The Alluring Chase

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A Vulnerable Kip Part 2

His narration:

Having no one tailing me, I began to wander around the reception hall, soon mesmerized by the many well-dressed female guests.

It was in doing so, that I made my discovery!


The poor thing had exhausted herself from the busy agendas of her long day!

For looking like a princess, as she soon discovered, what that all will entail!

For she was at a wedding reception that day and dressed as such, was sought out by various, mostly elderly, guests to receive compliments…

As they admired her dress, the jewels she was wearing, they then all asked a series of standard questions… how old was she, her school year, asked to tell them what she was up to?

A Dreadful duty she had to repeatedly perform.

There was also the lectures, how she had to act like a lady, not soil her shiny dress, and to take care of the pretty jewels her mum had allowed her to wear ( murmuring, in earshot, behind her sleek back as she waltzed away, that they were far too sparkly for a such a young child to be dressed up in)!

The girl indeed looked incredibly pretty!

Dressed up in a long sleek peach satin gown, pleated skirt, the top with long sleeves, and sporting a high ruffled collar.

She enchantingly wore about her figure, what looked like diminutive rhinestones; earrings, bracelet, and necklace.

A small gold ring set with emeralds flickered from her pinkie.

She had, much later, found this isolated, quiet spot to play!

And it appeared her head soon bobbing off to doze.

Dead Asleep now, peacefully snuggled in on a couch, located in the far corner a sitting room off the reception hall, blocked from the view of the hall crowd by a row of long plastic ferns in tall green pots!

All quite isolate, all quite alone!

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