The Hidden Truth (Book 1 of The Hidden Truth Series)

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I woke up this morning anxious. Today is the day of the fight and I’m trying my best to stay calm. Shayne has been by my side all day keeping me calm. Right now we are all standing in the living room discussing how all of this is going to go down. Right now my mom and my aunt are going over the battle plan once more making sure each of us know our part. I’m supposed to show Guinevere that I’m still scared to use my powers and that I can’t control it, so I can be our secret weapon. For most of the battle I will not fight which will make her try and come after me then I will use my powers on her and hopefully defeat her.

We all continue to just sit around and talk while we wait for the battle. Shayne takes my arm and tells me to follow him. He takes me to the garden area in the town where it is dead silent. Everyone is following orders of staying inside and not coming out until we tell them it is all okay except one. There is this little girl crying behind a small bush. Shayne and I look at each other and then head over to the little girl. He kneels down to her height and begins talking to her. She tells him how her puppy had run out and she just went to find him and now she can’t find her home or her puppy. She then begins to cry harder while Shayne tries to comfort her. He whispers something in her ear and she nods. He then stands up and walks over to me I ask him what he told her and he just said that he was going to come talk to me and for her not to move.

He tells me I should try and comfort her. I look at him and ask him how if he cant do it how could I? He looks at me telling me that I lived in an orphanage and would take care of Michael, so how would I cheer him up. I started to think about them and how I haven’t talked or thought about any one of them in months. They are my family and I haven’t talked to them in a while and I might die today. Shaking the thought out of my head, yet making a mental note to call them, I head over to the little girl.

“What is your name sweetheart?”


“Well Malia I’m Alice and I’m going to help you get home. Can you tell me where you live?”

She gives me an idea of where and I nod at her thinking back to the small transportation spell my mom taught me. I tell her how if she closes her eyes hard enough and picture her home that she will be there in 20 seconds. She nods her head and closes her eyes. I tell her that I will find her puppy and deliver it to her as soon as I find him. She opens her eyes and hugs me telling me thank you and then goes back to closing her eyes. I tell her to start counting and she does.


I whisper while placing my hands on the little girl. I picture her description of the house and repeat the spell once more. Next thing I know the little girl is no longer in front of us. I make my way to stand and Shayne walks over to me smiling. He goes on to tell me how I would make an amazing mother one day and I couldn’t help but blush at that statement, but then I frown. Shayne looks at me confused on why all of a sudden I’m frowning. I tell him that I will only make a good mother if I survive this fight tonight. He immediately shakes his head and walks closer to me putting both of his hands on my cheeks. He makes me look into his eyes and slightly brush his thumbs on my cheeks.

“Listen to me. You will survive tonight. You are one of the strongest people I know. Not only that you have come back from the dead.”

“That was because of you. I heard your voice so I came back to you.”

“Well then listen here. You will survive tonight because I will do everything in my power to make sure of it. I will not let anything happen to you. If they want you they are going to have to go through me okay. There is nothing you need to worry about.”

I just nod knowing that there is no point in arguing with him because I know I will loose eventually. Even though I know that deep inside its me who wont let anything happen to him for if he dies so do I. I will do everything in my power to make sure that he makes it out alive even if it’s over my dead body. Nothing will hurt him while I’m alive and that’s a promise. I let out a sigh and he asks me what is wrong again. I tell him nothing, nothing at all. He nods at me and tells me to stay right there. I give him a questioning look but tell him okay.

He disappears for a couple minutes, but comes back with something behind his back. I ask him what he got and he shows me raising it right in front of my eyes. In front of me stands a gorgeous deep blue rose. Its stem is a contrasting green and it is one of the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life. He tells me to take it and I nod reaching my hand up to grab it. I then bring it up to my nose and smell it. It smells sweet and full of life and I thank him telling him its beautiful.

“Its not the only thing that’s beautiful out here.”

He says and I look up to see him staring at me intensely and I can’t look away. Its as if his gaze has me trapped in place and has me paralyzed to where I can’t move. His left hand raises and brushes back any loose hair that has fallen and then leaves his hand at the back of my head. His right hand makes its way under my chin and he slightly lifts my head.


“Yes Shayne?”

“Don’t move.”

Instead of answering I just stood there while he starts to lean forward. At first I just stand still not really letting it sink in that this is about to happen. He is leaning forward to kiss me in the gardens. This is something out of a cliché. I start to meet him half way, but as soon as we get close and our lips are centimeters apart my phone rings and I jump dropping the rose. I look at him and apologize right away while answering the phone.


As soon as the person speaks I realize that it is Adri. I tell her that she has perfect timing. She asks me what I meant by that and I just tell her that I was just thinking about her and was going to call her. She believed it and starts talking about how they all miss me and wanted to talk about my college adventure. I tell her how we have visited all these amazing colleges and how I don’t know which one I’ll choose. Everyone who is on the phone tells me not to choose and to come back home and I just laugh telling the mall how I miss them and love them and will be coming home to see them soon.

As I tell them that I choke up because I don’t know if that is for sure and if I’m actually going to be able to hear their voices or see their faces again. They all don’t seem to notice my choke up and tell me that they will call again soon since Adri really wants to talk to me. I tell them once again that I love them and soon its just Adri. I can hear her shuffling and getting somewhere to where we can be private and then she just starts asking me questions. I answer them all with mostly yes’s and she asks me how my mother is. I tell her everything besides the fact that I’m a witch, but I do tell her that I’m royalty, and now she better listen to me. She just laughs at me and I director my attention to Shayne who is standing there looking at the rose then at the sky. I look up as well and see that it’s starting to become nightfall. I tell Adri that I have to go and do some family bonding, but I will hopefully call her tomorrow. She starts going on about something that she wants to tell me the next time we talk.

“Hey Adri?”


“I love you. You’re my best friend and I miss you.”

“I love and miss you too! Man you make it sound like you’re dying.”

She says and I just awkwardly laugh and tell her I’ll talk to her later. We hang up and I walk over to Shayne apologizing once more. He just shakes his head at me and tells me it’s a good thing they called since we don’t know how this will end. He tries to give me back the rose but I shake my head at him. He looks at me with slight confusion and slight hurt and I shake my head at him shaking any bad thought out of his head. I grab the hand that isn’t holding the flower and place my other hand on top of the one that is.

“I want you to give this rose to me after we win this fight and only then, because if something were to happen to either of us this rose will represent what we were fighting for and will stay in the castle until it wilts to death.”

He slightly nods at me and takes my hand as we walk back towards the house. Only if he knew what I meant by it represents what we are fighting for. Each rose has a meaning and each color of a rose has a meaning. The blue rose is not only one of my favorite, but the meaning behind it is beautiful as well. It is the symbol of love and prosperity to those who seek it, however a blue rose is very rare and most of the time artificial which in the end can convey that this love is either very rare or very artificial. I’m willing to fight even though I don’t know whether this love is real and rare or artificial and misconceiving.

We continue to walk towards the house talking about what we think will happen in tonight’s battle. The suspense is killing me and honestly I just want to get it over with. We walk in the door where I see everyone dressed and ready to fight. Morgana asks where we have been and we tell her in the garden where a little girl was lost. She nods telling us to go get ready since it is almost time. We follow her orders and go to get ready. I put on some black leather pants, a long sleeved deep blue shirt, and some black combat boots. I throw my hair into a high ponytail and place a headband to secure it. I walk out of the room and to the living room where I see everyone once again going over the final battle plan. My sister looks almost just like me except her shirt is a deep red. My aunt is wearing all black and her hair is in a bun, while my mother is in a black pants suit with some weird cape thing over it. She has this black like crown on and her hair is in a high ponytail like mine. Shayne is wearing a camo green long sleeved shirt and some black jeans with combat boots. His hair is sleeked back in place. I make my way over to everyone and listen in to what they are saying.

After a couple of minutes into talking there is this loud bang and the whole house shakes. We all stand our ground and wait for my mother to say something. Once she regains her balance she looks over to us and nods.

“Its time.”

We make our way over to the battleground and immediately see Guinevere standing there with four other people. She is looking at us with a smug look on her face as if she has already won even though the fight hasn’t begun. We all walk over to our position and now its just as if it’s a stare off because no one has said anything. I can feel Guinevere’s gaze on me, so I look up.

“My my dearie, you don’t look well enough to fight. Did you get any training done? Do you even know how to control yourself?”

She taunts me and I can feel the anger in side of me start to grow and I can feel the heat in my hands start to turn on. I look down at my hands as if I’m scared of what’s going on and look over to Shayne who stands in front of me.

“Oh your little boyfriend is going to protect you.”

“He isn’t my boyfriend.”

“Sure and what happened in the garden was nothing.”

She says and my eyes widen. Everyone turns their head towards us and I look at Guinevere with shock and confusion on my face and she just laughs. She starts to walk forward and everybody gets in battle position.

“Estrella you really think I wouldn’t have kept an eye on you? I just wanted you to think your plan was going to work, but honestly sweetie I’m already three steps ahead of you.”

She says as she waves her arm and everyone but Shayne, me, and her drop down. I go to run over to my mom and I see that she is still breathing she is just knocked out. I look over to Guinevere who has Shayne in her hands. She looks over to me and smiles while walking towards me dragging Shayne with her.

“Dearie, I want this to be a fair fight. You guys planning a surprise attack against me isn’t fair at all now is it?”

“What about you? I know for a fact you have a surprise attack.”

“Surprise dearie! Did you really think I would know all of this? This is my surprise attack and that is all. Now I want a fair fight. I will bring everyone back and we will fight. No surprises you understand.”

She tells me and I nod looking at her with anger. She brings everyone out of their knocked out state and goes back to her side. My mother looks at me asking what we should do since she knows our plan. I look at everyone who is fighting for Guinevere and see that they are all made of magic. The only person who is real over there is Guinevere and that is our advantage. I look over to my family and Shayne and tell them what we are to do.

“We fight. Pick a person and fight.”

I say as I bring a glowing fireball in my hand and turn towards our opponents looking straight at Guinevere. She is smiling her creepy smile once again and tells us how this is what she has been waiting for since her brothers death. At that my mother immediately sends a fireball her way and hits her on the shoulder burning her red cape. Guinevere shakes her head and black sand comes out from both her hands and towards my mother. That is when everyone attacks. We all fight one by one except I realize something. Guinevere is nowhere in sight and no one has come after me. I see my sister having a little trouble with her battle so I try and go to help her. When I try to move though I’m paralyzed from the neck down. I can’t move and I can’t go to help them. I look back over to my sister and see that she has been knocked out.

“Poor Estrella you can’t move can you?”

“What did you do?”

“Just a little paralyzing spell its only temporary.”


“Because I want you to watch everyone you care about die, starting with your sister.”

Guinevere tells me and I see the guy hovering over me sister with a blade ready to slide it through and there was nothing I could do. I felt so helpless, but also felt so much anger towards Guinevere right now that not only did my hands start to glow I started to glow. I hear Guinevere beside me gasp at what is going on. What is going on? I have never felt so much power before and I don’t know how to control it. I look over to Shayne and try and use my anchor, but it only adds to the flame when I see the guy he is fighting knock him out.

Each of them fall one by one. My sister, Shayne, my aunt, and lastly my mom all of them knocked out cold on the floor and one of Guinevere’s men hovering over each of them. Their blade ready to strike them. I look to see that they are waiting for Guinevere’s say to strike them. I try and move but nothing it is as if I am glued to this spot.

“How does it feel? To be helpless? To know that there is nothing you can do to save them?”

“Why are you doing this?”

“I’m sure your mother has told you about your father. This is exactly how I felt when I could do nothing to save him.”

“Save him? You were the one who ripped out his heart and killed him!”

“I know but it was either him or my own and just like your mother I had to give my kids the best life they deserved. Everything I did was for the good of them. I didn’t want to kill your father and I don’t want to kill your family, but oh do I want to kill you.”

She says as she waves her arm around getting rid of the guys fighting for her, waking everyone up, and releasing the paralyzing spell on me. I try and run as soon as I feel the spell were-off, but she grabs my neck before I could. My lungs feel like they are being sucked dry and the air is becoming limited. I try and gasp, but it is no use there is no air coming in. Then the pain starts to travel and it feel as if someone has brought a knife into my stomach and is slowing twisting it just to bring me pain. I let out a scream and everyone is on their feet with my mom ready to strike. Guinevere tells them that they should rethink what they are doing because every shot could very well hit me. I look at all of them with fear in my eyes and they all look at me with the same look. This isn’t how it’s supposed to end.

“I tried so hard to be patient, I tried so hard to wait for this prophecy, but no more. They always said you want something done you got to do it yourself.”

She says as she tightens her grip around my neck. Everyone tries to run towards me, but no one can move. She has cast the same spell on them as she did me earlier. I look at everyone, who doesn’t know what to do, and mouth that I’m sorry. I can see that they are all crying or on the verge of crying and I can tell that my mom is trying hard to think of a counter spell. Guinevere continues talking about how the prophecy should have been started already that everything is going wrong and how she can’t take this anymore. Her grip tightens and I start to loose consciousness.

“Let her go.”

I feel as if I even try and speak I will die on the spot, so instead I just plead with my eyes.

“Pathetic little girl, your power maybe growing, but you are still very weak. Just be sure to watch your back because next time I won’t be so nice.”

She says and let’s go of my face. I feel all the air that I was trying to save rush back to me, and the pain of the knife now being sooth back to health. Looking at her I was about to ask her who she was until I heard my name being called. Turning towards the sound I see Shayne standing there looking at me with that same look of concern on his face. The blonde lady follows my gaze and slightly snickers.

“How stupid could you be little girl. Showing me your weakness. Giving your heart to this boy is not only your greatest weakness, but will also be your downfall.”

She says and flicks her wrist sending Shayne flying to the tree behind him. I scream out his name but it is as if he cannot hear me. Guinevere has now made her way over to Shayne grabbing him by the neck. Shayne looks over to me with a plea in his eyes, but there is nothing I could do. I was frozen in my spot.

“Such a shame too, he was a pretty one. Maybe I’ll break you by breaking him.”

She says while squeezing his neck tighter. I scream his name again, and this time I run towards him. Except after my first step I feel myself being flung across the room. Hitting my head against a tree I can feel a fresh cut forming on my forehead. Looking up I meet with Shayne’s gaze and he gives me a small smile and whispers that it’s going to be okay. I shake my head at him slowly trying to catch my breath trying to tell Guinevere to let him go. I can feel her piercing gaze on me and I look up to meet that gaze. Her hand turns towards me and I know she is about to say a spell to either kill me or knock me out.

Phesmatos superous em animi”

She says and I could feel a sharp pain inside of me. It’s happening again. I could feel it near my heart and in my head. I start to grip my head trying to make the pain go way but it doesn’t work. I could see the blood trickling from my nose down to the floor. This time I know that she wont stop it and that I’m going to die by bleeding to death just like she said. The blood pouring out of my nose was like a never-ending waterfall and I could slowly feel my body go numb. I knew how to make this pain end by just giving up and I was just about ready to. The darkness is once again closing in on me and there is no escaping this time.

“Alice no! Stay with me.”

“Shut-up boy!”

“You’re killing her! Let go of me!”

“You’re going to have to do more than that to make me let go of you.”

“I said let go.”

I barely hear Shayne’s voice, but I stay awake long enough to hear what is happening. Guinevere starts laughing and asking him what he is going to do about it. I can hear Shayne’s voice, but can’t make out what he said. I don’t know what is going on at the moment because everything is slowly fading to black. The last thing I see is a glowing Shayne and his piercing hazel eyes now a deep red. I try and call his name, which was a bad choice because all the pain came crashing down and I took my last breath. The next thing I know is there is a gust of wind and a loud bang and I’m surrounded by darkness.

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