Changing my future

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Chapter 18- The Gods

we rode as hard as we could and found a safe place to hide away from them, the others were getting down from their horses and I jumped down and walked towards Madare I was so angry at him, I punched him in the face

“What the hell were you doing, we should have never been there?” I shouted

“Punch me again” he said

“Nad you will what” I shouted “kill me” i added

“Yes” he replied

“You may have already done that you bloody fool” I shouted

“I am the king and nobody talks to me like that, I do what I want when I want” he shouted at me

“You are not my king because of you my friends is probably dead and they know that we are coming because you told him and they all know that I am with you” I said and sat down

“I had to know” said Madare

“They would never have had Rollo there, he would have been sent straight to the king” I said “or do none of you men think” I added shouting again

“Calm down my lady” Dranian said

“They have Molka, he knows who I am, how the hell can I calm down and don’t bloody call me that” I shouted at him

“Molka will never tell” Dranian said

“They will torture him and he will talk” I said “I am going for a bloody walk, I need to calm down before I kill you all” I said and walked away from, Lafrim would arrive at the camo and Ragna would tell him that I had joined forces with Madare and yet again he would turn against me, Aldred had once told of me of destiny and it seemed that my destiny would soon be that of someone hunted by both the southern and northern kingdoms, I was walking through the woods when I heard a crackling noise in front of me and I drew my sword

“You will not need that” said a woman

“I do not know who you are” I said

“But I know who you are” she replied

“And how do you know that?” I asked

“It is my job to know all of you and follow your lives” she replied

“Why is it your job?” I asked

“Because it is” she replied

“Who am I then?” I asked

“”You are Freyja Ultred’s daughter” she replied

“How do you know?” I asked

“I have followed your life since the moment that you were born, I have followed you since the moment that you father ordered you killed” she said

“And” I said “what good is any of that, all of which I know and all of which will get many people killed” I added

“It is your fate to rule over the kingdom and unite the clans” she said

“I do not believe in fate” I said

“You should Freyja that has been your destiny since the moment he ordered you killed, your father and this land are cursed by the gods and only you can break it” she said

“Who are you and how do you know these things?” I asked

“Because I am the goddess Frigg, Odin’s wife” she replied

“I do not believe in the gods” I said

“You may not but they believe in you” Frigg said

“Just as I was about to talk there was a loud noise like thunder and a man appeared, I knew who it was it was Thor Friggs son

“Mother what are you doing here, Father is not happy” Thor said

“The girl needs to know” said Frigg

“And does she?” asked Thor

“ no” Frigg replied

“Then tell her quickly he will be here soon” Thor said and vanished as quick as he appeared

“There is a journey that you need to take” said Frigg

“I do not have time for journey’s, they have my friend and I must get him before he tells them who I am” I said

“It is too late for that he has told them, do not fear it is not your fate to die, it is a journey you must take” Frigg said and vanished, what the hell, why did the gods just show themselves to me and what they hell did she mean, I went to turn when I heard a whistling noise and saw an arrow go through my shoulder

“Freyja” I heard Latna shout and that was the last that I heard, when I woke up I knew that I was not in the world that I left, I woke up in a big hall, which I recognised as Ultreds hall but it was different there was laughter and fun all around, I started to walk around and it looked like no one could see me, king Ultred stood up and went to say something

“I would like all of your to raise your glasses and drink to all our brothers that have fallen in this raiding season” Ultred said

“Aye” everyone shouted

“Soon my son will join the world” Ultred said “there will be a great celebration when that moment happens” he added

“My lord” it was Aldred but a much younger Aldred he had come out of a door behind Ultred

“What is it?” the king said

“Come with me my lord” Aldred replied and king Ultred followed him from the room, something was telling me that I should also follow, so I did, when I walked into the room a woman was sat on the bed with a crying baby

“My son is here” Ultred said smiling

“Daughter my lord” ALdred said

“what?” the king shouted

“It is a girl my lord” Aldred replied

“I cannot have a girl as my first born, you will kill her” Ultred said to ALdred

“You will not harm our daughter” the woman on the bed shouted

“”Aldred get out whilst I deal with my woman” Ultred said

“Yes my lord” Aldred said and bowed leaving the room

“You will not hurt her Ultred” the lady said

“Astrid you have no bloody choice woman, I do not want a girl and Aldred will deal with her” Ultred said

“Do this and I will never talk to you again” Astrid said

“shut you mouth woman or I will shut it for you” Ultred shouted and in a flash a man appeared in front of him

“My lord Odin” Astrid said

“My lay” he replied

“Odin?” Ultred said

“Yes I am Odin” Odin replied

“And what have I done to warrant an audience with the all father” Ultred said bowing down

“If you kill that child you will curse your land forever, she is what will unite you people and bring great prosperity to your kingdom” Odin said

“Her name is Freyja” Astrid said

“And a beautiful name it is my lady” Odin said

“A girl will not curse my land and she will die” Ultred said

“You have been warned” Odin said and vanished

“Ultred you heard Odin, you cannot do this” Astrid said

“I can and I will” Ultred said “Aldred” he shouted

“My lord” Aldred said coming back in

“Take the child away from here and slit its throat” Ultred said

“My lord” Aldred said and walked over to Astrid and took the baby off of her

“Aldred do not do this” Astrid said “she is only a baby” she added

“I have to follow the orders of my king” Aldred said and walked from the room and out of the back door to the sound of Astrid screaming after him, Aldred got on a horse and rode off, I followed him and he rode to a dock and was greeted by some men

“My lord” Aldred one said

“Take this child and get her as far away from here as possible” Aldred said handing the baby over

“Why?” One asked

“Do not ask questions, just know that the child is born to someone who shouldn’t have her, just get her away from here, wait two minutes I would like to write a note to leave with the child” Aldred said and wrote a note handing it to the men on the ship “take this map you will find an island on there, leave her on that island” he added and watched as the ship sailed off and he fell to his knees

“All father forgive me for betraying my king, I could not kill an innocent child as requested” Aldred said

“There is nothing to forgive my son” Odin said appearing before him

“Odin my lord” Aldred said

“You did the right thing, the child will be back one day and she will need all the help that she can get to unite the kingdoms once they have been broken” Odin said and vanished, Aldred stood up and rode back to the king, now I understood as I followed, I understood why he wanted to risk his life to help me, he was following the orders of a god, once he was back to the village and he walked back into the hall, as soon as he saw Ultred he nodded st him, Ultred stood up face the men

“Quiet” he shouted “there will be no more celebrations, my son is dead the funeral will happen now”he said and walked from the hall, everyone stood around a pyre and the body was set alight, Ultred stood next to Astrid [Text Wrapping Break]“I hate you” she said

“You will not breathe a word of this or you will die” Ultred said and walked away from his wife “Aldred with me and bring only those that you trust” he added and walked into the hall, I saw Aldred, Latna, Molka, Dranain and a few others followed him into the room

“My lord” Aldred said

“You will go north” Ultred said

“My lord” Aldred said

“We are about to come on hard times and I want all the north’s gold and food” Ultred said

“And any people that we come across?” Aldred asked

“Kill any woman and children that come into your path and kill all the men you can find” Ultred said

“My lord we cannot kill innocent woman and children” Aldred said

“You will do as you are ordered” the king said

“And if we do not?” Aldred asked

“Then you will die as traitors” Ultred said so that is when everything went wrong, the night I was born, my birth caused the land to be cursed and my father to lose his way, because a god had cursed him

“Freyja” I could hear Latna calling

“My lady” Dranian said

“Shut the hell up” I said

“You are okay” Latna said

“An arrow cannot kill me” I replied opening my eyes

“It was not just an arrow, the tip was coated in poison Freyja you have been out for three days” Dranian replied

“What?” I asked

“The arrow was poisoned, Madare saved you” Dranian replied

“It seems that my thanks must go to you, for keeping me alive, when you could have easily let me die” I said looking at Madare

“I have come with you to help stop the fighting, I do not see how you being dead, I could do that” Madare said

“Maybe one day you will tell me why they keep calling you my lady and why Ultred will listen to you” he said

“I will tell you now” I said

“You cannot he will tell Ultred” Latna said

“It makes no difference he knows” I replied

“How?” Latna asked

“Molka has told him” I replied

“Molka would never tell and how do you know?” Dranian asked

“Because I do the gods have shown me” I replied

“The gods” Latna said confused

“Yes the gods have shown me what my fate is and they have also shown me why the kingdoms are the way they are” I replied

“I see” said Latna

“Madare I know Ultred will listen to me because I am his daughter” I said looking at Madare

“Ultred does not have children” Madare said

“He only had one and it was me, this whole thing is my fault because I was a girl he ordered me to be killed and the gods cursed him for it” I said

“What do you mean?” Madare asked

“O din appeared before him and told him that if he killed his child then his land would be cursed to wither and die” I replied

“But you were not killed” Madare said

“I was not but only one man knew that and he got me away, he sent me to a safe place and waited for me to return” I said

“How did the gods curse Ultred?” Madare asked

“As I said to wither and die, according to Odin it is my fate to unite both of our kingdoms and bring great prosperity to us again” I said

“Then we must go” Madare said

“Not yet we need to go north” I said

“Why?” Madare asked

“Because you do not trust me” I replied

“I do” he said

“Not truly you do not and if I do not convince you of that, it is you that will kill me” I said

“And how will going north help me to trust you?” Madare asked

“You have a reader of bones that you have complete faith in, she will tell you what you need to hear” I replied

“But Rollo” Madare said

“Is alive and will continue to be so, he will not harm him until you are there and he is too busy trying to find me at the moment” I said

“How do you know about my reader of bones?” Madare asked

“The god’s” I replied

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