The Alluring Chase

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Midnight Shadows Part 3

It was after my brother turned off the street where the party house was located, that he first noticed the red auto behind us.

He was not sure where it had come from, but, something he could never put a finger on, made him think that it was a deliberate appearance

The red auto, keeping about two car lengths behind, began to match my brother’s turns as he began to take his usual way home. The car never signaled its turns he noticed.

Not saying anything to us chattering away in the back leather seats, he turned off into a side street at random to see what would happen. The auto turned down the same street following, again no turn signal.

My brother then turned down another street and pulled the Rolls over midway along it, stopping at the curb directly in front of a house, so the auto could pass if he also turned In behind.

It did come around the same corner, but instead of passing the parked Rolls, the red auto ominously pulled to the curb about three houses behind us, leaving its lights on.

Ginny and I had been chatting happily in the back seat, my brother stopping the Rolls Royce first drew our attention that something was up.

When asked what’s going on, he said that he thinks someone in an automobile is following us.

We laughed at him, thinking he was trying to play games with us.

On the way to the party, he kept teasing us on how sparkly our jewels were in the rearview mirror when illuminated by street lights.

I had snickered saying

“it’s a good thing your here to protect us then Luv.”

He had looked back at me with a wicked smile in his eyes. “Ah, true lass, but what if I was a thief in disguise?”

So now we both thought he was just trying to put a scare into us playing off on those remarks.

Not smiling at our taunts, he sternly told us to just turn around and watch the auto parked down the road with the headlights on.

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