Changing my future

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Chapter 13 - Riding out

“My lady” she said as she sat down

“Please Astra that is not who I am” I said

“I am sorry I know that you want to help and that you want to protect them all but that is not always possible” Astra said

“I want to stop Madare and his idiots doing to them what they did to me” I said

“But that is not possible” Astra said

“I wish that I could wipe all of them out without a single drop of blood shed, there has been far too much bloodshed and far to many lives lost” I replied

“There maybe a way” Astra said

“What do you mean?” I asked

“There is a poison that could be put into their beer, it would only take one person to do it” Astra said

“Do you have any?” I asked

“I do” she replied

“Can you get it for me?” I asked

“Why?” Astra asked

“Because it will be much easier for one person to get into their camp and poison the beer, I can go in dressed as a maid, they will not spot me” I said

“But Lafrim” she said [Text Wrapping Break]“Lafrim does not need to know that I am gone, they will spend the night drinking and not one of them will notice that I am gone” I said

“I will get it” she said and walked into the house and coming back a few moments later, she handed me a bag “be careful” she said

“I will” I replied “do not tell Lafrim” I said

“I will not” she replied and walked quickly into the house, I walked to the barn and saddled a horse, I rode of as fast as I could towards Madares camp, finding no guards when I got to Madares camp, i changed into a different set of clothes and covered my head, I walked through their camp and tried to find the tent in which they kept their beer, I stood and watched the men for awhile and noticed that there was one tent that they kept going into, I waited awhile and walked round the back of the tent cutting a whole and went in, I got the bag of powder that Astra had given me and poured a small amount into each barrel, that way it would not matter what barrell they took as they would all be poisoned, I went back outside the tent and sat and watched for awhile, sure enough over the next few hours many of the barrels were taken from the tent, the sun was just beginning to rise it was time for me to go back, I went back to my horse and rode for the holdfast as fast as i could, I thought that they would all still be asleep when I arrived back but after putting the horse away and walking back into the house I found them already awake and sat at the table planning their next move

“Where have you been?” Lafrim said to me

“What do you care” I replied and sat down and had a drink

“Tell me where you have been you have not been here all night” Lafrim said

“As I just said what do you bloody care” I shouted and sat down at the table

“Well” Astra said quietly looking at me

“It is done” I replied

“What do you mean it is done?” Aldred asked having overheard

“Nothing” Astra said

“Do not lie to me woman I know when you are” Aldred said

“It is nothing, it is lady business” Astra said

“Freyja tell me” Aldred said sternly looking at me, it would seem that he knew I had done something

“You need not plan anymore” I replied

“What does that mean?” Aldred asked

“It means that we can go home” I replied

“Why?” Aldred asked

“Because by now they will all be dead and you will not need to face them on the battlefield” I replied

“How?” Lafrim asked

“They just are” I replied

“Just tell me what you did?” Lafrim shouted

“It is not like you listen to me anyway, you do what the hell you want, there is no need to shout at me, you and these other oaths would not listen to me and you would have died, I do not want to see any of you die, no matter what a bunch of stupid arseholes you can be, I rode to their camp last night and killed them all, I poisoned their beer” I said and had a drink

“Impossible” Ragna said

“Why do none of you bloody trust me, if you do not trust me then ride out and go and see” I snapped

“Why in the name of Odin would you risk your life?” Lafrims shouted

“To save all of your lives” I said “and don’t bloody shout at me” I added and picked up a jug of beer and walked out of the house, why did all of them think that they knew better just because they were men, why would none of them trust me

“My lady” Aldred said coming out and standing next to me

“Call me that one more time and I will damn well kill you” I snapped

“Sorry but you were stupid” He said “you could have died” he added

“It is much safer to risk just one life than it is to risk all of your lives, if more northmen come you and all the others will be needed to protect those that cannot protect themselves” I replied

“You say that it is not your destiny to be the queen but you are acting like one” ALdred said

“I am not behaving like anything, it is just common sense” I replied “that ten men alive to fight, is better than none” I added and Ragna and the others walked out from the house

“I am going to see” Ragna said

“Go ahead” I said and walked around the side of the house, I picked up a sword and began to train, once Ragna had rode of Lafrim came to see me

“You will not do something like that again” Lafrim said picking up a sword

”I will if it saves you from being a fool again” I said

“You are my woman and you do what I tell you” he shouted at me and began to attack

“If you think that just because I am your woman, you have the right to tell me what to do then you are very much mistaken, if you want a woman to sit at home and do what the hell you want, then you may want to go and find one, I will not be that person not when other people are in danger” I said

“Your life is worth more than any of theirs” Lafrim said

“Why because I am yours?” I asked

“Yes” Lafrim replied

“Lafrim I am and always will be yours but it does not mean that my life is worth more than anyone else’s, my life is not worth the death of your men, my life is not worth more than the slaves, the people you call slaves run all of your holdfast whilst you raid, without them you would have nothing” I said

“I would have you” he said

“Stop being a damn fool you know the truth but as always you are just too pig headed to see it” I said and we trained all day until we saw Ragna riding back into camp, we put down our swords and walked towards him

“Well?” Lafrim asked

“Their all dead” he replied

“What?” Lafrim asked

“Their camp is scattered with dead, although we may need to be prepared for war, I saw six men ride away” Ragna replied

“How are they alive if everyone else is dead?” Lafrim asked

“I am guessing that they do not drink “I replied

“You should have let us face them on the battlefield, then none would have survived, now we will have an army to deal with” Lafrim shouted at me

“Yes but at least now you have time to tell the king” I replied

“Freyja is right, I will” go Aldred said and went to get ready

“Now we must prepare for war” Lafrim said and smiled

“You are happy about having to go to war” I said

“Yes, we now get the chance to fight for a place” he replied

“And what do I do?” I asked

“You wait” he replied

“I will not sit here and wait, I will go back to the holdfast and work” I said and walked off to the barn

“Freyja” Lafrim shouted and I did not answer him Just walked to the barn and got on a horse “Freyja” he shouted from outside the barn

“Get out of my way” I said as I reached the barn door

“No” he said and stood firm

“I will not sit here and watch you go to war,I will not sit here and wait for news of your death, if you decide that I am what you want and will treat me like all your men then you know where I will be, I will go to your holdfast and work as is my job” I said

“You are not a slave anymore” He said

“And I am also not your wife, a slave would be easier then I would not have to worry about anyone else’s life but my own and I would not have to put up with any damn fools” I said and dug my heel into the horse, it reared up and made Lafrim jump out of the way, I rode away from the holdfast with him shouting after me.

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