The Alluring Chase

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The Puppy Encounter Chapter 5

I turn a corner to get away from my twin’s view and pulling out my pearl necklace, replace it around my throat.

Then I head back across the parsonage yard, go back inside the church to find our cousin.

As t turns out Micke, was actually looking around for us and was about to head outside herself to the kennels!

This time, we both get our respective parent’s permission to head to the playground.

I figured I’d better since I had snuck out to the kennels without anyone knowing, except my ‘evil ’ lurking twin!

We leave the church, go the opposite side of the parsonage yard, cutting through the old cemetery.

Reaching a long, narrow patch of woods, we cut through to reach the old brick school playground.

Once there, Micke and I head to the swing sets and soon are swinging back and forth.

I liked the way my skirt flowed out, and the feel of my necklace and earrings as they bounced up along my body as we were rocked up and down by the old wooden swings!


Soon I spot my brother heading our way…

He comes up slowly, looking like a sad lost puppy


Leaving Micke at the swing, I go up to him

“What’s the matter?” I ask, appearing to be all innocent!

His head down, he gulps and admits to me that he has lost my pearls.

He looks up, as he finishes… freezing as he finally realized that I am wearing the pearl necklace he thought was lost!

I openly start laughing at the trick I played, and, of course, he starts to chase me down…

Soon Micke is joining in and we then spend a gloriously pleasant afternoon together in play!

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