The Hidden Truth (Book 1 of The Hidden Truth Series)

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Look away. I need to look away, but I can't. Those eyes are pouring into my soul and taking control of everything. They can't be the same eyes in my dream can they? I notice he is looking at me with an emotion I can't read right now because I’m too freaked out.

“Estrella! Are you okay?”

Mrs. Taylor yells and that’s when the owner of those eyes looks up and helps me to stand. When he looks away and I’m finally on my feet I feel myself slowly coming back into control of my body. I look around at everybody who looks scared and nervous. All I did was fall why is everybody so freaked out? I mean yeah it was kind of weird that I almost fainted when I met the guy, but still it's not something to freak out over. I look over and make eye contact with the one person who doesn't look worried. Nope instead she has a smirk on her face and I know what she is thinking. I keep looking at Adri who is mouthing ‘Answer her question’. Oh yeah. I move my hand to my head and look at Mrs. Taylor.

“I’m fine Mrs. Taylor. Just felt a little light headed that’s all. Nothing to be worried about.”

“Well that’s good. It is a good thing Mr. Moore was there to catch you”

“Yea it was Thanks Mr. Moore”

“No problem and Call me Shayne”

He says and puts his hand out for me to shake it. I do and take this opportunity to take in his appearance. He has shaggy brownish hair. His face is nicely chiseled to perfection. He has the most gorgeous smile that would have any girl melt in a heartbeat. Trust me I know. If he wasn't holding my hand right now I would probably go weak in the knees just looking at him. The comment Kayla made earlier about him being hot was not anywhere near close. This guy is perfection. The only thing that is ruining it for me is those Hazel eyes. Of course there is no telling if he is the guy in my dream that I’m running from, but what if it is? That’s brings so many questions to my head. If he is the guy in my dreams, why am I running from him? Should I be scared that he is here? Should I be shaking his hand? That’s when I realized that we have been shaking hands for longer than normal people should. I quickly let go of his hand and smile. He must have been deep in thought too because when I removed my hand he shook his head in confusion. Then turned to Mrs. Marie.

“Thanks so much for letting me help you out and for letting me stay it won't be long I promise just until I get my own place.”

Oh so he must be 18 and just moved out and is looking for a place and job, but why here? He is volunteering right? Volunteers don't get paid last I checked, so how is he going to get a place with no money?

“Nonsense dear stay as long as you please besides I could use the help around here. Not that Estrella is a big enough help it's just nice to have another set of helping hands.”


He questions and I forgot I never introduced myself to him. I mean he caught me from falling into my glass shards on the floor. I’m pretty sure Luke would have caught me though. Speaking of Luke where did he go? Man he is quick and quiet. I look over to Mrs. Taylor and Shayne and smiled.

“Yea that’s me”

I tell him and he turns around and smiles.

“Oh well it's nice to meet you”

“Likewise and thanks again for catching me”

“Anytime Estrella. Now if you guys will excuse me I will be heading to my room for the night. If that is okay?”

“That is fine sweetie. We will start working tomorrow”

She tells him and he nods heading towards the stairs. Watching him slowly walk up the stairs I try and remember his body structure, face and voice just in case he is in my dream tonight. When he is completely out of sight I turn to see Mrs. Taylor staring at me with a huge smile on her face. I tilt my head in confusion.

“Mrs. Taylor are you okay?”

“I’m fine. You like him don't you?”

“Who Shayne? No I just met him. I mean he seems like a nice guy, but I don't like him like that.”

“Haven't you heard of Love at First Sight?”

“I have and I don't believe in that.”

“Why not?”

“You can't love someone you don't know.”

“I loved you when I first saw you”

“That’s different and besides you didn't know me anyway”

“Yea but the more I got to know you the more I loved you like my own daughter. You see love at first sight is real but doesn't mean you have to act upon it right away. Getting to know someone will just help fill that passion till soon you’re head over heels in love”

“I don't even know why we are having this conversation I don't like him”

“Okay help me clean this mess please”

She asks and I nod. We both start cleaning the kitchen and just talking about what is planned for tomorrow. Since I have to work tomorrow she tells me to give my chore list to another orphan. I know none of the orphans will do it well except Percy he probably would. I told Mrs. Taylor that I would just do it when I get back but she shakes her head and tells me I’m showing Shayne around town. Me showing Shayne around town? What is he not from here or something? There isn't much to show him anyway since this is such a small town, but Mrs. Taylor has her mind set and she wants me to do it. I nod at her telling her I will give my chores to Percy and go ask Shayne if he would like to go to town with me tomorrow. She smiles at me and finishes wiping the floor of my orange juice. I smile back and head towards the stairs.

Looking around the place I see pictures of all of us and think about how much we are like a family. One strange, disconnected, screwed up family, but still a family at best. Mrs. Taylor does her best at taking care of us and I know she is getting older and much more tired, which kind of makes me feel bad that I’m doing what I am doing, but I don't have a choice. I need to know about my past so I can move on. Slowly making my way up the stairs my head starts to hurt again and I’m feeling light headed. Reaching the top of the stairs I feel winded and my legs are shaking to the point where I know I’m going to collapse. Just like not too long ago I feel myself fall and land in someone’s arms this time it's not the owner of the piercing Hazel eyes nope.

It’s Percy.

“Hey Alice are you okay?”

“Yea I’m fine just felt a little light-headed that’s all.”

“I think you should rest”

“Yea me too. Oh and tomorrow I have to work, so do you think you can do my chores?”

“Why don't you do them when you get home like you always do?”

“Because Mrs. Taylor is making me take Shayne out in town tomorrow after work.”


“The new guy”

“Oh his name is Shayne?”

“Yea it is”

“Oh cool….um yeah I will do your chores for you this time”

“Thanks Percy I knew I could count on you”

“You always can. Now the question is can I count on you?”

He says jokingly and I nod. He smiles and then tells me he is going out for his daily run. I tell him to have fun and he says he will. I don't understand that though running is awful like dreadful I don't know why people do it for fun, but I guess they do. Once we have parted ways I go over to the guest room, which is across the way from my room. Slowly lifting my hand I get ready to knock, but I just can't bring myself to do so. What if he is sleeping? Or worse what if he is changing? I’ll just wait for him to come out. Before I can bring my hand down the door opens and Shayne walks out. Not noticing me, therefore he bumps into me knocking me completely over. This time he doesn't catch me in time and I fall on my butt. He looks down at me with wide eyes and helps me up quickly while murmuring apologies. Waving my hand I tell him I’m fine and he double checks before nodding.

“What were you doing outside my door anyway?”

“Oh yeah. Mrs. Taylor wanted me to ask you if you would like to join me after work in going out to town.”

“Tomorrow? What time do you get off work?”

“I get off at two”

“Two? Yeah that sounds fun. Sure I’m in.”

“Okay good well I’m off to my room I’ll see you at dinner”

“See you at dinner!”

He tells me and I head to my room. Opening the door he calls my name again.


I feel myself cringe I hope it wasn't noticeable, but like most of the time I am wrong.


“Do you not like your name? I saw you cringe.”

“It's not that. I just…well kind of...I go by my middle name Alice”

“Alice huh? Why didn't you correct me or Mrs. Taylor then?”

“I don't like to be rude. It's fine”

“Okay well can I call you Alice?”

“Of course you can”

“Okay cool”

We both just stand there and look at each other once again. Trying to figure the other one out. He is a lot taller than I thought when he was holding me. He would actually have quite the intimidating look if it weren’t for his clothes. He is wearing a nice blue button up shirt and a black vest over it with some white jeans. He must be rich because the watch on his left wrist looks pretty expensive. Then I realized he called my name for a reason.

“Did you need something?”


“Well you called my name before were you going to ask me something?”

“Oh yeah where are your towels I was going to shower and change into something more comfortable for dinner”

“Oh they should be in the closet in your bathroom if there isn't any in there. That door right there holds some I believe.”
“Oh okay Thanks Estr-Alice”

“You’re welcome”

I tell him with a nod and go in my room. Falling on my bed I feel completely exhausted and it's only what? I look up at my clock and the red digits are flashing in my face like a siren. It's 12:00. Noon dinner isn't until 5, so what can I do until then. Well I do feel exhausted maybe just a quick nap. I lay my head on my pillow for just a second I can feel myself relax and slip into dream world.

I wake up feeling refreshed. Wow no bad dream that’s a first? Glancing towards my right I see my clock showing 12:00 am! I slept through dinner why didn't anyone wake me up. Getting out of bed I quickly open the door to find complete silence. Left then right. No one is out of their room everyone’s door is closed. I decided to go over to Adri’s room and see if she is awake. Tiptoeing is not my strongest ability, so I wasn't surprised when I kept bumping into things making all kinds of noise. Finally reaching Adri’s room I knock on her door.

“Adri? Adri? Are you awake?”

No answer. Hmmm? I slowly push open her door which is unlocked Mrs. Taylor tells us all to lock our doors at night and then she comes and double checks. Weird. I make my way into her room. Her room looks so creepy in the dark since she begged Mrs. Taylor to paint her walls black. I know what you are all thinking. No Adrianne is not a Goth She just loves the color black like a lot. Anyway, her room is pitch black and I can’t see a thing. Step by step I inch closer in her room however I find myself tripping over something hard. Falling I made a loud noise and prayed I didn't wake anyone up. I look up at Adrianne’s bed and see no one is there. Her bed is still perfectly made. Wait what? I leave her room closing the door on my way out and head towards Mrs. Taylor’s room. Empty. Just like everyone else’s I checked on the way to her bedroom. Where is everybody?


What? Who is there? Who called my name? Spinning around to see if anyone was there and no one absolutely no one was there. This is just too freaking weird. Making my way back towards my room I hear the voice call my name again.

“Hello is anyone here? Mrs. Taylor? Percy? Adri? Shayne? Anyone?”

Nope. Nothing. No one answers me and for once I’m actually really scared.

“Alice come find me”

“Where? Where are you?”

“Follow the light”

Light what light? I turn towards the stairs and see a bright light. Oh that light. I slowly follow it down the stairs and silently curse myself for not putting on socks. The hardwood floor in the orphanage can get really cold really fast. Following the light in complete silence I finally start to question my sanity. Should I be following this light? For all I know this could be someone who snuck into our house and kidnapped everyone and now they are leading me to my death. Immediately I stop at that thought.

“Alice follow the light”

“First answer my question who are you?”

“All your answers will be received as long as you follow the gleam”

We are rhyming now? Okay I know I’m not being led to my death, so I continue to follow the gleam of light. This walk feels forever and unknown even though I know exactly where I am. I just don't know where I am headed. We pass the kitchen, then the living room and then the light disappears into a door. Should I go in? I look up and see on the door in bold letters. Mrs. Taylor’s office. Why would the light lead me there? Instead of questioning it I open the surprisingly unlocked door. She never wants us to go in here so she always keeps the door locked. Shaking the thought out of my head I see the light hovering over one of her many drawers in this room. I go closer to it and the light disappears. This must be where my answers lie. I open the drawer and inside are many things. A necklace just like my tattoo on my shoulder. Lifting it up I see it's an exact replica of my tattoo. Strange. This must be what I came with. ‘All answers will be received as long as you follow the gleam’ I say to myself. That little ball of light lead me to my past the answers of my past are now in reaching distance. I look through the drawer.

A baby blanket

It is a bright pink and has my name sewn into it. Examining the blanket I realize a few things. One it was the blanket I was wrapped in when I was brought her. Two it has a certain scent to it. My mother’s whatever perfume she was wearing stayed on the blanket. I inhale the scent and it puts me at ease. The third thing I notice is a small drop of red liquid at the corner of my blanket. Is that blood? It's can't be can it? I shake it off and put the blanket down to the side and kept looking.

A small doll.

The doll has gorgeous long auburn hair and gorgeous blue eyes. I look at the outfit the doll is wearing and notice it's wearing a long red and black gown. I inspect the doll closely and realize it's supposed to be me. The doll is a small version of me. I put that down quickly because it's kind of creepy. Like one of those voodoo dolls you see on those witches movies.

An envelope

The envelope that sits there is the last thing in here. I really didn't come with a lot did I? I grab the envelope and drag my fingers across it. Feeling the sharp edges of the corners and the smooth yet rough texture of the envelope itself. On the front of the envelope it's my name in black cursive ink. Estrella Alice Montgomery. I turn the envelope over and see it was once sealed with a red coin shaped stamp. I try and keep it close to see what was written on the stamp.

Morgan le Fay

What does that mean? I’ll have to search it later. I open the envelope and grab the letter noticing it is really long. Better start reading before someone finds out I’m in here.

To whom it may concern,

In this basket is my pride and joy. My only child Estrella Alice Montgomery. I advise that you will take great care of her for she is not safe in our homeland.

Homeland? So I’m not from Miami. Why didn't she just say city? Anyway I skim it to see the first half is just explaining me when I was born and my exact age at the moment. Also how much she trusts whoever found me to take great care of me. I kept skimming when something caught my eye.

Cum Luna plena, incipit decrescere. She is in great danger and when she turns 18


I turn around to see who caught me in the act but no one is there. Turning back towards the letter but it's gone. Everything I just took out and looked at is gone. It like disappeared. What happened?


Next thing I know I’m back in my room lying down on my bed. My eyes feeling really heavy and slowly starting to drip.


I slowly start to fall asleep to the sweet soothing voice calling my name. When finally I’m in a slumber.

“Alice wake up”

I shoot awake and see Shayne looking at me. Confused I look around my room to see nothing has changed. Looking towards my clock it flashes 5:00pm. Wasn't it just midnight or did I sleep through the day. Shayne notices my confusion.

“Mrs. Taylor sent me up here to get you since you weren't at the dinner table and she said you are normally the first one there. Is everything okay?”

No absolutely not. What just happened? Was that all a dream? Did I see into my future or something? I really wish I could ask him all these questions but I can't. Instead of telling him any of this I find myself nodding.

“Yea everything is fine. Just had a nap that I really needed, but it came with a dream that weirded me out a bit.”

“Want to talk about it?”

“You wouldn't understand.”

“Try me”

He says with a smirk that I have to admit makes him quite attractive. I open my mouth getting ready to release a comeback but Mrs. Taylor interrupted us.

“Shayne, Estrella is everything okay?”

I cringe at my name and Shayne just laughs. He yells back everything is fine and tells me to fix my hair and he will see me at dinner. I smile and nod at him getting up to fix my hair. Cum Luna plena, incipit decrescere. She is in great danger and when she turns 18 that saying keeps spinning around and around in my head. I don't speak Latin so I don't know what that means and also I don't understand what is meant when it said I’m in great danger. From what or who? And what is going to happen to me when I turn 18?



I don't know what it means, but I’m going to find out and there is only one way to do that. I have to sneak into Mrs. Taylor’s office.


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