The Alluring Chase

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A New Game of Tag! Part 3

Holding my breath, I, with shock, watched him lift away her diamond necklace.

That caused me to squirm a bit also as I wanted to warn her, even if she did look like our witchy neighbour.

I could also feel my brother’s heart racing.

“So the weasely kidnapper hadn’t given up thieving!”

I was all prickling on pins and needles to see if he got away with taking the lady’s diamond necklace

Then the kidnapper left the wife, who had not caught on that her necklace was gone, and was soon dancing with a second lady. This one with long red hair like mine usually was when not made to curl it! We both uncomfortably watched, my eyes glued to the telle to see what would happen., though she was not wearing a necklace. Only these long shimmering diamond earrings, which should be safe I reckoned.

But to my toe-curling shock, he lifted her silky hair and proceeded to run his fingers through it, nicking both her earrings in the process. And as he pocketed them, she was gushing thank you’s over his compliments on her pretty hair. The silly twit never felt him removing her earrings as he did.

As my twin fidgeted, as I found myself rubbing my ears in shuddering amazement!

“Why would someone ever trust a kidnapping thief?”

But the deliciously tingling feelings I was experiencing watching him steal the lady’s jewels, were surprisingly, very pleasant to me! And the American thief on that island was expressing a similar feeling of pleasure as he was lifting jewels. Saying that he “ loved it!”

I looked over at my brother, who was also totally transfixed by what was going on in the show. I could see he was interested in what was happening also but had no more than an inkling of the extent. He had been gripping my waist tightly, I felt the broach pinned to my gown being ever so gently touched as again he began to rub his hand along my dress.

But I was more intent on the show to pay him any heed.

A commercial came on and I closed my eyes starting to delve into a warm fantasy pretending that I was one of the dressed-up ladies on the island, with a thief loose amongst us.


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