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The Puppy Encounter Chapter 2

We had to attend a service that lasted an eternity If two hours can be considered that.

With the way everyone was formally dressed up, it seemed like we all were attending the sabbath service

Once released, we all headed down to the Church basement for the party.

Our family walked out around the church instead of taking the inside circular stairs.

It was then that I heard the puppies yelping at the kennels, which were located behind an old barn at the end of the church property.

I wanted to go then and there, but knew what that answer would be from mum!

It would sadly have to wait until later!

Once downstairs, I was immediately hugged by our cousin Michele, whom everyone called Micke

She is our age, with blonde hair, that my auntie has her wearing shorter than mine.

Today she was dressed in a new outfit; shiny yellow top, black velour jacket, and a long black skirt that was hanging swishing down in layers from her waist.

She was wearing some pretty silver jewellery, some set with flashy gems.

But then, her mother, my auntie, owns a shop in this village that sells jewellery!

The two of us, with my brother in bored tow, began to make the obligatory rounds of our relatives, something we had been lectured by our parents to do before we could have playtime!

We then sit down to a party lunch served by a local caterer.

Finally, afterward, as the adults go dancing to music and socialize, I saw our opportunity to escape down and see the puppies!

But I found myself alone in that plan.

My Brother was off watching papa and uncle playing darts, and Micke was with her mum, being forced to show off her jewellery and the new outfit to fawning village acquaintances!

“Fine!” I tell myself, deciding not to wait for the company to go out and see the wee little ones at the kennels!


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