The Hidden Truth (Book 1 of The Hidden Truth Series)

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I spit out her name and she turns her head towards me and smiles her creepy smile. I can feel this weird but warm feeling in my hands. Looking down I see my hands glowing for the first time. This must be my new powers and I think Guinevere realizes that as well because, if possible, her smile just got bigger.

“Looks like mommy-dear gave back what was yours and has caught you up to speed.”

Still not knowing how to use my powers I just lift my hand and think of hurting her. She just smiles and I just want to blast that smile off her face, which is what I almost did if she didn’t duck in time. Shaking her head she turns towards me.

“I would have done that dearie. I don’t come to a challenge empty handed.”

She tells me and that’s when I realize she is holding an unconscious Morgana in her left hand. I immediately put my hands down now afraid that with no control I’ll hit my mother instead.

“What do you want?”

“You have hurt someone dear to my heart and I want revenge.”

She says while looking at Shayne who is looking at her with a burning rage that I’m afraid to see what he would do if he got his hands on her. I grab his hand and visibly you can see he calms down. Looking back towards Guinevere I see she is no longer looking at Shayne but at our connected hands.

“I didn’t hurt anyone, but I am not afraid of hurting you.”

“You don’t know who you are messing with dearie, just remember that. Take this as a challenge. Two nights from now we will fight so be prepared because I will not lose.”

She says and before I can reply she disappears and I can see the orb of power that was holding on to my mom is slowly breaking. Thankfully Shayne was quick and caught her before it broke completely dropping her. I make my way towards her while her eyes slowly flutter open. She takes in a deep breath and immediately sits up. I try and calm her down, but it doesn’t seem to work. She keeps trying to get out of Shayne’s grip and is threatening to kill Guinevere for coming into her home uninvited and hurting her family. Shayne is trying his hardest to hold her down but she is an all-powerful witch and is winning.

“Mom calm down!”

I yell and she immediately stops and looks at me. Her eyes are wide but there is a smile on her face. Shayne is looking back and forth at both of us and wonders what is going on, as do I. I ask Morgana what is wrong and she just shakes her head at me.

“Nothing it is just you called me mom for the first time.”

“I did. Well, as much as you hurt me you are my mom and seeing her have this hold over you and the fear that I may hit you with my powers instead of her scared the crap out of me.”

“Thank you.”

“For what?”

“Accepting me and who you are.”

She says and I just nod at her not really knowing what to say, but thankfully Shayne beats me to it.

“What are we going to do about this challenge?”

“What challenge?”

Morgana asks me and I tell her how Guinevere has challenged us to a battle in two nights form now. Morgana eyes go wide and she starts freaking out talking about making battle plans and how all of this is unexpected. Also how Guinevere is messing with dark magic she placed in the first place and it will come with a price. As I think of everything going on I start to feel anger towards Guinevere. This is all her fault. If it wasn’t for her my family could have had a normal life. My mother would have never given me away and my father would still be alive.

Once again I feel the heat in my hands and I look down to see that they are glowing. As Morgana starts to freak out about battle plans and everything we have to do to prepare to win a fight I start to freak out about one thing. I don’t know how to control this power and Guinevere knows that, because of that we will loose. That is why she was so sure that she would win, she knows I have no control and that is our weakness. Looking up I see Shayne looking at me with a look asking me what is wrong.

“Mom we have another problem.”

“What is that?”

“I don’t have control.”

“That’s okay we will begin your training immediately after a battle plan is made. You two today has been a long day. Go and rest and we will begin planning tomorrow and start both of your training tomorrow night. I have two days to train you both and we cant waste anytime.”

She says and immediately leaves. Shayne looks at me with confusion and I just raise my shoulders. He tells me to head to bed and I ask him where he is going. He points behind him to my passed out sister and tells me that he is going to carry her to her room and come lay down next to me as soon as he is done. I nod at him and make my way to my room to get ready for bed. Once I am finished I see Shayne laying down with his arm over his face.

I slowly make my way towards him and lay my head on his chest. Lifting his arm to look at me I give him a small smile to try and relive him from whatever pain is on his mind. Neither of us say anything, but he just pulls me closer. We lay in a comfortable silence until I hear him finally fall asleep. His breathing is shallow, his heart at a steady beat, and his chest raising and falling at a nice smooth pace. I snuggle up closer to him if it was even possible.

“We are going to be okay. I’ll make sure of it.”

The next morning everyone is on their toes freaking out. Mother has told the whole kingdom what has happened and that for the next three days until the battle is over that they all stay in their homes for their own safety. They all fear for the lives of their queen and princesses, but reluctantly agree and prepare for shelter. Of course we, my mom, sister, my aunt, Shayne, and I, help them out to be prepared and once everyone was safely in their home with enough to eat for the next three days we head back to the castle to plan an attack.

My mother has been stressed out and didn’t even go to sleep last night while thinking about this battle plan. She planned most of it last night, but still needs help on a few things. Such as who takes what position and what their secret weapon is going to be. That is why we are all meeting up now in the dungeon to help her finish planning. Both my mom and my aunt go back and forth spitting out ideas to each other but neither of them can agree on anything. My sister and I try and figure out who could be where when it comes to the battle and actually have gotten pretty far in it. Luna is actually a pretty nice girl and even though I didn’t like her at first because our mother kept her instead of me it wasn’t like it was her fault. After spending some time with her I can see us becoming really close and it will actually be nice to have a real sister. Don’t get me wrong Adri is as close as it comes to being my sister, but a blood sister would be nice.

Our plan consisted of this: Morgana would be in the outermost front since she is the most powerful one out of all of us and could probably hold back Guinevere longer than any of us could. Next in line would be Luna and my aunt because they are the second one in line for being the most powerful. Sure Luna is still young and is still learning but she still has more experience than I have and has more control than what I will be able to learn in a day or two. Also Shayne refused to not be next to me so in the back is Shayne and I. For not only are we the weakest but if it becomes necessary Morgana told us to run, so with us towards the back it gives us easier access.

We should Morgana our plan and she approved of it. She told us how we will be fighting in the forest that Shayne and I traveled through not only because our kingdom cant handle becoming a battle ground but also because no one ever goes through that forest because it is private property owned by Morgana herself. As we look at the map of the forest and our line of attack we have everything pretty much planned the only thing we have to decided next is our secret weapon.

Morgana goes on to tell us how the secret weapon is the most powerful thing when it comes to entering a battle. Everyone has one and everyone knows the opponent has one the only thing they don’t know is what it is. We sat there for hours trying to decide what could be our secret weapon. Something that Guinevere wouldn’t know about or see coming. Luna starts telling us that Guinevere is already five steps ahead of us, based on battles from before, and that just put us in even more of a stump.

What is one thing that Guinevere wouldn’t see coming. Only if Shayne had powers that would be shocking for all of us, and that would definitely be something she wouldn’t see coming. Then it hit me. Powers she knows I have mine, but there is no way she would think that I would learn how to control them in less than two days. If we can train me to use my powers well that could be our secret weapon. I look up to see all of them considering what could be our secret weapon that is a powerful one at that as well. They all look so helpless and this has taken over an hour, so they are all most likely tired. I try to get their attention, but none of them look my way.


I say but once again nobody hears me and now my aunt and my mother are in a heated argument whether or not bringing a dark spirit would be a good thing. I keep trying to tell them I have an idea, but none of them are listening. I can slowly feel my anger building up and also the warm tingly feeling in my hands. I try and bring it back down, but it isn’t working. I don’t know how to control these new powers. My breathing starts to get heavier and I can feel myself having an inner freak out. The first to notice is my mother and she slowly starts to ask me if I’m alright but I can’t seem to answer. I feel two hands placed on my shoulder and someone right next to my ear.

“Hey, it’s going to be okay remember there is nothing to fear. Just calm down Alice.”

Shayne says and I can feel myself relaxing with his touch. My breathing starts to get controlled and the warmness in my hand is no longer because of my powers, but because of Shayne’s hand in mine. I look at our intertwined hands and then at him and smile whispering a small thank you. My attention then turns to my mom who asked me what happened. I tell her how I had an idea for a secret weapon, but no one was listening and I started to get mad. Next thing I know I was having an inner freak out. Morgana nods and then asks me what my idea was for the secret weapon.

“Me. I mean I just surprised you guys. Guinevere only gave us two days for a reason. She doesn’t think I can be trained to control my powers and fight with them in two days, so imagine if you can teach me to control and fight she would never see that coming.”

I tell them all and they all just stare at me until my aunt speaks. She tells me that my idea could work, but we would have to know where my powers come from. I look at her with a confused face. What does she mean comes from? My mother right? She is the one who gave them to me. My aunt sees my confusion and goes on to explain what she meant.

“Our power is summoned to us by some kind of feeling. There is something that you feel inside of you that makes your powers come to life. To control is easy. When it comes to that feeling inside of you there is always a counter-reaction that helps you to calm down. If you can find that counter-reaction then you can control your powers. Luna’s powers, when she was first learning, came to her when she was afraid. Fear is what made her powers activate, but her counter reaction was happiness, so when she couldn’t control it we would have her think of happy thoughts and she could control it. We just need to find both of yours.”

She finishes telling me and I nod at her and was going to ask how we find that out when my mother cuts me off. She tells us how she already knows and is going to train Shayne and I starting now. I try and ask what it is but she tells me that its better I find out while in battle, so then I can learn to control them when I’m out of control. I just nod at her and she tells Shayne, Luna, and I to meet in the backyard since it would be too dangerous to learn in the forest. We all go our separate ways to put on some more comfortable clothes for fighting in and then head to the back.

When we all make our way to the backyard or training field as she calls it we await her instructions. She comes out in what would look like a riding outfit and asks us if we are ready. We all look at each other and nod. She tells us how we are going to work in pairs. I look over to Shayne knowing that we will most likely be partners since we are both the weakest and cant hurt each other too much. She continues to tell us that once we get into partners we will learn basic fighting skills, most likely for Shayne and so we can defend ourselves in the normal world. Then we will learn control.

She then focuses her attention all on me telling me how we will start with basic spells, then go into more challenging ones, and to finish I will learn how to command spells without saying them out loud. Just by the will of my own hand and mind. I nod at her and tell her that we are ready and I start to walk over to Shayne when she stops me.

“No Estrella. Shayne and Luna will be partners and you and I will be partners. Luna will teach Shayne regular fighting techniques with a sword and his bare hands. Maybe how to use a potion or two and I will teach you how to control your powers and learn spells.”

She tells me and I just stare at her. Why would she put Shayne and Luna together? I mean I guess I can understand why. I mean Morgana is an all-powerful witch and should probably be the one to help me learn, but I don’t know why that bothers me so much to have Luna and Shayne working together. It shouldn’t but it does. I nod at Morgana and she tells Shayne to go to the other side of the field and wait for Luna. Shayne nods and makes his way over to the other side. As Luna starts to go over there Morgana grabs her and whispers something in her ear. She looks back at me then towards Shayne and nods. I raise my eyebrow at Morgana and ask her what that was about. She tells me that she was telling her what to do and for my sake not to hurt Shayne too much. I nod at her and she asks me if I’m ready.

“As ready as I’ll ever be.”

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