The Alluring Chase

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A Vulnerable Kip Part 8

Her narration:

After napping for almost 2 hours, I did stir, stretching, and yawning.

Then laid my hands back down on my peach coloured dress’s lap

I flexed my fingers along its luxurious length, relishing in the skirts satiny feel.

But something was not quite right.

As I was pondering on this, I reached up to rub my eyes, then gasped...

I was looking at my hand shocked, the bracelet was gone, and my ring, also gone!

In bewilderment, still feeling cobwebbed from sleep I rose, with a puzzled frown, reached up and ran fingers through my long red long hair, perplexed

Hold on, where are my bloody earrings!

Then I had a feel along my throat!

No necklace there, just the downy soft feeling of my ruffles!

With a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach, I realized that my jewels, all of them, were gone!

And I had a pretty good idea of who had the gall to have spirited them away like this

The wanker I hissed under my breath as I mentally pictured my twin brother who liked to play lifting games and picking off items from me, like jewellery.


He has been up to no good again, even though he had promised mum he would be in best behaviours

Though I did not mind his games, for the most part, it was rather the opposite!

And now he had lifted my jewellery in retaliation for mum scolding him!

Of all the bloody cheek!


But then I stopped, frozen to the spot, as I had to mull it over for a minute, it had been him, my twin, right?

Remembering the overly protective guests had given warnings about how I needed to take care of my jewellery, how I had heard them whispering behind my back that my mum should know better than to allow one so young to wear such pretty things

And so with a growing buzz of concern, I quickly sought out my brother, needing to confirm as quickly as possible, that he was the thief whose pockets held my pretty jewellery!


And this is what happened when I once fell asleep, appealingly dressed up!

Ending up by losing all my jewels to some piker!

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