The Alluring Chase

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The Puppy Encounter Chapter 3

I slip upstairs, taking the circular stairwell that leads up to the knave of the church

Then sneaking out the side door I head over behind the parsonage to the kennels, to see the puppies!

On my way I passed a small garden shed, paying it no heed…

But, Unbeknownst to me, I was being watched by someone lurking in shadows inside!

As I headed to the barn, that lurking figure, wearing a bandit like white handkerchief over his face sneaks out and begins following, unnoticed...

All is silent as I walk around the barn, the puppies must be napping after a feed.

I had just reached the kennels located behind the barn when I see a shadow looming up over from behind me!

I start when I see the tall black shadow’s hand, formed like a pistol, reaching out towards me.

Before I can turn around, something hard is pressed against my satin blouse, and a deep, muffled, voice, sounding like a villain from an old movie, snarls in a choking whisper…

“Not A Peep out of you my fine lass!”

A male hand travels around reaching along my chest and I see my pearl necklace is being lifted for examination,...

The voice behind me than demands…

“Let’s say we just lighten your load here, miss...Start with this necklace!”

“N..n..Not my pearls!” I plead….

At the sound of my voice, one of the sleeping puppies opens an eye and seeing us jumps up wiggling, and soon all his brothers and sisters are at the entrance, wriggling, and yelping for our attention.

At the distraction, the hand holding my necklace drops it, and I grab the hand and twirling around pin it behind my twin brother’s back.

“Wanker, you made me almost pee!” I teasingly chide as he gives up his attempt at robbing me with no challenge!

I release him from my hold, go, and we both run over to the kennels to give the lapping, squirming puppies some attention, reaching through the fences, petting them happily.


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