The Alluring Chase

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A Vulnerable Kip Part 3

His narration: Cont’d

I had actually spotted her off and on through the evening, then lost track for a bit when I became distracted by other enticements.

So now with this discovery, I carefully stalked up behind my prey!

I crouched down, then looked her over from behind the couch.

Her reflection showing up enough in the polished glass vase on the coffee table in front of her, as I silently treaded in from behind!

Amazingly it may have appeared that she had made it through the gauntlets of the day with all her jewels in place.

Though I had overheard her being warned by overprotective adults to be careful not to lose them.

Hearing those warnings was what had brought the pretty miss to my attention to see what all the fuss was over.

And I was ever so appreciative of those old biddies for being so vocal with their concerns!

For as I had enjoyed watching the young miss flittering about in the sleekly shiny peach dress, and admired how sparkly the jewels were that she was daringly wearing, it put me in a mind to have those fussy relatives to be proven right with their advice!

But though I followed her discreetly around, no opportunity seemed to be possible, so I left her for greener pastures.

But now I was in a position to make some mischief along with those old biddy’s warnings!


I had gently sat down on the opposite end of the couch, watching her and the surroundings, planning the strategy I would be employing to deduct her shimmering jewels!.

For this type of subtracting I so enjoyed far more than the boring ways they had us practice in school!

I only had to make sure my moves along her figure were as nimble as can be and used the least amount of pressure to work off what I was after!

Also, a rule was to keep an eye on any subtle changes in her breathing or movement as I worked!

This would tip me off that it was time to leave with what jewels of hers I had in hand, regrettably leaving the rest perched in place as In made my escape whilst she was waking!

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