The Alluring Chase

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A Vulnerable Kip Prt 4

His narration: Cont’d

So I gently, with growing anticipation, slowly inched closer, my electrically stimulated impulses now sharply awakened!

Finally, upon reaching her sleep warmed figure, I ventured in to gently caress her arm, encased in a peach satin sleeve, with its daintily ruffled end.

The young darling did not stir at my cool fingers touch as I eyeballed her diamond looking bracelet and the ring upon her finger!

Normally I would have gone for her necklace first, followed by her earrings, since in that order they are usually the most difficult to remove!

A procedure I had once observed on the telly, where a thief carried this out on two different ladies at the same venue! It was watching his moves that had effectively whetted my appetite for this game!

But, in this one’s case, I had an inkling that her bracelet and the on her left pinkie, maybe the more advantageous route to proceed in case I had to face an early retreat!

I moved my fingers tingling down the sleeve of her right arm that lay upon her lap, carefully peeling back the ruffles to fully reveal the half-hidden sparkly bracelet.

I then moved that bracelet up over her sleeve, before delicately slipping it sparkling around until the diamond-studded clasp was exposed.

Licking my lips, I snapped it open, leaving the ends dangle as I moved my hand away and sat looking at her from the corner of my eye!

She kept on breathing heavily with no tell-tale signs of waking up soon!

And no adult was paying our little corner any heed!

I reached over and taking up the end of the bracelet using the smoothness of her sleeve and her dresses pleated satin skirt between which it was sandwiched, and easily peeled it away!

I let it lay on her shiny lap, drooling over the pretty thing!


Then I reached down in again, curling my fingers around hers.

Ever so delicately, began to slowly work off her shimmering ring from along each knuckle, feeling my heart rapidly beating with exhilaration, until it was worked free , and then laid upon the diamond bracelet!

I then scooped up the bracelet and ring from her sleek lap, pocketing them, then sat back breathing heavily for a minute as my heart began to slow down.

Still no stirring from the innocently sleeping miss!

Sighing happily, I went back to work.

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