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Chapter 17 - Back at the lake

“Why are we here?” Molka asked

“I gave Madare another choice other than war” I replied

“But he wants war” Latna said

“”He does and it seems to be the wish of every man to have a bloody war” I said

“What did you offer him?” Molka asked

“The chance to try and get peace, the chance to stop the blood shed, nobody can want all this killing, together we may be able to stop Ultred” I said “right I need to clean, I smell like a pig” I said and striped off and went into the lake to get clean, I was unsure whether he would come in two days, I hoped he would come but he had so much anger for what the king had done to him, I didn’t know if Madare could see past his anger

For two days we waited by the lake for Madare to arrive, it was almost suun down on the second day and there was no sign of him, I guess he wasn’t going to turn up

“I guess that he isn’t coming” Dranian said

“He would have been here by now” I replied

“Now what?” Dranian asked

“Men can be such fools, we will go back to Madare’s camp and see what has happened” I said and got my horse ready to ride

“Are you sure?” Dranian asked

“I am” I said and began to ride back to Madare’s camp, it was also sun up when we reached the outskirts of Madare’s camp, we knew something had happened because we could see the smoke from quite a way off and we got there we saw the carnage

“What the hell happened here?” Latna asked

“I am guessing that they were attacked in the night” I replied “let us see if any are still alive” I added and started to walk through what was their camp but we found none alive even the women and children had been slaughtered, we got to the other side of the camp and sat down to make some food

“What the hell” Molka said [Text Wrapping Break]“I do not know but there has been so much unnecessary blood” I replied

“Drop your weapons” someone shouted and it was Maddare

“Madare we are not here to fight” I replied

“Drop your weapons” he shouted again

“Fine” I replied taking my sword and placing it on the floor “do it” I said turning to face the others

“Where is my son?” Madare asked sitting opposite to me

“Rollo” I said

“Yes, now what have you done with him?” Madare asked

“Nothing” I replied

“Lies” he shouted

“It is not” Dranian said

“We have no idea what happened to Rollo and we have no idea what has happened here, we have been at the lake for two days waiting for you” I replied

“Everything that you said to me is a lie” Madare shouted at me

“Madare it was not a lie, what happened here?” I asked

“You come to me with your lies about wanting peace, I was thinking over what you had said once you had left and moments after you left they attacked” Madare said[Text Wrapping Break]“Why at night?” Molka asked

“Because you are all vikings and want to fight on the battlefield, them attacking you at night meant that you would not be ready and they could win” I replied

“Who taught them that?” Madare asked

“I did” I replied

“So it is all your fault, where is Rollo?” he shouted

“It is my fault but I did not expect them to listen to me because I am a woman, I never wanted this, how many did you lose?” I asked

“More than I wanted to but some did manage to get away” he replied

“Why did you not go?” I asked

“I will not leave my son to the king to torture” he replied

“He would not torture a child” I said, when thinking about it I knew that he would “let us go and get him” I added

“What?” Madare asked

“”Come with me, we will ride to Ultred’s house and release your son” I said

“We will not get close” Madare said

“Not wearing your style of armour but you have plenty of ours, wearing our armour we can walk straight into the village and no one will stop you, they will be celebrating too much to worry about who is walking through the village” I replied

“Why?” Madare asked

“Why what?” I asked

“Why would you help me Ultred is your king” Madare said [Text Wrapping Break]“He is not my king, I hate him as much as you do, I told you the other night that I wanted all the bloodshed to end and all the killings to stop” I replied

“My lady you will get hurt” Dranian said

“Not now” I snapped at him [Text Wrapping Break]“We will prepare” Molka said[Text Wrapping Break]“I cannot ask you to come with me this time, you will be recognised and I do not want you to be killed” I said

“You have no choice, we vowed our service” Molka said

“So be it, if that is what you wish, we should probably deal with the dead” I said

“Maybe one day I will understand your people, why would you help with our dead?” Madare asked

“You maybe from the north but we are all kin and this war will wipe as all out and we could work together instead” I replied getting up and putting my sword back where it belonged, we all got from the seat and went to burn the dead to let them passed onto the next life, Madare and his men that had stayed with him took what they needed to pass as southern men and get close enough to Ultred, everyone there was prepared to die including myself, I knew that I would have to tell him who I was, I would make sure that ALdred was not implicated in anyway, we were getting ready to leave, when a woman came over to Madare

“Bring me back my so, I cannot lose another child” she said

“I will bring him home” Madare said

“I will not let any harm come to your son” I said to her

“Why would I listen to the word of a southern bitch” she said

“Whether or not you believe me I don’t really care all you need to know is that if I have to I will give my life for your son, no child should be killed because of their father” I said and got onto my horse “ we must go” I added I knew that the journey would take us two days and that we may encounter some of Ultred’s men on the way

We rode out hard and fast we would end this as soon as we could, we were about to stop and rests when we saw some fires up ahead

“We will ride on” Madare said

“No we should stop” I said [Text Wrapping Break]“No we will ride” he said and kicked his horse and sped off, the close we got we could tell that it was southern men, we all pulled our hoods up and began to rise through their camp when one of them stopped us

“Where are you going my lord?” he asked looking at Madare at least he did not recognise him

“To the king, we killed the rest but are getting word back that Madare was not among the dead” Madare replied

“”Stay for a drink and rest my lord” he said I sat there on my horse with my hood over my head so that no one would recognise me and hoped that Madare would say no

“Of course we will stay and celebrate the victory” Madare said getting off of his horse

“Would you like to see our captives my lord, to see if Madare is amongst them, none of us here have seen him, we sent for lord Aldredson he knows him” the man said[Text Wrapping Break]“I will look” said Madare, crap I thought we really did need to get out of here, if Lafrim turned up whilst I was here then that would not be good

“Follow us my lord” the man said

“Let us gi” Madare said to us we all got down and walked slowly behind the man

“Madare what the hell are you doing?” I asked

“I need to see if my son is here” Madare replied

“The lord they have sent for knows you and he knows me” I said

“So” he said still following the man, we had our horses with us just in case we needed them for a quick get away, Madare was so blinded by the need ti find his son he was being a bloody idiot, we got closer to the area where they were holding the captives when i saw Ragna was guarding them

“Shit he knows me” I said

“They are here to see the captives Lord Ragna” the man said and Ragna looked over at me

“Take your hood off” Ragna said to me

“No” I replied in my deepest voice

“Take it off now” he shouted drawing his sword

“It would be best if she did not my lord Ragna, her face is a terrible mess, she has a disease” Molka said

“If you say so” Ragna said “follow me” he said and led the way, Madare was keeping his head down so that Ragna could not look at him to closely

“I see you only captured a few” Madare said

“These were the only ones that surrendered” Ragan replied

“Only men no women and children?” asked Madare going up to the cages and looking in

“Madare” said one of the captives and Ragna drew his sword

“Madare” Ragna shouted “you have some balls to come into our camp” Rgana shouted

“More than you” said Madare and broke the chains that held his men, now what the hell were we going to do, I needed to keep my face hidden but I drew my sword

“Here now” Ragna shouted and about 15 men came running in with swords raised “I want him alive” Ragna said pointing at Madare and so the fight began, I tried my hardest not to kill any of them, I wanted this bloodshed to end after all, I was fighting when one of them caught my arm

“arsehole “ I shouted punching him

“Freyja” Molka shouted and ran at me

“Stop” shouted Ragna and all his men did as they were told “Freyja” Ragna said “is that why you would not remove your hood” he added

“Ragna I am trying to help” I said lowering my hood

“Lafrim should never have trusted you bitch, you are a traitor” he shouted

“As always Ragna you are a pig headed fool” I said “I am no traitor I am trying to save our people” I added

“You are a traitor you are travelling with Madare” Ragna said

“”I am travelling with him that is all” I said

“Lafrim will be here by the morning and this time I will make you die for your treachery” Ragna said

“You are an oath Ragna, now get out of the way” I said jumping up on my horse

“Freyja ride” Molka shouted and we all kicked our horses and rode through all the men, we was almost out of the camp when I heard a shout, I looked back to see Molka’s horse had been taken down, I went to stop and turn back

“No you must ride my lady” Dranian said

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