoughts away I just look at Shayne slightly brushing the hair that’s sticking on his forehead from the sweat. It obviously took a lot of energy out of him for he is only breathing shallowly. Getting up I grab a cold rag from the bowl placed on the night stand and bring it back to his forehead. Slightly dabbing his warm head hopefully getting him to cool down a bit more into a more relaxing temperature. The first couple of times I dabbed Shayne’s face he made small twitching moments, which in return made me, smile. Not only because it made me know that he was alive, but he was also cute doing them.

The more I look at Shayne the more I start to notice his features. How when he is in deep thought his eyebrows scrunch together as well as his nose and he tends to use his index and thumb to stroke his chin. When he is worried his burning hazel eyes are wide and you can see that deep within he is fighting back the tears of fear. There is also a look that I don’t understand what it means yet or why he does it, but his eyes are slightly wide and his lips slightly parted. Shallow breaths escape from those parted lips and an emotion is then shown in his eyes. It is an intense yet unknown emotion that makes you look in his eyes for slightly longer than you really should and yearn to feel that same emotion he is looking at you with.

I have only seen that on him a couple of times, most of the time it comes after his worried look when he knows I’m okay. It’s a look that I wish to know more about, but when the time comes. There is too much going on right now to try and figure out Shayne. As I sit here though taking care of him it makes me start to think. About us, and everything we been through.

Shayne didn’t have to come with me. Honestly he didn’t even have to listen to my reason of why I wanted to go and why I needed to go, but he did. He then chose out of my reasoning that he would go with me and protect me even after all the danger I put him through. Honestly we wouldn’t be in the position we are now, with a passed out Shayne next to me, if it wasn’t for me taking him on this journey. He could be warm in his bed reading a book or out in the town with a couple of friends or a girlfriend, but instead he is here with me in pain.

I can’t help but feel completely guilty.


I hear Shayne’s voice below me and look to see that he is now wide awake and sitting in front of me. His hand is resting softly on my cheek and he is looking at me with that intense burning hazel eyes gaze and I can’t help but get lost in him.

“There is no need for you to feel guilty. You did nothing wrong. I chose to come with you. This was my choice. You didn’t force me, so you can’t feel guilty you understand me.”

I slowly nod my head and wondered how he knew what I was thinking. Either I’m completely easy to read or I was thinking out loud and he overheard while he was awakening. I meet his gaze and was going to speak but ended up opening and closing my mouth like a fish out of water. I don’t know what to say at that. I know I shouldn’t feel guilty, but I do and I can’t help it. I should have never brought him into this mess and I should have just went on my own. It would have been best.


Shayne calls my name and that’s when I realized that I was looking down instead of at him and I was slowly beginning to cry. Looking up at him I give him a small smile reassuring him that I heard him and understand. He wipes the tears away from my eyes and just looks at me. He slowly starts to lean towards me while lifting my chin.

“I wouldn’t change my decision even if we had the choice to go back as if none of this happened. My choice would be the same and I would do this all over again just for you to get the answers you deserve.”

He says and slowly starts to lean in closer.

“Shayne. I”

There is a gust of wind and a loud banging noise as the two doors to the bedroom open. There reveals a very frustrated looking Morgana and a very scared looking Luna. Shayne immediately pulls away and turns his attention to the two at the door. I chose to ignore what just happened or what was about to happened and also turn my attention towards the two moment ruiners. Morgana looks between the both of us and smiles while walking over to us.

“Oh good you’re awake.”

“Is everything okay?”

I asked her while getting up from my spot and moving away from Shayne. She shakes her head as if telling me not to worry about it, but I kept pushing. Telling her that she has been keeping enough from me as it is and I deserve to know some things. She lets out a sigh and tells me how the barrier around the castle has been breached from this side only meaning that one specific person tried to break in and succeeded.

The way she is avoiding saying the name makes me think that she doesn’t want me to know. Probably for my own good, but I believe I know anyway. There is only one person I know that isn’t allowed in this house. One person who would be smart enough try to break in. One person who is the only person I know trying to kill me.


I walk over to Morgana and asked her if it may be her and she looks at me shocked immediately asking how I know her.

“She was the one who led me to your castle. She is my aunt on my father’s side right?”

Morgana looks at me with fear in her eyes as if I wasn’t supposed to know who she is. She slightly nods at me and walks back towards the two bedroom doors. She then turns towards us again telling us to change into something comfortable and to meet her in the common room. I start to walk towards her and try to ask her any questions, but she just waves me off telling me to put something comfortable on. Shaking my head at her I finally snap.

“No! Tell me why you are not telling me anything! I deserve to know what is going on especially if it involves my life. Yeah I know about that Guinevere told me now I suggest you start explaining.”

She looks at me with shock, but quickly recomposes herself. She then raises her shoulders and glares right into me. I feel as if she is looking through me and into my soul and now she has some sort of spell on me and starts to speak.

“Let me rephrase myself. You and Shayne will get dressed into something comfortable and meet me at the common room then and only then will I answer your questions. Its now time you find out the truth of who you are, but do remember I am your mother whether you think so or not and I am much more powerful than you know, so I suggest you watch your tone.”

She finishes and leaves the room with Luna following right behind her. I just stand there shocked at what she said. It was like I couldn’t move until I felt Shayne’s hand touch my shoulder and his voice asking me if I was okay. All I could simply do was nod at him and finally make my way over to the closet to put on something more comfortable.

I settle with a nice dress that isn’t as puffy as the other ones and some flat comfy shoes. Letting my hair down out of its nice little up due and pulled back with a small headband. Once I was finished I walked out to the bedroom to see Shayne there running his hand through his hair while sitting on the edge of the bed. Going over to him I take a seat next to him and ask him what is wrong. He goes on to tell me how he had called Mrs. Taylor since we haven’t called her in a while and didn’t want her to get suspicious.

“Then why do you look all tense?”

“Its because she knows.”

She knows. What does he mean she knows?

“What do you mean she knows?”

“She told me how she knew this whole time and is glad that I called her and let her know we were safe. She told me to make sure I protect you because what you are about to find out may or may not be what you expected and she doesn’t know how you will react.”

“Well that’s good that she knew and we don’t have to explain ourselves you know, but what I don’t understand is what has you all worked up?”

I ask him and he just sighs, and stands up while running a hand through his hair. He then goes to kneel in front of me and takes my hands. He looks in my eyes and is obviously looking for something. I ask him what he is looking at and he just replies with ‘doubt’. Doubt? Why would there be any doubt of any kind. I ask him what he meant by that and he looks down and back at me.

“Are you sure this is what you want. To know everything? Are you sure you can handle it?”

I raise my eyebrow at him.

“What do you know that I don’t?”

“I know just as much as you do, but I might not the one who will loose or gain in finding this out. Throughout this whole journey there was nothing for me to loose or gain, well except for you, but for you this is everything. What you find out when we walk through that door will make you or break you. Are you sure this is what you want?”

He asks me again and I sit there and think. I spent way too much of my time to give up now, but at the same time what will I gain from what I find out in that common room. From what I have learned already by myself is that I’m a princess in danger that is connected to some prophecy. I sit there and think for a little bit, but then it comes to me. I came here to find my mother and who I am. There are random things that are happening to me that I know nothing about, but I know that she does.

So I may not gain anything from what I learn out in that common room but I will feel accomplished. I came here to learn about who I am and my past and that is exactly what I am about to do. I finally bring my gaze up to Shayne’s and nod.

“I’m sure this is what I want.”

I tell him and he smiles and nods. Standing up from his kneeling position he offers me his hand. I gladly accept it and we make our way to the common room. There we sit cups of tea surrounding the table and in front of each, except two, are my mother, my sister, and my aunt. They are all waiting for us to arrive and we can begin. Shayne and I slowly start to walk over to wear everyone is, but before we get there Shayne whispers in my ear.

“No matter what happens I’m glad I was there to help you in finding out who you are and I would gladly do it again.”

He pulls away and I give him a huge smile.

“Thank you for taking this adventure with me.”

He nods and shows his huge dimple smile and we finally make it to where everyone else is. Morgana shows me to a seat and I sit. She then sits across from me with her arms folded. Everyone is silent and I don’t know who is going to make the first sound or move. Shayne comes over sometime and sits next to me grabbing my hand in the process to give me courage. My sister is leaning against the fireplace while my aunt is sitting next to my mother.

The silence goes on until Morgana finally breaks it. Looking straight at me she smiles.

“So Estrella what would you like to know first?”

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