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The Butler’s Accomplice wore Silk Part 1


Mum liked to hold this bi-monthly dress up “High” tea affairs with her friends. Held either inside the sunroom,or larger parties carried out in the back yard, set up along our small garden during warmer months.

The invited were pretty much just ladies our mum knew, which was extensive. But these friends were more than welcomed to also invite along daughters, relatives, and such.

They all would certainly get in the mood and have fun with the theme.

Elegant eveningwear mixed in with cocktail dresses, silk, and satin blouses with formal pleated skirts and even the occasional old wedding or bridesmaid gown. Copious displays of pearls and rhinestones were displayed with added panache. And many a real gemstone was snuck in to show its glitter off.

It was like they were expecting a member of the royal family to attend, it was that posh.

Tea and stronger drink were served and by the time the soirée died down by suppertime, our yard contained a very happily cheered, laughing, and huggy group of well-dressed ladies.

Giggling ladies who presented easy marks for tomfoolery!

The stories we had collected from these affairs were many and diverse.

This is one of them.

I call it:

The Butler’s Accomplice wore Silk

Part 1

Starting when we were 12 mum thought it would be cute to have her twins pose as butler and maid to serve her guests.

She always dressed my twin brother in a mock starched tux shirt with bow tie, black pants, and white gloves.

I always wore a smart black dress, satin or taffeta, (I always would choose one of the other of that material when getting a new one.) I would wear it with a frilly white apron and a lacy hairpiece with rhinestone inlays, plus a few bits of jewelry added like a necklace or brooch, and of course bracelet and my rings to round it out.

My brother would show the guests in and we both carried around trays of snacks and appetizers.

Sometimes a coin was slipped into my apron pocket, especially by the ones who had had several cocktails.

Tea, wine, and cocktails were handled by mum and a friend.

It was a lot of fun for us to be mixing in with the adults and seeing the pretty outfits and adornments they were wearing.

If one didn’t mind the cheek pinching and hugs by ladies wearing some pretty extravagant attire.

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