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Chapter 12 - Lafrim tells all

“My lady, you need not help” one girl said

“I am no lady, so you need not call me that, I know that I do not need to help but I want to” I replied

“You are just like your mother” Aldred said, I hadn’t noticed him follow me into the house

“Am I” I said

“You are, in all the time that I have known her, she would not expect anyone to do something that she would not do herself, she would rather do it herself than let someone else do it for her” Aldred said

“Well she is right” I replied

I spent the next two hours helping the ladies cook all the food that would be needed for tonight, once it was ready it was taken to the table and everyone started to eat at the table

“What are we going to do about the northmen?” Lafrima sked

“I will send word to the king and we will meet them head on, we will end this before it starts” Aldred replied

“We should send for my men” Lafrim said

“Do it” replied Aldred

“Mikel send for the others to meet us here” Lafrim said

“What will we do when they get here? Are you going to tell them about me?” I asked

“Me and my men will meet them in the field of battle and put an end to there raid” Lafrim replied

“Why are they here?” I asked Aldred

“Because he knows that king Ultred is richer than he is and that our lands produce better food” Aldred replied

“You should attack whilst they sleep” I said

“Why?” Aldred asked

“I grew up with the english and all the books that I read, surprise was always the best plan, it was always a surprise attack that won them the victory, they will expect you to meet them on the battlefield for it is the viking way, they will not be prepared or ready if we attack their camp” I replied to Aldred

“It may work, Lafrim when your men arrive prepare them for battle” Aldred said

“I will need a sword and shield” I said

“You will not be going” Lafrim said

“So I am supposed to sit here and wait for you to come back or wait for you to be killed,” I snapped at him

“Yes” he replied “we will defend this land” he added

“This is my land too, I may not have lived here very long but it is still my land and it is my kin that will be slaughtered, I can fight as well as you if not better” I snapped

“No” Lafrim said

“Fine you go and meet Odin in Valhalla, I will not wait for you to die” I snapped standing up “you said that you would not leave me again, you know that I can fight it is just your damn pride again, you do not want a woman to fight better than you on the battlefield” I added and walked out of the house

“Freyja” I heard Lafrim shout after me

“Let her calm down son” I heard Aldred say as I walked away from the house, I walked towards Aldred’s barn and picked up a sword that I found on the way, Lafrim was once again letting his pride get in the way, I started to train the way that the holymen had taught me, when I heard a noise behind me, I swung around with my sword in my hand and came in contact with another sword it was ALdred

“My lady” he said putting his sword away

“How many times must I ask you not to call me that” I said placing the sword I had in the ground

“You must understand that Lafrim only wants to protect you” Aldred said

“I know he does but my kin are going to be slaughtered and he expects me to sit in some house and wait for news of his death, I will not do it Aldred I would die first” I replied

Lafrm’s pride will not let him see that” Aldred replied

“Why not take woman to fight?” I asked

“Because it is not the viking way” Aldred replied

“You have shield maidens do you not?” I asked

“ not in many years, the king’s all believed that the woman are what got there men killed, there have not been shield maidens for hundreds of years” he replied

“If you send only men to fight, you will soon run out of men” I said

“You seem to be very wise for you age, maybe one day people will see the world the way that you do” Aldred said “I will leave you too your thoughts my lady” he added and walked away back to the house, why the bloody hell did he keep calling me that, he was loyal to my father and my father would kill anyone who knew and helped me stay alive, I did not see the point in them risking their lives for someone else, the holy men that I grew up with had one king but unlike the vikings they did not raid and pillage, they worked and traded to survive, I knew that the vikings were violent men but they were stupid going into battle so that they could die bravely and go to Valhalla

I continued to train until the sun had long been set, I was too angry at Lafrim to go back and see him, he would have to come to me, I put the sword down and sat up against the fence and I sat staring at the stars, when Lafrim came out of the house and I could tell by the way he was walking over that he was drunk, he had drunk way too much

“Freyja” he said and fell down beside me

“What?” I snapped at him

“I am sorry” he said

“You are only sorry because you are drunk and we are alone, when your men are here you will not let me go with you because your men will not allow it, you will also not tell them about me because you are afraid of what they will say because I was brought here as your slave, you will not let me show them who I am and what I can do, you are a pig headed fool and do not want them to think any differently of you, it doesn’t matter what I mean to you as they mean more” I said “I am going to bed come and find me when you are sober and then you can say sorry” I said and got up and went inside the house, I made my bed on the floor in the main house, it was still my place, as the sun rose the next morning, I got up and began to make food, Lafrim’s men would soon be here and they would be hungry

Lafrim Must have fallen asleep outside as he was not in the house, it was a few hours later when I heard laughter coming from outside and Lafrim came in with his men

“We found him asleep with the pigs” Ragna laughed as he walked in

“It is where he belongs” I said not even looking up from what I was doing

“Shut your mouth bitch before I shut it for you” Ragna shouted at me

“You can try” I whispered so that he could not hear me

Aldred and Astra walked into the main hall

“Good morning I see that they are here” Aldred said

“Yes they arrived just now” Lafrim replied

“Good we will eat and plan” Aldred said and sat down, Astra walked to me

“Has he apologised” she asked me

“Not since last night and I do not expect him to not now they are here” I said

“His father used to be just as stubborn” Astra laughed

“Is that were he gets it from” I replied laughing back

“Food bitch” Ragna shouted i did not respond just took the food over and placed it on the table and sat down opposite Lafrim

“Get off of the table bitch” Ragna shouted “bitches do not sit at the table with us” he added

“Ragna enough” Aldred said

“it is okay Aldred I am used to it” I said looking at him, Ragna got up from his seat and walked around the table behind me, he grabbed my hair and pulled my head back

“bitch you are a slave and do not call your Lords father by his name” Ragna said

“Lafrim deal with this” Aldred said “they are your men” he added

“No go ahead” Lafrim said winking at me ,I took it that that was my go ahead to show them who I was, I picked up the knife that had been next to my hand and shoved it into the hand that Ragna had put on the table

“Do not talk to me like that again, otherwise I will make you my bitch” I shouted at him, Lafrim had got up from the table and started walking round he knew that Ragna would kick off, he pulled the knife from his hand and dragged me from the table “let go of me” I said to Ragna

“I will kill you and take your dead body” Ragna shouted Lafrim went to move forward and stop him to protect me but I needed his men to see that I could defend myself, I shook my head at him and he stepped back “I told you to let go of me bitch” I shouted

“I will kill you” Ragna said letting go of my hair

“I would leave this” Aldred said

“The bitch insulted me and stuck a knife through my hand, a slave dares to touch me” Ragna replied

“You cannot touch her, Lafrim must decide” Aldred said

“Go ahead Ragna” Lafrim said “but to make it fair I will arm the girl” he added throwing me his sword “go ahead” Lafrim said sitting down

“Stop this madness” Astra said she had not seen me fight so did not know that i would be fine

“Mother it will be fine” Lafrim said

“Did you learn nothing” Astra shouted

“Mother will you please watch” Lafrim said and she sat back down at the table

“Time to die bitch” Ragna said and rushed me thinking that he would get the better of me but I soon had the sword to his throat “do you not remember how I killed your brothers because you underestimated me or do you have no brains” I said

“Finish this” Ragna said

“I am not you, I will not send you to meet the god’s this time but if you insult me again then I will” I said and threw Lafrim his sword back, he stood up and caught it

“Thank you for letting me show them” I said and walked over to Lafrim who kissed me in front of all of them

“Me telling them would have been no good and you were right to show them, I may have been drunk last night but I remember what you said” he said turning round to see the others all looking at him oddly

“What the hell?” Ragna said

“Did I not tell you?” Lafrim asked

“Last time I saw her you did not care what anyone did to her” Ragna said

“I did and I was an idiot, I was mistaken then and that is the last time any of you will touch her, she is mine and she is one of us” Lafrim said sitting down and putting me on his lap

“Now that is over with can we plan?” Aldred asked

“We can” Lafrim replied

“I still believe that we should attack them at night in their camp” Isaid

“What we fight on a battlefield” Ragna said

“If you want to die you can” I said

“What would you know?” Another man asked

“Helmdar listen to her” Aldred said

“Well what would you know, you are a woman?” Helmdar said, I stood up and faced away from all of them lifting the back of my top to show them the scars on my back, I let my top down and turned back to face them

“I know because I have been a guest at their camp,there are far too many of them to meet in an open battlefield, if you meet them their you will soon be meeting Odin in Valhalla, if we attack at night when they sleep, we can surprise them and they will not expect it” I replied sitting back down

“What do you mean we?” Ragna asked

“We means we, I will be coming”I said and they all began to argue with each other

“I will not fight with a woman” Ragna shouted and everyone else agreed with him,Lafrim looked at me

“They will not fight if you come and you and me cannot defeat them on our own I need my men” Lafrim said to me

“You are all pig headed fools and I hope that you enjoy Valhalla” I said getting up from the table and walking out of the house, I was sat outside when Astra come out and sat with me

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