The Alluring Chase

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The Puppy Encounter Chapter 4

I bend down as my brother reaches over my back to give one pup a rub.

Suddenly I feel a tug, and reaching up to my blouse’s throat, realize that my necklace is now gone!

But I pretend not to notice.

Paying no heed to my brother’s game, some lads will just never give up playing.

But as he then bends down next to me, I lean against him as we continue our play with the puppies.

Using my body, I feel around along his, and I soon find a sharp bulge in his vest pocket.

I now knew where he had stashed my pearls!

“Time to teach him a lesson!” I think to myself, smiling.

I just have to wait for my chance!


Hearing the commotion, the Pastor’s wife Clair comes up to us, and my squealing pleasure opens the gate, allows us each to hold one of the pups for a few minutes, before sending them back to bed.

Otherwise, she explains with a twinkle in her eye, “The Lil dears stay up all night long, keeping us from sleeping!”

We both get to hold a squirming, licking, silky soft puppy.

Finally, I reluctantly set mine down first, and the pup scampers off to mama for some food.

I go to my brother and begin to pet the squirming, licking pup he is having difficulty holding onto.

As I do, my free left-hand reaches over as he is distracted, and dipping my fingers inside his vest, carefully extract my pearls, placing them inside a pocket in my skirt!

Then he finally places the pup down, and as the pretty wife of the pastor locks up, I look up at my brother and innocently suggest…

“Let’s go grab Micke and head to the playground!”

My brother happily shakes his head yes!

He has a cunning gleam in his eye, and I inwardly smile, for he is unaware that I have turned the tables on his game and now have the upper hand!


As we begin to walk off my brother stops suddenly, his hand searching his vest pocket, he looks back at the kennels

“Go on ahead sis!” he says “I will catch up!”

“What’s the matter?”

I ask innocently, playing with a strand of my hair….

He looks at me failing to make eye contact

“I dropped something back there, you go on ahead !” he guiltily restates, not wanting to admit what he had done, believing he had lost the necklace he had lifted from me!

The necklace that was now in the pocket of my skirt!

“Ok Then…,” I say with all innocence….

Suppressing a giggle, I smile behind him as he turns and scurries back to the kennels to look around!


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