The Alluring Chase

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A Vulnerable Kip Part 5

His narration: Cont’d

I watched her necklace do it’s dangly, rippling sparkly dance, as she was heavily breathing in her sleep.

A strand of glistening perfection laying their ever so elegantly up against the sheer front of her lush peach dress’s satin blouse.

It was dripping down from beneath her dress’s’ elegantly ruffled neckline!

It almost seemed a shame to relive her neck of the richly gleaming burden!

Almost, but not quite…

Before making my move I delicately reached over and slipping my fingers underneath the necklace, feeling her chest rise up and down in its gently moving heaves, as lifted them for a closer admiration!

I drooled over them a bit before laying them back down, as I made my move...

I slid in daringly closer, placing my arm so it lay on the couch around behind her back.

My fingers worked hidden from behind, lifted the gowns’ neckline ruffles, and locating the necklace, pulled it down till the necklaces’ clasp was in view!

Taking it up, I began the delicate task of prying it open…

Looking down at the front of her gown, I let the loose ends slither down along her shoulders.

The diamonds slipped away with an almost silent swish down the front of her slick blouse where they curled up in a dainty nestling pile upon her shiny lap of the pleated gowns’ skirt...

I froze, ready to exit, but she did not stir from her dreams!

But the poor thing was far too exhausted to be awakened by my practiced subtle extraction of her shimmery necklace!

I studied the piled up diamond necklace for a few satisfying seconds, congratulating me on a job well done, well half done actually!

Then I reached in and neatly plucked the gleaming thing free from where it lay nestled, to finish that part of the equation!

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