The Hidden Truth (Book 1 of The Hidden Truth Series)

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Drop The Bomb

There is silence nothing more and nothing less. It’s not like how it was before where I was able to choose between life and death. Maybe this is death, nothing but silence. I can no longer feel any more pain, actually I can no longer feel anything. My breathing is stilled and I slowly start to open my eyes. There is nothing surrounding me. Everything is pitch black around me. I try and move around to feel where I am. I know that I am lying on my back based on the position of my hands. Moving my right hand out away from me, I feel something soft like the silk sheets on my bed. Moving my left hand up towards me, I feel nothing but my bare skin. Bringing both hands to my face I can feel the dry blood from where I was bleeding: my nose, my mouth, my ears, and even some near my eyes.

I try to sit up, but it feels as if there is this barrier holding me down. It’s still completely pitch black and I’m laying here helpless. I slowly start to feel everything around me as if everything, all my senses, are coming back to me. The barrier that’s holding me down are two hands. I move my left hand from my face and touch the two hands holding me down. I hear a small gasp and a she is alive and now I’m starting to believe it. I try and fight to get everyone of my senses back. I continue with my hearing and try to hear everything that’s going on in the room around me, but I hear nothing. Moving on to my smell I try to smell the air around me as if I’m a wolf trying to catch a scent.

Taking in a small whiff of air I smell fresh linen and blood. The horrible stench of blood and death are surrounding me. I try and take a breath of air, but I feel as if I’m constricted and my lungs wont let me take any air in or let any air out. I can hear someone yell that I’m trying to breathe and the next thing I know I feel something on my lips blowing air inside. This is helping only by a smudge and I can slowly feel my lungs starting to work. However, the more air they try and put in the more blood pours out of my nose. The waterfall, that is the blood running from my nose, continues and I feel the pain start to reenter my body.

At first I couldn’t feel anything, but now I feel it all. That pain from the spell Guinevere has done on me comes back and I can feel it in my head, but only my head. There is a sharp pain in my side, as if the knife has come back, so I bring my right hand to feel it. There is a cut going up my side to right under my chest and it feels as if it has been reopened from its stitching and is bleeding all over again. The pain is worse this time, but I can’t scream. No matter how hard I try I cannot scream. The pain is excruciating. Sweat drips down my body mixing with the blood that flows next to it. Air is being pumped into my body as if it is my only life source. Everything I couldn’t feel has come to an attack on my body.

Pain, pain, and more pain that is all that is on my mind. I didn’t even notice the bright shining light that is coming out from every cut on my body. As the light gets brighter the pain gets stronger and I cant take it anymore. Both my hands find their way to grip whatever smooth item I’m laying on, my eyes shut tight, I take a deep breath, for the first time, and let out the loudest scream in my life.

I sit up as quickly as possible and open my eyes. I see that I am in my room and not some dark place. In front of me is my vanity where I see my eyes are glowing and all the dry blood on my face. Through the mirror I can see my mother and Shayne behind me just watching me as if scared of what I might do. I slowly turn my head towards them and ask what happened. They look at each other and my mother nods turning her gaze towards me, however my gaze goes towards Shayne. His eyes they are a lot brighter than usual and he has a certain glow to him. Something has changed and since neither of them has said anything yet I ask my question again.

My mother sighs and starts telling me how I almost died in their arms right now and I should get some rest they will tell me about it later. Shaking my head I tell them to tell me now. My mom sighs and starts from after right before I passed out. The moment I used my last breath to call Shayne’s name I passed out and Shayne lost it. Shayne started to glow and a flashing light came out of him and hit Guinevere knocking her unconscious. Shayne immediately ran over to me and lifted me up. My mother says as soon as he picked me up Shayne’s powers started to mix with mine and started to heal me. They quickly brought me back here and laid me down on my bed and waited for me to wake up. Apparently my mom went back to get Guinevere and put her in jail, but she was missing. I have been out for a total of three days. Throughout those three days mother has been working with Shayne to learn control over his powers.

I look over to Shayne and he is looking right at me. I remember before passing out his eyes were a deep red color not their usual hazel. I move closer to Shayne and place my hands on his cheeks. He sighs and leans his face into my hands for comfort.

“So you’re a witch now too? How is that possible?”

“Technical term is warlock and we are trying to figure that out.”

My mother answers for Shayne telling me that he is still a little shaken up and weak from what happened and hasn’t spoke at all. I nod at her asking her if she could give Shayne and I a minute. She tells me that we should also rest for the town wants to throw a ball for defeating Guinevere once and for all. Even though I don’t think this is the last of Guinevere I nod and tell my mom we will be well rested and ready before the ball starts. She nods and makes her way out of the room leaving Shayne and I alone. Turning my attention away from the door and towards Shayne I see his eyes are closed and his breathing is shallow. He is weaker than I thought. Helping him to lay down I get out of the bed and go to the bathroom.

Cleaning off the dry blood stains on my face I throw my hair in a messy bun and change out of my ripped and blood stained fighting clothes, change into something simple, and make my way back to the room where I see Shayne hasn’t moved. Going over to my dresser I grab the small spell book my mom gave me to practice and sit next to Shayne. If his and my powers mixed together to help me heal from the spell, then maybe I took some of his powers. Maybe I can transfer some of my powers back over to him and make him not weak anymore.

Flipping through many pages of the book I finally find a spell that could work. I prepare Shayne for the spell, by taking off his shirt and lying him down, and sit on him with both legs on either side of him. While straddling him I place both hands on his chest and chant this over and over again.

“may you be victorious in your fight,

may you summon terrible creatures of the night,

may you have all my power

may it bloom in you like a flower, so mote it”

I continue to say that phrase until I feel my power surge from my chest down my arms and into Shayne’s chest through my hands. I see a flower design form around my hands and then disappear into Shayne’s chest. His eyes flutter open and he smiles at me. He looks at me and the position we are in and raises and eyebrow. Shaking my head I start to get off of him, except he sits up and holds me in place.

“How are you feeling?”

“A lot better now, but I’m more concerned for you. You almost died today.”

He tells me and shrug my shoulders.

“I almost die everyday. It’s the life of a witch and you better get used to it for what I’ve heard happen. Did you even know?”

“No I thought I was normal, but I guess I’m supernatural as well.”

“Maybe it has something to do with your birth parents like me.”

“There is a reason we came together. Maybe this is it.”

“Maybe. Now get some rest my mother says we have a ball we have to attend in a couple hours.”

I tell him and he nods removing me from his lap and laying down. I lay down next to him and start to fall asleep until Shayne asks me what am I going to do now. I lay on my side putting my head on my hand to look at him. I tell him how I really don’t know what I plan to do next. I would like to go back to the orphanage and see everyone again, but I know my life is now here with my family. Plus going back could put everyone I love over there in danger. I then ask him what he is planning to do after all of this. He surprises me by telling me that he is going to stay here and train. His parents back home don’t care about him and he needs to learn about himself and my mother has offered to help him. Nodding my head at him I lay back down and tell him that I will stay with him if he wants me too, but we would have to visit the orphanage once we know for sure we are safe. He tells me how he loves that plan and that we should get some sleep. Smiling at his answer I close my eyes and transfer into dream world.

Waking up a couple hours later due to a knock on the door from my sister. She tells me that we should start getting ready for the ball is in two hours. Thanking her for letting us know I wake up a sleeping Shayne next to me and tell him that we have to get ready. He nods and tells me he will see me in an hour so he can escort me to the ball. Nodding I tell him I will see him soon and we part ways.

I go over to my bathroom and start to get ready. After taking my nice hot bath I walk over to the closet and decide on what dress I want to wear. Since it is a ball I am allowed to wear any one of the big puffy ball gowns that are in my closet. I decided to go with this purple one. It’s a lavender color, the dress is a sweetheart style that has diamonds spread all throughout the dress. There are some diamonds on the breast area and some where the waist starts. It then poofs out where there are small amount of diamonds and flower designs going down the middle. The sides have a ruffle style going down to the floor and there is a small sleeve jacket to wear over it to cover my shoulders.

I immediately fall in love with it once I put it on. Throwing my hair into this half up due I add a small tiara, since my mother says its every princess’s best friend, and add a simple diamond necklace to complete the look. My make up is natural with a small amount of lilac purple blush and a faint pink lip-gloss. I make my way out of the bathroom and into the room where I see Shayne sitting on the bed with three ties laying on the bed. There is a deep red, a teal, and a purple one laying down and it looks as if he is debating what color to wear. I ask him what he is doing and he answers me without turning around.

“Well if I’m escorting you to the ball I wanted to match my tie color with your dress, but I didn’t know what color your dress was, so I just picked your three favorite colors.”

“Oh its purple.”

He nods and grabs the purple one asking me if I can help him put it on. I tell him I can and start to walk towards him. He turns around to give me the tie and thank me, but he stops dead in his tracks as do I. He is wearing a simple tux with his hair brushed back, but the first couple of buttons are unbutton on his shirt. He looks really handsome and I can’t help, but blush. I watch him as his eyes roam over me and end at my eyes. He smiles his dimple smile and tells me I look beautiful. Thanking him I tell him that he looks handsome.

“You do know in order to tie a tie you have to have every button buttoned up.”

He sighs and lets out a small chuckle saying that he feels constricted with all the buttons buttoned. Shaking my head at him I help him to tie his tie and tell him to not think about it and just to have fun tonight. He nods at me and offers me his arm, which I gladly take. We make our way over to our ballroom where I see loads of people dancing and having fun. Looking over towards the front of the room I see my mom and my sister. My sisters dress in a pale pink V-neck ball gown with some diamonds on the V-neck and some sheer short sleeves. Her hair has a small bump in the front and cascades down in curls. My mothers dress is a deep red color ball gown. The top of it is completely sheer with a pattern of what looked to be roses and leaves traveling up from the waist to her neck and down her sleeves. Her hair is pulled back in what looks as if to be a French braid, but it ends in her long straight hair. My aunt is nowhere to be seen, but I’m sure she looks gorgeous as well.

I look over to Shayne and motion that I am going to talk to my family and he nods telling me he forgot something anyway and he will catch up with me. As I walk over towards my family I get greetings from each and every one of the towns people I pass. Some even stop me for some small talk and congratulate me on the battle win. I talk to each and every one of them, thank them for coming, and tell them to enjoy themselves. Once I finally get to my family they smile and tell me that I look a lot better than earlier and that I look beautiful. I thank them and tell them that they look beautiful as well. We engage in some small talk until I notice my sister looking as if she is in a daze. I follow her gaze and see a guy standing at the back of the wall drinking while talking to his friend. I look back at my sister who, must have noticed I caught her staring, is trying to avoid my gaze.

“Why don’t you go and ask him to dance.”

“What are you talking about I cant do that.”

“Yes you can and you will. Lets go.”

I tell her and take her hand leading her to the guy leaning on the back of the wall. His friend notices and starts to nudge him to get his attention. When he sees us approaching he straightens up and coughs into his hand. He is looking straight at my sister who is looking everywhere but at him. I nudge her and tell her that she got this and to not worry. Once we arrive there him and his friend bow while my sister and I curtsey. We all stand there in silence, with no one wanting to make the first move. I look at his friend who is starting to role his eyes at his friend’s behavior and nudges him once again. The guy finally asks my sister if she would like to dance and at this she giggles and nods blushing in the process of him taking her hand. They both make their way to the dance floor and start to dance.

“He has been dying to ask her to dance since he first laid eyes on her.”

“Why didn’t he my sister doesn’t bite.”

“Honestly I don’t know. Maybe because we are just guards and he didn’t think a princess would dance with him.”

“Well you didn’t hear this from me, but she is completely in to him.”

“Okay I’ll let him know a birdie told me.”


“Would you like to dance?”

His friend asks me. I look around to see Shayne is nowhere in sight, so I nod. We make our way to the dance floor and dance to the rest of the song. Throughout the dance I learned that he works as a guard for another kingdom, while his friend, whose name I learned to be Donovan, works as a guard in this kingdom. He has had a crush on my sister since he first met her on his first day of work, but didn’t make any move to approach her unless told to do so. Shaking my head at the thought, I see the little girl from the garden standing next to the dessert table. The song ends and I excuse myself, but not without thanking him for the dance first. As I make my way to the little girl I realize that I never asked that guy his name. Oh well, I continue to make my way towards the little girl who notices me. She starts to wave excitedly making me smile. When I get to her I kneel down to her height and ask her how she is doing.

She tells me that she is doing fine and as soon as I helped her get home her puppy showed up not too long after. She thanks me for helping her and her puppy get home and gives me a hug. Her small arms try to wrap around me, but its kind of hard since my dress is really puffy and probably as big as her. She lets go of me and looks behind me. Her eyes go wide and she taps me pointing behind me. I turn my head to see Shayne standing right behind me. Giving him a smile I turn my attention back to the little girl.

“Malia I have to go wish me luck okay.”

“I will princess.”

I start to get up when she grabs my hand motioning for me to come back close to her, which I do. As soon as I get back to her height she whispers that Shayne is cute and that he should be my prince. I smile at her and whisper back that I’m hoping he is. She smiles and lets go of my hand waving by to Shayne. I stand up and turn to face Shayne who is smiling at what just happened. I brush my dress off and ask him where he has been. He tells me that he had to get something from his room and then kind of lost me in the crowd. I nod at him and he offers his hand out towards me.

“Would you like to dance Princess?”

“I would love to.”

Taking his hands he leads me over to the dance floor and places his hand on my waist. My hand finds it way to his shoulder and we start to dance. It is silent at first, but a comfortable silence. My other hand lets go of his and wraps around his neck connecting with my other one and I lay my head on his chest. His other hand finds its way to my waist and he pulls me closer. I feel his head being placed in between my neck where I can feel his breath brush against my skin. We stay like this until the end of the song. We separate ourselves from each other and he asks me to follow him. I nod and start to follow him until I get this weird feeling.

Looking over my shoulder my eyes meets with my moms gaze. Her eyes are wide while my aunt who looks as if she didn’t know we had a ball or didn’t plan on coming is whispering something in her ear. My mother starts to shake her head and I see her mouth that it can’t be. I make a mental note to ask her about it later as Shayne starts to pull me through the crowd to our castles balcony.

We make our way to the edge where we both look over the kingdom. At night it gives off this dark and mysterious feel, yet it looks so beautiful. The dark blue-sky reigns over the towns and the only light that can be seen are those from the lanterns hanging on the outside of each buildings. We once again stand there in silence, but Shayne talking soon breaks it.

“Alice. Remember what you told me in the garden.”

He tells me and I stop to think about what we talked about. Nothing came up to me and I think Shayne caught on to my silence as a no.

“You told me to keep the rose and to give it to you after we win because it represented what we were fighting for and will stay with us until death.”

“Yes I remember now.”

“What did you mean by it represents what we were fighting for.”

“Well you know how each color of a rose has a different meaning right?”


“Well blue is the symbol of love and prosperity to those who seek it, however a blue rose is very rare and most of the time artificial which in the end can convey that this love is either very rare or very artificial.”

I tell him and he looks at me with understanding but at the same time confusion. He brings the rose out from behind him and looks at it. He takes my hand and places the rose in it.

“So what your saying is that you’re fighting for a love that is rare, but artificial?”

“No I’m saying that I’m fighting for love that is either very rare or its artificial I just don’t know which it is, but I was willing to fight even though I didn’t know whether this love is real and rare or artificial and misconceiving.”

“So how do you know?”

He asks as he takes my hand inside of his and brings me closer. I look up and catch his gaze, while his hand brushes any loose hair from my face. I look in his eyes and sees he is really nervous and calm at the same time. I let out a small sigh and whisper.

“I don’t, I guess I just have to take it day by day and we will see where it goes.”

I tell him, but he doesn’t say anything. His hand makes its way under my chin where he slightly lifts my face. His eyes look into mine as if trying to tell me something his words cannot describe. His eyes flicker towards my lips for a quick second and then back to my eyes.

“I’m willing to take it day by day to push down any doubt you may have about my love for you. I love you Alice and I will do whatever it takes to prove it to you.”

He says and I let out a slight gasp as he leans forward. I start to meet him halfway, but before our lips touch I whisper.

“I love you too.”

Then our lips connect. Both our eyes flutter closed as the warm feeling courses through our body. It feels as if we are connected as one. The warmth I felt when I transferred my powers to him is the same I feel now, but intensified. My arms go around his neck while his hands wrap around my waist. We kiss for what feels like forever, until we both need air so we pull away to breathe. We both open our eyes and look at each other our breaths heavy. His forehead rests on mine and we just stay like that thinking about what just happened. Reliving every moment of that, I was speechless.

“We are too late.”

Shayne and I pull away and turn towards the voice of my mother. There at the balcony door stands my mother, my aunt, and my sister. I look at my mother who has a concerned look on her face and I walk towards her. Letting go of Shayne’s hand I ask my mother what she meant by that. She looks between Shayne and I and starts to shake her head. I repeat my question again expecting her to answer, but she doesn’t. I can feel me starting to get angry and take another step towards her, but Shayne holds me back.

“What do you mean you’re too late?”

“Instead of going to the ball your aunt started to do research to figure out what happened to Shayne and how he has powers. She found out why and told me everything that has to do with Shayne.”

“Okay what’s wrong with him? What does that have to do with us?”

“You just enacted the prophecy.”

The prophecy? What is the prophecy? How did we enact it? I don’t understand and I know that she isn’t telling me the whole story like she always does. She always keeps things for me and when I start to think she is changing she goes back and does something like this. I calm my breathing and ask her again.

“What does that have to do with us? How did we enact it?”

“Technically Shayne did when he activated his powers, you guys just sealed it with a kiss.”

“then what do you mean you are too late?”

“You and Shayne didn’t meet by accident this is fate. This was supposed to happen. We were hoping we stopped you before you admitted your feelings because then this would hurt less.”

“What would hurt less?”

I ask her and she sighs. She goes on to tell us how if she had gotten here sooner she would have told one of us then this would have never happened. That she could have stopped the pain that is going to be coming with what she will have to tell us. Shaking my head I just tell her to tell us already and to stop moving around the subject. I tell her that whatever she is about to tell us we can handle it and we will find a way to get through it. She sighs and looks at me.

“You guys can’t be together.”

She says and my eyes widen. I just found out that he loves me and my mother is telling me that we can’t be together. After all that we have been through you would think I would just deserve this one thing that makes me happy. One thing that I feel like I deserve especially after all we been through. Shayne makes me happy and she is about to take that away from me.

“Give me one good reason why we can’t be together?”

I ask her while on the bringe of tears and look her right in the eyes so she cant get out of this. I tell her to give me one reason other than this prophecy that we don’t even know what it says yet or what it is about. Anything that will help this hurt any less. The pain I feel is nothing like any of my episodes, or any of the pain inflicted upon me because of a spell. This pain is emotional and is going to take a lot more than a spell to heal. I continue to look at my mom waiting for her answer as a warm tear slides down my face. She finally sighs and looks me right in the eyes.

“It’s forbidden.”

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