The Alluring Chase

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A New Game of Tag! Part 4

Then the show continued...

They were all being sat down to dinner.

I chillingly squirmed again because it appeared that the thievery was not over. The dancing man wearing a tie was now busy lifting the men’s wallets as he helped seat them.

Pickpocketing was a term I would learn later.

The show was moving kind of fast and I was wriggling in my seat to see if he had taken any more jewellery off the ladies. I think one of the pretty diamond bracelets from the older ladies gloved wrist was gone, but could not be sure. I was wondering what was going to happen next, would the bloke, his pockets full of their shiny valuables, as he sat right under their noses, be caught!.

That realization did make me fidgety, thinking someone would be that diabolical to be so methodical in lifting the island people’s very jewels and such, would be getting away with it.

They all toasted him, congratulating that he was no longer a thief, and he became choked up and left them.

It was soon after he left that they began discovering their missing jewels. Of course they chased after him to get their valuables back, but it was too late, he was escaping in a boat!

Escaping in a boat with all their nicked valuables, as they watched helplessly.

He was bloody well getting away with it.

I can still feel myself cringing as I imagined myself being in the ladies’ shoes, watching a thief leave with the jewels I had been wearing. At that point my brother jumped up, dashing off down to the basement loo!. So I sat there alone, not really focused on watching the telly anymore.

For the way down deep, I was feeling all prickly. Surprised that there was just something exciting about the sinister element of the plot of the show. Delicious almost the feelings I was having over the deviousness behind someone pretending to be nice when actually they are after something else entirely. As I mulled this over I realized that I really wanted, desired, was to recreate that feeling in my real life! Of being dressed up( which I happened to be ) and wearing my jewellery, with a sneaky thief lurking about.

My mind was now flying with ideas.


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