The Alluring Chase

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A Vulnerable Kip Part 7

Settling against the couch with a spirited sigh, I spent some time watching her svelte, peach satin clad figure in my haven behind her, making good use of the mirrored vase to assure myself nothing of shimmery value had been missed or overlooked!

Her regal attire still was glistening shiny, but starkly bare naked now that her gleaming jewels had been all been nicked clean away.

This had been almost too easy, not that I was complaining, for it had been a most enjoyable, if not scintillating, guiltily pleasurable game of it!

I looked around, planning my exit.


Tootles I endearingly said in silence to the sleeping doll’s shimmery figure, as she lay still snuggled into the couch.

Blowing a kiss, biding her a fond adieu, as I walked away, feeling my pockets nicely weighted down with her still warmly purloined jewels!

I was finding amazement over the quantity, and apparent quality, of the jewellery that my victim had been allowed to wear out daringly alone this particular evening!

Thanking in silence the old biddies that had been so kind as to let me overhear them as they pointed out loud, that very fact!

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