The Alluring Chase

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A New Game of Tag! Part 1

The awaking(sexual pleasure) to act out such role-play came to light one afternoon when a rainy thunderstorm crept up along the moors and began threatening to rage outside.

We had been sent outside to play while mum was getting ready for something papa teasingly called ‘Mums high tea’, an afternoon tea held monthly with her chatty friends

The tea had already started in the sunroom when the dark clouds rolled in.

We had been playing our usual cops and robbers in the woods but had to stop when the first drops came.

I had had my hair done up the day before when mum did, and she warned about my curls falling out if it got wet.

So we reluctantly went indoors.

My brother wanted to watch the telly; an old BW model that took a long static filled while to come on!

While waiting I had gone to spy on mum.

High tea meant that the ladies there were wearing the type of party frocks and pretty jewellery one usually only sees in the evening!

One lady was wearing a very shiny dress and small diamonds, which I imagined to be real!

Seeing how pretty she, and the other ladies looked, took away my interest in watching telly, and instead put me in a mind to play dress up in my room

Leaving my brother alone to watch his show downstairs, I dashed upstairs.

Going to my room I put on one of the old soft gowns mum had given up for me to play in.

This one was shiny and had diamonds around its neckline and a large sparkly pin in the waist sash. Mum said they were rhinestone which at that age I thought meant they were real diamonds!

I went into mums sewing room where we kept toys and soon had my tea going with teddi, several Victorian dressed dolls and my twin’s toy doll army men.

The rain kept coming down and then the lightning started up.

Feeling too scared to be up here alone I deserted my tea party and ran downstairs to join my brother on the couch.


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