The Alluring Chase

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Midnight Shadows Part 5

A few very long seconds later, the red auto, driving slowly, appeared at the end of the alley and stopped.

Then, without signal,

it slowly turned off onto the street and started going in the opposite direction, at a crawl.

Looking For our Rolls Royce we probably rightly suspected.

Our hearts were pounding and I believe we were all holding our breaths with disquieting


The red auto went down past that end of the stadium.

My heart leaped into my throat as I put a hand to my beating breasts, watching it turn up the next street leading back to the intersection with the red light we had blown through.

My brother put in the clutch, keeping the headlamps off, he slowly turned the auto around.

Ginny and I sat up and watched behind us.

We turned off the parking lot went back the opposite of where our pursuers had gone.

Once in the street my brother turned on the headlamps and gave the old engine some gas. We turned up the next street and then some side streets.

Nervously we watched the streets behind us. But only saw a few headlights coming on the road, and they were all false alarms.

Finally circling around we made it back to the Main Street that led to the highway turnoff.

Nervously all three of us scanned the cars parked along both sides of the streets. But no one pulled out behind us that seemingly going on forever stretch of road.

Apparently we had lost our shadowers in the red auto.

We made it to the turnoff without further mischief befalling us and went onto the highway and headed back home.

We never saw the red auto again.

Ginny and I were spending the rest of the weekend in her basemen bedroom at her house, her parents bring out of town.

Neither of us was ashamed to admit we accepted my brother’s offer to spend the night upstairs.

When we got to her place, Ginny helped us raid Uncle’s small bar in the basement. We sat up for the rest of the early morning, still fully dressed, talking it over.

We all believed was no lark, hoax, or a joke being played on us. The occupants of that red auto seemed all too intent on something.

To this very day, none of us have any real idea of what that intent may have been, just only our speculation.

I do remember that we had come up with a whole gauntlet of theories before turning in.

But we are all quite ok with not finding out which theory was the correct one that night.

And Like me, I’m sure we all finally drifted off to sleep considering what may have played out if...?

Would love to hear thoughts on this in the comments below. Especially if anyone has ever had a similar experience.

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Thank you for reading.

C. A.

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