The Hidden Truth (Book 1 of The Hidden Truth Series)

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Waking up I feel all the nerves that I have been avoiding. Telling Mrs. Taylor about the plan is going to be one of the hardest things I think I’ll ever have to do. I mean it’s not that I’m not good at lying, I am but still this woman is like my mother. Lying to my mother is like lying to myself but hey my ‘mother’ has been lying to me my whole life. Telling me that my real mother is dead and that’s why I’m here when really that’s not the case. I mean I don’t know for a fact but based on that letter I assume otherwise. Speaking of I go over to my nightstand drawer and take out the letter and read it again. In the middle of reading it I hear a small knock on my door. Quickly shoving the letter under my pillow I say a small come in and the door opened. Shayne pokes his head in my room and gives me a small smile. I smile back and he comes in and shuts my door moving to sit on my bed across from me. Once he is sitting in front of me I grab the letter out from my pillow and put it back in my drawer. Looking at him I sigh.

“Are you ready for this?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be. What about you?”

“I don’t know I feel super nervous for lying to her but it’s what needs to be done.”

“So what and when are we going to tell her?”

“We are going to tell her the college thing and I was planning on telling her after breakfast.”

“Okay well I’m beside you all the way okay. Don’t worry everything will be fine.”

He tells me as he grabs my hand in a comforting fashion. It’s exactly what I need at the moment except just at the same moment Percy comes in my room. Shayne lets go of my hand and turns around while Percy just looks back and forth between us. It is now officially awkward. I get up from my bed and cross my arms in front of my chest looking at Percy. How come he didn’t knock? It is my room after all. Who is he to barge in and give us questioning looks? I was about to confront him on it when all of a sudden I got a sharp pain. Letting out a huge groan and feeling myself go weak I end up in the arms of none other than Shayne. Looking at him I can see he is saying something but I can’t understand because all I hear are sharp bells in my ears. I can’t feel or hear anything.

I look over to Percy to see he is kneeling right next to Shayne and I who I now realize is sitting on the floor with my head in his lap. Percy’s face is giving me questioning looks but his eyes they show a pure emotion of fear and understanding?

“What is wrong with her?”

“How am I supposed to know? You live with her has this ever happened?”

“No! It only started happening when you got here.”

“Well I didn’t do anything”

“Uh huh sure how else do you explain this?”

“I can’t explain this”

“What is wrong with her eyes?”

I hear Percy ask. My eyes they must be changing again. Just like what happened not too long ago. I don’t even know what’s happening I’m sure Shayne can’t explain it either. I turn my head towards Shayne’s body and breather in his scent. I can feel myself calm down and when I do I hear Shayne’s voice once again.

“Look her eyes are changing back and she isn’t shaking anymore. Alice, are you okay?”

My strength is slowly returning as I get up and turn towards Shayne. Slowly nodding my head I feel Shayne start to stand bringing me with him, but I grab his shirt. He looks down at me and I shake my head causing him to sit back down with me in his arms. I hear Percy stand and clear his throat.

“I’m going to get Mrs. Taylor.”

“No don’t Perc please I’m fine. Just tell her I’ll be down in a minute for breakfast.”

“Okay but what was that?”

“I don’t know honestly I don’t”

He looks at me and nods before leaving the room. I then look at Shayne who is looking at me with concern I just give him a weak smile and try to stand on my own, which ends up in me falling back in his arms. He chuckles a little before picking me up and carrying me to my bed.

“Let’s take it slow yea?”

“I’m not crippled I can walk.”

“Not saying you are but whatever that was that just happened took a lot of energy.”

“I know this is why I have to find out what happened in my past.”

“You think this has something to do with your past?”

“It only makes sense I don’t know what this is and I don’t know anything about my past.”

I tell him while finally standing on my feet and slowly walking to my closet to change, but before I do I turn towards Shayne and nod my head towards the door signaling for him to get out. He understands and tells me that he will see me at the table. I nod and go pick out an outfit.

After deciding on just some shorts and a white shirt I head downstairs to the table where I see everybody sitting there including Luke. I smile at everybody and then make eye contact with Mrs. Taylor. She smiles at me and serves everybody their plate. We sit there in silence until Mrs. Taylor starts conversation with everybody. It wasn’t until she landed on Shayne when I started to pay attention. She started talking about working here and asking him how he liked it. His answers are typical and then she asks the next question where his answer caught my attention.

“So Shayne if you weren’t volunteering here what would you be doing?”

“Actually I was just thinking about that. I was planning on taking a couple weeks off from volunteering to go visit college campuses that I had my eyes on.”

“Oh that’s a good idea! You are 18 after all college should be your number one priority of course you can take off a couple of weeks. Hey maybe you can take Estrella with you.”

“If she wants to come I wouldn’t mind.”

“Well when were you planning on leaving?”

“As soon as possible but not really rushing.”

“Would you want to go Estrella?”

She turns towards me and I look up. Is this really happening an easy way out to leave and look for my past? This is way too easy but I mustn’t look desperate. I have to play it cool and act like I have my doubts when deep inside I want to scream out yes.

“Are you sure that’s a good idea? I mean if Shayne leaves you’ll need a lot more help and I can always start college next year.”

“Nonsense! If you want to go look at colleges with Shayne be my guest I always have Percy to help out around here.”

She says while giving me her hopeful look. It looks like she really wants me to go, so I let out a sigh and give her a small smile.

“It seems like you are trying to get rid of me?”

“Of course not sweetie, but I do think it’s a good idea, so it’s a yes?”

“Yes I’ll go”

I say and she claps with a huge smile on her face. I turn towards Shayne who is also smiling at me.

“So when shall we leave?”

“I say you two leave tomorrow! The sooner the better!”

“Okay are you sure you’re not trying to get rid of me?”

“No now go pack and Shayne you go home and spend time with your parents”

Shayne nods and I nod while we both head upstairs to get our stuff. Halfway up the stairs I hear Percy’s voice.

“Mrs. Taylor are you sure this is a good idea?”

“Percy it’s what’s best for her. I know it”

I smile and continue making my way upstairs. Once I’m finally at the top I see Shayne coming out of his room. He stops and looks up at me while smiling. I smile back and he puts his bag down.

“That was a lot easier than we planned wasn’t it?”

“Yea a whole lot. I still think she is trying to get rid of me for some reason.”

“Well good thing it made our life easier. I should be here later tonight but if not I’ll be back in the morning.”

“Don’t worry stay with your parents its fine.”

“See that’s the thing I don’t want to stay with my parents. We don’t really get along different views on everything.”

“Oh well I’ll see you soon then.”

I tell him and he nods while giving me a hug, which I gladly returned. We then part ways when I go into my room to pack. Looking in my closet I really don’t know what to pack but I decided to just throw everything in a suitcase and then have a backpack for when I want to bring stuff with me on my journey. Eventually I end up packing all my stuff when I hear a voice behind me.

“That’s awful lot of stuff for a couple of weeks.”

“I know Luke but honestly I don’t know what to pack so I rather just have it all.”

“Girls and their packing styles. Anyway I just came up here to tell you that Mrs. Taylor wants to talk to you.”

“Really. Okay thanks Luke!”

He nods and leaves my room. I look at the slightly organized suitcase shrug my shoulders and head downstairs. I don’t see the kitchen or living room light on so she must be in her office. Just the thought of her in her office while I’m still here scares me. What if she knows I looked through the drawers? What if she knows my true intention? I slowly make my way to her office when I see the door slightly cracked. Knocking on it lightly I hear a faint come in, so I make my way in and sit across from her. When she sees it’s me she gets a huge smile on her face, which slightly makes me feel better knowing she isn’t mad at me for anything.

We sit in silence for a while before she gets up to shut the door. Obviously for privacy reason, but it scares the heck out of me. She sits back down in front of me and folds her hands together to lay her chin up on. When she does that I inspect her looks a little more. She is a blonde lady who has tints of brown highlights in her hair. She has brown eyes and pink lips that she always covers with bright red lipstick, but now looking at her closely I can see that she is tried even though she doesn’t show it. She has bags under her eyes and dark spots all around. She is exhausted. That is probably why she offered to take Shayne in so quickly taking care of kids is not easy. Not at all. She is still looking at me with that huge smile on her face. I smile back at her to ease this silence that I feel to be awkward.

“So how do you feel?”


“Going with Shayne to look at colleges! Of course!”

“Oh. Honestly I still feel like you’re trying to get rid of me.”

“Of course I’m not but I know what it is like to be 18 you want to get out. You don’t want to stay in this house forever. You want to explore the world meet new people and fall in love!”

“Yea I guess so but how do you trust I’ll be safe with Shayne?”

“I just do and besides he likes you way too much to hurt you.”

“Shayne doesn’t like me.”

“You’re blind my child he likes you a lot and I can see you starting to open up to him, but just promise me this one thing.”

“Which is?”

“Don’t let your mind over power your heart okay? If you feel like you like someone, not directly saying its Shayne, but anyone in general don’t let your mind tell you no. Follow your heart it will lead you to where you belong okay.”

“Okay is that all you wanted to talk to me about?”

“That and I just wanted to get my own small goodbye before anyone else.”

“Oh okay. Thanks Mrs. Taylor for this opportunity”

“No problem Estrella but remember to enjoy yourself have a little fun and let loose.”

She tells me and I nod getting up to give her a hug. When we hug she tells me that she will miss me and to always call her and let her know what’s going on. I promise her that I will and we part ways. She stays in her office and I head upstairs to finish business. Heading to my room I go straight on my computer knowing exactly where I want to go first. Filling out all the information I take down the address pay for what is needed and shut down my computer. I really don’t know what is to come but I do know that I am nervous. A complete nervous wreck, but I mean who wouldn’t be when they know they are about to find out about well themselves.

After finishing what I have left for packing I try and lay down considering it is already midnight but I just can’t, tossing and turning, it scares me. Not knowing what is going on or what is going to come scares me beyond belief and I am scared that my dream tonight won’t be any better. I wonder how Shayne is doing and how he is feeling about all this. I mean going with a stranger to find out about her past. Also knowing that she has creepy dream and freaky episodes that makes her weak and changes her eye color, but he hasn’t really said anything about how he feels about this. Maybe hearing how he feels will calm me down a bit and help me get some sleep.

I get up and go across the way to his room when I remember he isn’t here. He did end up staying at his parents place much to his dislike, and I wonder why that is? That is something we will talk about on this long journey. I decided that I would call him when I realize I don’t have his number but I know Mrs. Taylor does. Making my way towards her office I get the key and unlock it. Opening her file cabinet I find all of Shayne’s information and see he put his cell phone number down as emergency contact. No information about his parents’ what so ever. I guess since he is 18 he doesn’t need parent consent to let him volunteer here. Taking down his number in my phone I head out of her office and back to my room I dial his number. He actually answers it on two rings but I know he wasn’t awake due to the raspy sound in his voice.


He says and I almost can’t speak. Why did I call him again? Oh yeah because I’m nervous as heck and can’t sleep. He says hello again and I can tell he is getting irritated and that’s when I finally can speak.

“Sorry to bother you I’ll just hang up now”

“Wait Alice is that you?”

“Yea sorry I called it was stupid I didn’t mean to wake you”

“No its fine. Is everything alright?”

“Yea I’m just nervous”

“Me too”

He tells me and I let out a sigh. We ended up talking for hours and just the sound of his voice helped calm me down immediately. Him saying smoothing words to help get me to sleep is the sweetest thing ever. He tells me about when he got home and how his parents told him he didn’t have to go college hunting when they could just pay for his way into college. He tells me how that led into a huge argument.

“I’m sorry about your parents”

“It’s whatever I want to just get out of here”

“Then come back over here”

“You know what I will, unlock the door for me yea? I’ll be there in 10 minutes”

“Okay see you soon.”

We hang up the phone and exactly 10 minutes I’m outside freezing. I should have put my robe on while waiting out here. I’m sitting on our porch waiting for Shayne in my shorts and tank top. I see a cab pull up and Shayne exit the cab. He grabs his bag and thanks the man before turning and looking at me.

“Alice? What are you doing out here it’s freezing!”

“Waiting for you”

“I told you just to unlock the door”

“I know but I just I don’t know”

“Let’s get you inside and to bed okay”

Nodding my head he leads me back inside and into my room. I lie down and snuggle into my blankets trying to find the warmth that once left me. Shayne looks down at me and shakes his head.

“Get some sleep Alice yea?”

“I’ll try. Goodnight Shayne”

“Night Alice”

He gives me a smile and gets up to leave my room.

“Um Shayne?”


“Thanks for everything”

“Anything Alice”

He turns around and shuts my door leaving me with silence and a smile on my face. Hopefully everything goes as planned and nothing goes wrong. With that on my mind I fell into a deep sleep.

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