Changing my future

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Chapter 11 - Lafrim's promise

“Lafrim don’t do it” I said walking out of the room Lafrim dropped the dagger on hearing my voice and it clanged as it hit the floor, he turned to face me and I have never seen anyone look like he did, he ran to me and embraced me, he then went back and sat at the table

“What happened? The clothes the blood” he said confused

“I was never going to kill myself, I needed to get away from you, you did not need me around anymore making you miserable, I knew that you did not want me, I knew that you had another woman if you believed that I was dead you would get on with your life, I knew that without me around you would once again be happy and move on with your life, I hoped that when I left that you would become the man that I had met on the islands many moons ago, your father tried to stop me, when the northmen attacked” I replied

“I didn’t want to move on with my life, I wanted you but I could not see away when you had lied to me” Lafrim said

“You had a woman” I said to him

“I was a damn fool, the woman never meant a damn thing, she was just fun no one can ever replace you, can you ever forgive me for what I put you through nobody should have to go through any of that,” Lafrim said “ not on their own” he added

“Lafrim there is nothing to forgive, it was my fault you were the way that you were and for that I am sorry” I said but all of a sudden I felt weak and fell to the floor

“Freyja” Lafrim said jumping up and running over to me “Freyja” he said again trying to help me up

“Bring her in here and put her face down on the bed” Astra said and Lafrim picked me up and put me on the bed, Astra lifted my shirt “water, needle and thread now, they have come open again” Astra shouted and Aldred left the room and went to fetch what she had asked for

“What happened?” Lafrim asked

“The northmen happened” Astra replied as Aldred came back into the room

“What did they do to her?” Lafrim asked his father

“They tortured her” Aldred

“Why?” Lafrim asked

“You” Aldred said

“What” exclaimed Lafrim

“At the lake when you turned up and screamed her name when you saw the clothes, they were watching and when they found out her name, they wanted to know what she meant to you and they whipped her for two hours to try and get the answer from her but she didn’t say a damn word” Aldred said “she should have to save herself the pain that she went through but no she kept quiet to save you, she kept quiet because she did not want to betray you again” Aldred added

“I am” Lafrim said

“If you are going to say sorry it does not work this time, you will never be able to make up for what they did to her” Aldred said

“How did she escape?” Lafrim asked

“She did not your father rescued her” Astra said

“How?” asked Lafrim

“Because I knew about the damn letter, Alfred rode here moments after she left, I rode to the lake to stop her and found out that she was not going to kill herself but yet again she was trying to make your life easier to make you happy” Aldred said “they turned up and I told Freyja to run but she hid in the woods watching, I rode away and found a spot to watch and then you turned up and she stayed again to make sure that you would be safe, it is because she stayed that they captured her, I followed them to their camp but could not do anything until after they had done that to her” Aldred said pointing at my back

“Why all that out there then?” Lafrim asked “if you knew that she was alive”he added

“Because we needed to see that you were suffering as much as she was and had been suffering, that you have learnt your lesson and that you would never do anything like it again, we needed to see that you had grown up and could admit the truth” Aldred said

“I have and I can” Lafrim said “Thank you father they will pay for what they did to her” Lafrim said standing up and went to leave

“They will my son but not now, you need to stay with her ,she needs rest and to heal, we have already nearly lost her once” Aldred said grabbing Lafrim’s arm

“What do you mean?” Lafrim asked

“She nearly died last night from a fever” Astrid said

“I will not leave her side ever again, where I go she goes, I will not lose her again” Lafrim said and sat down

“We will leave you” Aldred said and they both walked out of the room, Lafrim came over picked up the cloth and began to clean my back , I pulled my top down and turned over

“Come and sit with me” I said

“There is nothing that I can say to you to make up for what I have let happen to you in the last few Lunar cycles” Lafrim said

“As I told your father the way that you behaved was because of me in the first place, I should have told you who I was and that I could talk in your tongue” I said and put my head on his chest

“You did it to protect me and I see that now, the hell that you have been through I would understand if you hated me Iet Ragna violate you and kill our child” Lafrim said

“Ragna only violated my body nothing else, the child was already gone” I replied

“I let you stand there for all the world to see even then I did not see my own stupidity I will kill Ragna for what he did” Lafim said

“No Lafrim, Ragna did not hurt our child it was already gone, the child had stopped moving a few days before and I had already began to bleed, Ragna was only taken his revenge as he believed you killed his father because of me” I said

“how far were you”he asked

I don’t know for sure but the child was moving” I replied

“I was such a fool” he said[Text Wrapping Break]“Will you stop beating yourself up , I do not and I will never hate you, you are the one that makes my heart whole and there is nothing in this world that can ever change that” I said

“I know and I have known since the moment that I met you that you were the one that makes me whole I was just to much of a fool to see it, I know I have a lot to make up for” Lafrim said

“You do not, there is nothing that you have done that you need to make up for” I said and fell asleep on his chest with him stroking my hair

For two weeks I stayed in that room letting my body heal and Lafrim had not once left my side, not even to have a piss, he would do that in a pot and Alfred would come in and clean it out, my wounds were almost healed and it was time to get up and get out of this damn room

“Lafrim I want to go out in the sun” I said

“You need to rest” Lafrim said

“Like hell, I do not need to rest, I am going out” I said getting up “are you coming with me” I said

“I am” he said getting up and following me outside, I went out of the house and into the holdfast

“Good morning my lady” Aldred said

“Aldred please do not call me that” I said

“How are you?” he asked

“Fine, I would like to get back to doing things” I replied

“You do not need to do anything, you are with me now” he said “we have people that can do everything for us,” he added

“And what am I supposed to do, sit around all day drinking like you when you are not raiding” I said

“I do not think that you should do anything” Aldred said

“I will not sit and do nothing, whilst others slave away for me, I have two hands and I will help, I will find something to do whilst you are raiding, I know that you said you will not leave my side but you will not take me on raids as I would like so I need something else to do and do not even think of trying to stop me” I said

“I was not going to” Lafrim said

“Pass me a sword?” I asked

“No” Lafrim said “you are not healed” he added noticing the look that I was giving him

“Just give me a bloody sword” I said

“Lafrim you may as well do it, this is a fight you will not win” Aldred said laughing, Lafrim did as he father said and passed me a sword

“Do you want me to train with you” he asked

“Only if you do not need a drink” I laughed taking the sword off of him

“Very funny, let’s go” said Lafrim picking up a sword and preparing to fight, we began to train, I did not hold back when fighting this time, I wanted to show Lafrim what I could actually do, before I had always held back, after ten minutes I had the sword at his throat

“I think I should teach you” I laughed, Lafrim escaped and began to attack again but again I got the better of him “are you sure that you are a viking?” I laughed

“I am not trying, I do not want to hurt you.” he smiled at me

“Liar you know that you will not” I replied laughing at him and we began to fight again, it was not long before I had the better of him again “Maybe I should go raiding and you should stay at home” I said

“You two should rest, it will be time for food soon” Aldred said [Text Wrapping Break]“I will go help cook” I said lowering my sword as I walked passed Lafrim i hit his Arse with the sword “maybe next time you will get me” I laughed and continued to walk, I walked into the house and to the kitchen where Aldred’s workers were there and starting to prepare the food and I went to help

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