The Alluring Chase

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A Vulnerable Kip Part 6

Looking up, I saw her sparkling earrings peeping out!

That was all that was left to take, her diamond earrings with the diamond hinged clasp!

Fortunately, her delicate ears were not pierced, which may have been more of a sticky wicket encumbering their removal!

But still, this might be tricky enough, her long silky soft hair held them, for the most part, safely inside.

I looked around then got up and went behind her and put the mirrored vase to use.

Picking up a strand of her hair I watched as I tickled her nose with it. She stirred, and without really waking, pulled her hair back away from her ears Nicely exposing her beautiful twin diamond-encrusted earrings for my attempted lift!

Licking my fingers, I wetted her earlobes around each earring!

She stirred a bit, mumbling in her sleep as I did so, but it was not enough to waken the lass!

With a touch as delicate as any surgeon’s, I reached around and gently pulled down as I slipped off each one in turn.

Amazed at how easily they freely slipped off each slightly whetted earlobe!

I cheerfully pocketed them!

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